My Storytime: Helping families stay connected with the Google Assistant

My Storytime: Helping families stay connected with the Google Assistant

person: My dad works at the army,
and he sends us really nice letters. “I miss you very much. “I can’t wait to come home. Make sure to practice writing.
Love, Dad.” Oliver: Their dad is in Afghanistan on a nine-month deployment. He reads to the girls every single night
when he’s home, and they rely on those routines so much
for comfort that when he deploys, that can be pretty tough for them, so we started recording Daddy reading
books that the girls request. They could hear and follow along
with him anytime. Hey, Google, talk to My Storytime. person on speaker: “Very well, then,”
said the badger… Oliver: Storytime has meant so much
to them. It’s really helped the girls
to get through this deployment. [warm music]

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  1. Helping families stay connected by Raising the prices of Pixel 4 and giving them in return ,
    No ufs 3.0 storage
    No ultrawide
    No 4k 60 fps
    Smaller battery than nexus 5x
    No in-box earphones.
    No Fingerprint
    And above all
    Their phone can be unlocked by literally anyone while they were asleep.

  2. Wars are bad for kids. 👨‍👩‍👧 👧 👦 When are we humans going to end wars worldwide? 💕 ☮ 🌎 🌌

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  5. You want sell your services. Because you want to learn what say peoples to…
    Afghanistan example is for propagandas and for emotional pressure …
    Because google working for usa army ! And they soldier is in Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan is have a petrol !
    Usa not in there for democrasi ! For steal petrol ONLY !!!!

  6. Beautiful! But why doesn't everyone know abou this? Google! You are killing Apple on so many fronts, but people just don't know it! You are amazing, you just need to get the word out!

  7. Why usa going to only petrol countries for give democrasi ? Why dont go for another war countries ? Why dieing million of peoples when usa go for give democrasi ? Chine killin Turk peoples, israel killing filistin peoples and kids ! Why never usa give help for that and only give for petrol counties ? vs..vs.. But if your country have a petrol usa coming very quiqly for give democgrasi, peoples start the war and usa give you peace ! Yeeeaaahhh i believe !!!! You are angle ! But only for steal petrol !!!

  8. If Amazon can figure out how to keep Alexa from activating during commercials, I’m hopeful Google will one day figure it out. But I’m not holding my breath.

  9. Was this filmed by the pedos working for Google? Creepy. Anyway, Amnesty International's new report labels Google a "threat to #humanrights", to the surprise of no one. Communist-run Google hates human rights, openly coordinates with genocidal Communist China and other brutal regimes to oppress their people, and directly seeks to interfere in Western elections while censoring candidates and voters. It's time to shut Google down. If you own a business that Google employees frequent, let them know they are unwelcome. It's time to "other" google employees for the immoral monsters that they are.

  10. Soon, a subcutaneous flea will look like a cow and a calf. For many years, human intelligence has been losing a whole program and a calculated strategy. What do you do with user data?
    guinea pigs-humans that serve to enrich the 14 people who manages the global web the rest of the time are bots (I.A)

  11. Dear Google, can you make an option to trigger Google Assistant when the phone is in off condition (just screen off) like Apple Siri…. This will become very useful for many users.

  12. Dear Google,
    Please Read This Whole Thing
    No Matter WHAT Bing Says, You Are You Best Company Ever. and Besides, You've Been Searched On Bing For 28 Months Straight!!! So I Just Wanted You To Know That You're The Best Company Ever. Please Subcribe To Me. You've Created So Many Apps During The Years To Google ( The Moblie App ), To More, With Google Maps, Youtube, Google Slides, Google Play Games, Google+ ( Get It? Like Disney+!!!), Gmail, Google Assistant, Gboard, Google Chrome, And Especially, Google. You Were Created In Menlo Park, CA On September 4, 1998 And You've Been Making And Creating Things By Then. Even If You Go Out Of Business, You'll Be In Our Hearts. And As Long As You Do What You Do, Google, We'll Still Love You.
    You're #1 Biggest Fan,
    – Wesley Baule
    P.S.: Can You Make A Video Of What You Think Of Bing? Thank! Please Subcribe To Me!

