My Secret Website for Buying Profitable Amazon FBA Products [Online Arbitrage Tutorial]

My Secret Website for Buying Profitable Amazon FBA Products [Online Arbitrage Tutorial]

I’m just gonna take a slow sip of my
coffee that’s good because I got a great one for you here
guys so I’m gonna give you one of my secret you know places the source room
now I don’t ever cover sites like this usually and the reason being is because
I cover a lot of bulk deal sites for example slick deals one of my favorites
I’ve covered that countless countless times and when you source on slick deals
you will notice that you get deals like this spoon feds you will already so for
example here’s a starling one for ten dollars this is something similar that
I’ve also purchased on gamestop on the deals of the day which is what I’m gonna
be talking about here today so you get these spoon fed to you just by scanning
slick deals although I like to be a vigilant in my Game Stop purchases this
is one of my most you know slept on kind of sites where you can find great great
deals and then you can buy them super cheap because they run deals of the day
for super cheap items and then send them into Amazon FBA for profit so I’m gonna
show you just how much I do this I don’t hop on this every single day but I do
tend to do it you know every other or most days because there have been a lot
of great deals here in q4 but this is not just you know related for q4 this is
related year-long so I got a number of these other sites and I’m plan on making
tutorials on these in the future but gamestop is a super super super super
super underrated site where you can find great deals where you can buy them from
this site you know super cheap send them in to Amazon to your product research
all ahead of time and there’s literally no risk because if god forbid and I
always recommend tracking everything as you can see here I literally track
everything the last couple ones were literally purchased today for twenty six
fifty 20 or eighteen dollars and obviously I’m gonna drop this video like
a week maybe a week and a half afterward so you know that deal won’t
still be there because last time I dropped the video like this I’ve dropped
the same day and then I noticed like when I when I did it in the morning I
looked and there was like 10 sellers on the list thing so obviously pretty solid
for me and then by the time I shipped my thing into FBA there was like 40 sellers
so yeah obviously other sellers look at the websites and the deals but not that
big of a difference so obviously people watching the video went out and did it
which is great because that’s why I make these videos but obviously I don’t want
to create competition for myself in that window when I’m gonna ship my products
into FBA so I’m gonna run you through how I source on gamestop why I track
everything the reason I track everything here and I’ll show you these deals here
in a second how to find them is because when I get these order to my house right
let’s hypothetically say I get I see okay six of these Nintendo switches
let’s sing countries were delivered to my house so what I do i I go okay I’m
about to hit Y so yes I’ve received it or FBA and then I make this yellow which
means I basically sent it into FBI right so I’ll change all these based on
whether I’ve received it yet whether I should then to FBI how much I paid for
it how much I made after fees my profit etc where I got it from I track all that
stuff for this reason let’s hypothetically say that and this is why
there’s no risk let’s hypothetically say that I got six of these delivered to my
house and I and I look back on this and I said okay I’m about to ship these into
FBA I bought them for 18 bucks let’s see what they actually sell for right and
then I click on the Amazon link cuz I saved it and obviously here you’re
seeing a great great margin here but let’s hypothetically say that the buy
box price is shot all the way down to like 20 bucks and it’s no longer
profitable for me to send it into FBA well then I would simply return them to
gamestop because I can look over here and do that and I can print out the
receipt which you’ll see right here I literally show you how many times I do
this I’m not going to continue to scroll down but I do this all the time because
there’s so many great deals on gamestop it is literally one of the best places
and there’s a number of them where you can go ahead and sort through products
like this buy great deals and then ship them into FBA okay so just to show you
that I actually did buy this let’s pull this up really fast so as you can see
here literally this is one of them I purchase six of these so two times
because on gamestop you can only purchase in quantities of three so I
spent I bought three of them for 17 apiece and up being 50 406 which came
out to 1802 per unit so if I got 1800 – per unit on here and I’m gonna show you
how to actually find these here in a second well obviously if I’m selling it
for 66 like the buy box price says there’s a great great margin there okay
so GameStop phenomenal place let’s hop in
– how you actually source these and find them I’ll run you through just like I
would any other day any other time in place let’s hop into it so what you the
two things that you want to up really fast in you’re doing this obviously
gamestop calm and then you’re gonna want Amazon and your Amazon seller central
because you always want to make sure that you can actually sell it before you
actually buy it okay that’s crucial so Game Stop you hop on with the site
