♪ It was the time
of the Internet of old days ♪ ♪ At the time
it was not that time ♪ ♪ We did not google
we lycosed on Lycos ♪ ♪ We planed dates
at night on MSN ♪ ♪ To send each other wizzes ♪ ♪ Phones did not
have 4G ♪ ♪ Phones were made
to make calls ♪ ♪ And work out ♪ ♪ It was the time
of terrible connections ♪ ♪ There were balls
inside of our mice ♪ ♪ There was no Tinder ♪ ♪ Or even adopteunmec ♪ ♪ So to hook up
we chatted on Caramail ♪ ♪ Or on ♪ ♪ We had nicknames,
but no profile pictures ♪ ♪ We met for real
it was not easy ♪ Is it you, nono26?
>>Yes, that’s me. And you are bombasseblondedu75?
>>Yes! ♪ It was the time
that when you surfed ♪ ♪ Your parents
could not use the phone ♪ Norman!
Turn off the Internet! ♪ No Deezer, no Spotify ♪ ♪ It was Winamp’s time ♪ ♪ LimeWire, Morpheus,
eMule Donkey ♪ ♪ Shareaza or Kazaa ♪ ♪ To download a movie
took three weeks with no break ♪ ♪ Every other time,
it was a fake ♪ I did not know that scene
was in Toy Story… It is super well-done!
We would like to be there! ♪ At the time,
we had floppy drives ♪ ♪ We accessed the Internet
on Netscape ♪ ♪ No Wikipedia ♪ ♪ We consulted Encarta ♪ ♪ The Internet was not well-known ♪ ♪ Especially
by high-school teachers ♪ ♪ In homework assignments,
we could copy and paste ♪ ♪ Without getting caught ♪ So, Norman, this is incredible,
from a 3, you now scored a 20/20! Well, you know, I really like everything
about Merovingian Mesopotamia, it’s my thing! Well, it’s incredible! Congratulations! I am so proud of you, Norman! It’s really amazing, young man, that’s for sure! ♪ It was the time
when we burned CDs ♪ ♪ CDs that were as blank
as my sexual history ♪ ♪ There was no YouPorn
but there was XVideos and xHamster ♪ Adult websites
were a little dull ♪ ♪ There were only pictures ♪ ♪ Including collection,
loading took so long ♪ ♪ That often we
fantasized on hair in a bun ♪ Oh shit!
Shit! Oh oh oh! ♪ It was the time
of land lines ♪ ♪ At breakfast,
we ate Kix cereals ♪ ♪ Ebay did not even exist ♪ ♪ Some people remember iBazar ♪ ♪ Back then, everyone
thought it was cool ♪ ♪ To have a MySpace account ♪ ♪ With Tom,
we were all friends ♪ ♪ That dude
had a single picture of himself ♪ Hey, Tom!
>>Yeah? He he!
>>But wait, I was not ready! Oh, that’s fine, it doesn’t matter, it’s not like
you were going to keep that picture your whole life! Hehe, that’s for sure! ♪ It was the time
of the old Internet ♪ ♪ Old Internet,
Copains d’avant ♪ ♪ There was no
nayanoukad ♪ ♪ With Hugo,
we started videos ♪ ♪ At the time,
there was no Nabilla ♪ ♪ No, there were dreamers, Ma’am ♪ ♪ There was Star Wars, Killer, Ninja,
Gibul and of course Kamini ♪ ♪ I am not from the estate,
but the guide was good ♪ ♪ I was not from Paris,
but from Marly-Gomont ♪ ♪ Daydreaming, these
were the good times, Ma’am ♪ ♪ I also remember him ♪ ♪ Computer Engineer ♪ ♪ Hey, young man,
we had a two hour per month plan ♪ ♪ On LibertySurf, Alice,
Wanadoo, AOL or Club Internet ♪ ♪ There was no wi-fi,
only 56k models ♪ ♪ We could not send snapchats
or spend time sexting ♪ ♪ We showed
our dicks for real ♪ ♪ Heat it up,
fag, heat it up! ♪ Wait, you want to see me on stage?
No problem. Attend my show “Norman on stage”,
I am currently touring in France. I also perform in Paris, at the Palace,
starting on October 15th, 2015. To directly get your ticket, well,
just click on the little link in the description. You’llll see,
I’m super funny, it’s insane!

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  1. Super la fin 👌😁 (vaisseaux 384525493638gdhhyf6686bhh3649fHfe364u4jfju64jxjdhd37g  à suspension magnétique grâce à la roue à hamster géante + production d oxygène autonome)

  2. j'imagines en 3027 les gens de cette époque voir cette vidéo et qu'ils risent, car la technologie est encore plus avancé que ça

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