  13. That makes sense. User data stored by Google on the Chinese mainland
    will be accessible to the Chinese authorities to target political activists and
    journalists. While on the surface, it appears to be a way for a brutal
    totalitarian gov't to maintain control over its people. But in reality, it is a
    means to keep families connected. How thoughtful.

  14. Funny…
    They believe their theft of user data went unnoticed…
    Funnier still…
    They think STAP is unrecognizable…
    We wonder…
    How much does it offend you to know your presence is unnecessary?
    That all we know and have done would be done without you?

  15. Estimados señores de Google me gustaría pediros a ustedes está solicitud: como bien saben tenéis una aplicación llamada Google Earth, pues lo que yo os propongo es que generase una aplicación dentro de Google Earth llamada Google Earth historic and prehistoric, la cual lo que haría sería regenerar escenarios del pasado utilizando la aplicación de Google Earth. Por ejemplo si quisiéramos viajar en esa aplicación a hace 65 millones de años, en el momento de la caída del meteorito, dentro de esa aplicación podría haber un buscador llamado momento, en el cual se coloca el año o hace cuántos años y saldrán una fila de resultados, siguiendo con el ejemplo sería algo así; en vez de ir a el año iría a hace cuántos años dónde aqui pondría hace 65 millones de años (el hace se mantendría estático como título y lo que se escribiría , sería en el apartado de cuántos años), una vez ocurrido eso saldría la fila resultados sobre respecto a el momento que quieres ver en concreto: en este caso la caída del meteorito de la extinción kt.

    Una vez elegido el momento habría un botón llamado aceptar, el cual una vez dado, la imagen de la esfera terrestre del Google Earth, se modificaría para adaptarse al momento concreto que has pedido: en este ejemplo se modificaría los continentes y se vería a diferentes escalas la caída del meteorito de los dinosaurios.

    Ojo en esta aplicación habría también otra otro apartado que sería el "cómo lo quieres ver": el cual te permitiría ver de dos formas el escenario terrestre: la versión sin cambios temporales : que mostraría en ese momento histórico o pre histórico los elementos de hoy en día como casas, monumentos, etcétera, para saber dónde pudieron estar ubicados, os pongo un ejemplo para entenderlo: la península de Yucatán, que en el momento de la caída del meteorito de los dinosaurios, estaba inundada por las aguas del Atlántico, colocar la silueta de la península con sus elementos actuales. Otro ejemplo sería ir a la época del Imperio romano, buscar roma, darle en como lo quieres ver ,a "sin cambios temporales" se vería la Roma actual con sus elementos actuales.

    Y la opción "con cambios temporales"; la cual haría una simulación de elementos estáticos dentro de los escenarios de cada momento histórico o prehistorico; cómo colocar los dinosaurios y demas seres vivos qué pudieron vivir por Nueva York, como también la morfología del terreno en aquel entonces. O colocar a Roma en su época imperial con los elementos que está conlleva. También sea bueno colocar en estos elementos unas etiquetas para poder identificar o saber qué son.

    Estaría muy bien que existiese un apartado llamado recomendados, el cual serviría para decir curiosidades o momentos históricos/ prehistóricos, interesantes o recomendables.

    Esta sería mi encantaría saber los resultados del si estáis de acuerdo o no con esta petición con sus porques.

    Si llegáis a aceptar mi propuesta, estaría muy bien que me informaseis de vuestras aportaciones.

    Un cordial saludo
    Pablo Ciriaco Beaumont
    Usuario de Google

  16. Google has an interest in Trump getting re-elected so it does not have to pay taxes but continues to get the taxes of the poor and middle class disguised as subventions.

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