right up here in the top and this isn’t always here but most days it is okay you
want to hit deal the day and hit shop now now sometimes when I hop on this
there’s no good deals and sometimes there’s like 20 good deals it really
depends from day to day but I always recommend hopping on it you know here
and there to just kind of see what’s available to you I check the ps4 one so
let’s see right here if ps4 is a good one and I already know it’s not but let
me show you how I actually did it so I’m gonna open it up I’m gonna copy this in
here and I’m gonna type it in and let’s say ps4 and look it’s it’s the same
price Amazon has adjusted its $25 it’s usually 59 so honestly you could
probably still buy this and make money even though the buy box right now is 25
bucks because if I wait for my keep a graph to load you can see that it’s been
59.99 all the way up until like December and then it slowly dropped down probably
because Amazon noticed that game stopped Amazon has this thing where they like to
be the lowest and they like to match other other companies so they probably
noticed that Game Stop was selling this or maybe Walmart as well was selling
this for 25 bucks and so they dropped their price and that drove the buy box
price all the way down to 25 okay so we know that this is a bad buy but then if
you scroll down a little bit further you also see that hey look here’s the one
that I bought let’s sing country only at Gamestop and
here’s another one that I bought let’s sing country with two mics bundle
for Xbox one okay so we’ll pull both of these up they’re both great deals if I
pull that arbitrage play this back up you’d see that I bought six of both of
these so sometimes I’ll go deeper into inventory but it seemed like there was a
decent amount of people on the listing and also I didn’t I didn’t want to go
too too deep into that because I’ve been spending like thousands and thousands of
dollars on products so there’s a number of different great products if I was
having trouble finding good products then I might go deeper into inventory to
spend more money but because I’m finding so many good ones I like to diversify
knowing that I’m gonna sell a lot of different things and I’ll sell them that
much faster hope that that makes sense so let me check this first one let’s
country with two mics bundle and we’re gonna take literally take that in here
paste it in and we’re gonna hit Xbox one and it’s gonna pop up so boom there you
go and it this is it’s literally this one right here so that lets sing country
xbox solo edition Xbox one mic or Xbox one – Mikey bundle edition so there it
is right there and it’s selling for 59.99 now what is our price on gamestop
it’s 25 bucks so keep in mind that you are gonna have to pay a little bit of
taxes and depending on if you can hit that I think it’s 30 bucks threshold on
gamestop to get free shipping you might have to pay shipping if you don’t hit it
over to over 30 bucks but because I can actually buy three of these and then my
bill will be $75 I think it was like 79 at the end of it with tax and free
shipping obviously um I’m gonna hit over that 30 dollar threshold to get free
shipping so I’ll have to worry about that it’s just something that you want
to keep in mind with gamestop so if by box price is $59.99 right I can buy it
for 25 bucks – what is my profit margin let’s check the FBA calculator and you
can literally see here that after everything I know that I’m gonna pick
I’m gonna spend 26 50 per product I already put in there and my cost to ship
it in to Amazon is gonna be a bit like a buck right because I never just ship
this one in I ship this in a box full of other stuff so it always ends up being a
little bit less than a box sometimes it’s like 60 cents sometimes it’s like
80 cents and I track all that stuff as well so if I ship in something like 40
units I’ll tally up all the the cost of my boxes and I’ll divide that by 40 to
figure out how much I spent per unit it’s always under a buck so I always
like to estimate a buck just to kind of ki stay on the conservative side okay
and even if I buy it for twenty six fifty and I sit cost me a buck to ship
it in and I sell it and match the buy box price at $59.99 I’m still going to
make twenty one dollars and eight cents per unit great great deal right here
that’s literally why I bought six of these you can do the same if they steel
is still around although I’m gonna drop it like week and a half later for the
reasons I outlined before so you probably won’t have have the
availability to this deal but the good news for you is you can hop on gamestop
and deals of the day and there’s a great deals every single day that you can sort
through and find and you know see if they’re good deals that you want to buy
okay so you can utilize that as well so let’s sing it country to and you don’t
want to copy the only at Gamestop so we’re gonna take let’s sing country
we’re gonna take it back into amazon and usually I forgot a step you also
want to paste it into your seller central the s end make sure that you can
sell it as well although I’ve already done that cuz I literally just bought
these two so I know that I can but that’s a step that you should implement
as well so let’s sing Country Nintendo switch and there it is the same listing
now you want to make sure that it is the same listing sometimes they’ll be like
one that’s like certain editions and you want to make sure that you have the
correct Edition I’ve seen that with a with games like this so be careful with
