Office 365 vs Google Apps for Work

Office 365 vs Google Apps for Work

So! You’re moving to the cloud Making the move to a cloud based, all-in-one business IT solution is a smart move and one that will boost your business’s productivity and flexibility The two powerhouse names when it comes to cloud based business It solutions are Office 365 and Google Apps for Work Office 365 and Google Apps for work are both cloud IT solutions that aim to streamline office IT processes they both include email, document creation and sharing, file storage, calendars, instant messaging and more whichever you choose, you’ll be investing in an industry leading solution that covers all the bases and works seamlessly across your devices but what exactly differentiates them? Google Apps for work is designed to be a simple, easy to use IT solution that focuses on the absolute necessities of modern business IT Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms are Google’s counterparts to the Microsoft Office Suite such as Word and Excel and retain all their key functionality power users may find that the Google Apps suite is functionally more stripped back than they would like but this can be addressed with Apps scripts and custom coding. Otherwise the easy access software is perfect for using on the go on your mobile devices, due to its sheer simplicity. If you simply require a professional service that delivers all of the essentials via an intuitive and easy to use platform, then Google Apps for Work is for you. Office 365 is the ideal solution for larger businesses, looking for a system they can customise and change as their business grows. The majority of PC users will already be familiar with Word, Excel and PowerPoint meaning there should be little concern in training your team to use the new business software Office 365 has an unrivaled ability to be integrated with other Microsoft programs Software such as Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Power BI can be incorporated into your solution with ease Office 365 continues to be one of the world leading, all-in-one business IT solutions therefore there are plenty of 3rd party apps and programs offering further integration So in conclusion, Google Apps for Work is perfect for small companies that don’t have overly complex demands and would like to work with an intuitive interface Office 365 is perfect for larger businesses with more complex demands looking for a solution that can grow Still not made your mind up? our advisors are on hand to help you make your choice so get in touch today

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  1. Microsoft Office apps including Office 365 and Office Online are available across platforms including Android and iOS, also can be applied on small businesses.

  2. Between Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, G Suite has the simpler price structure. For the business version of G Suite, you’ll pay $10 per month for each user who accesses the service. Microsoft Office 365 has three business versions and four enterprise versions available. The monthly fee per user ranges from $5-$35, and each version has a slightly different selection of applications and features.

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