that but buying this new is sixty six ninety two that’s the buy box price
phenomenal phenomenal buy box price you’re getting it for seventeen bucks
let’s see I already put the amz scale calculator in here I’m sure
so with taxes obviously I bought three of them which was over the thirty dollar
threshold right here so I got free shipping but I was taxed so I ended up
spending about eighteen per unit I probably overestimated that I like
rounded it up to eighteen I probably paid seventeen something per unit
roughly I don’t remember I can look into my spreadsheet and then I estimated
another dollar for shipping for every unit right but if I match the buy box
price at sixty six ninety two I’m gonna make $37.48 for every unit so I’m
spending $18 to get it and when I ship it in to Amazon I’m going to make 37:48
every single time so that means that if we poke the calculator i Mendham going
to buy spying six of these I’m gonna end up making thirty seven forty eight times
six I’m gonna end up making two hundred twenty-four dollars probably pretty
quickly just for buying this from Gamestop deal of the day shipping and
shipping it into Amazon FBA and making the markup and profit great great
website to do this now let’s assume that by the time that we ship it into FBA
maybe this doesn’t always happen sometimes it goes up sometimes it goes
down you usually don’t see um you know games more than like $59.99 so 60 is
usually like roughly the the max so I don’t think this will go up sometimes
they do if they’re like a little bit lower sometimes they go up sometimes
they go down so let’s assume that maybe it goes down like ten bucks right so
we’ll say fifty 692 I’m still gonna end up making 28:28 per unit great great
place to buy items okay so let’s do two more really fast I’ll show you I have
not checked these the Xbox one just normal sing let’s sing country and this
normal ps4 on I don’t I usually stay away from like the
these like the shirts and the clothing here sometimes you’ll see like sock
deals and they look good but I like to stay away from them so let’s check these
last two really fast on gamestop deal of the day for you and I haven’t checked
these yet I’ll buy them literally right here after the video if they’re good if
they’re not which I would assume that they probably aren’t we’re gonna check
but uh I’m gonna run you through exactly my process I have not checked these yet
so this is the ps4 version so we’re gonna have ps4 and look 25 bucks it’s
not they’ve dropped the price it’s not a good deal cuz you’re spending 17 it’s
probably gonna be closer to like 18 with taxes so if we click this really fast and we put 18 in there and $1 shipping
you’re gonna lose 262 forever unit bad bad a bad one so let’s here let’s try
this one with the Xbox one it looked like it was up there if I remember
correctly if we come back here it looks like Xbox one listed at at $59.99 so
that could be a good one but let’s type it into the search bar and just say Xbox
one so here we go right here we have let’s in country with the tomb-like
bundle but that’s not that’s the other thing that we bought before remember so
we’re interested in this one right here the solo Edition and it looks like the
solo edition sells for $34.99 so it could still be a good unit or it could
still be a good buy the the it’s three about 4000 and video games so jungle
scouts gonna tell me that it’s selling about three day ninety a month obviously
I’m gonna take it in this two seller central to see if I can sell it and I
can sell it a new collectible one used so if I end up estimating that this is
gonna cost me like eighteen fifty potentially with taxes then or let’s
just say eighteen cuz I think it’s gonna be closer to eighteen will say eighteen
and we’ll say $1 to ship it in and we match the buy box price at 3499 I’m
gonna make eight ninety per unit so for spending 18 bucks I’m gonna make eight
ninety for every 18 bucks I spend and ship this in so I’m probably gonna buy
about six of these as well as soon as this video is done but that is the power
of finding simple little websites like Game Stop literally going in and
searching through their deals of the days or their clearance there’s a number
of other websites that I’ll outline them in super in
coming tutorials for you so like Walmart for example has deals that you can
search through their clearance or where there are deals every day literally hop
on their homepage and just start through sort through some deals and same thing
with like Target and Jett and other places like that and Best Buy right so I
really really like Game Stop but I’ve checked in and tried them all and bought
from every other one as well so you’ll start to notice the more you do that
you’ll start to see different websites tend to have different deals and don’t
just stop at those five that I listed you can check other ones as well
have different deals that tend to work better for you then you want to slowly
gravitate back towards those websites so I plan it you know drop more tutorials
like this in the future I hope you like them I hope you got a lot of value out
of them check gamestop go to deal of the day buy
some games send them to FBA and make some money

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  10. Hey Bryan, Great video, I noticed your Keepa graph shows Amazon as the seller as well. I just started OA at the beginning of last December so I'm still learning. I stay away from listings Amazon sells on because won't they always own the buy box and keep dropping the price to keep it?

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