Multi-Room Audio Group Setup for Google Home and Chromecast Audio

Multi-Room Audio Group Setup for Google Home and Chromecast Audio

Hey everybody and welcome back to Tech With
Brett where I help technology work for you! Today I am going to show you how to create
an audio group so that you can play music from your phone to multiple speakers at the
same time. This will work with Google Cast enabled devices. Here I have the Google Home and here I have
a Chromecast Audio and we can group them together so that I can play music and it will play
on all the speakers at once. You can do this with multiple Google Homes
as well as multiple Chromecast Audio. So today I am going to show you how to that,
let’s get started. Ok, so the first thing that we need to do
is go into the Google Home application. Once we open that up all we need to do is
click in the top right hand corner here and go to our devices. Then if we click on here we’ll see we have
the Chromecast Audio and the Kitchen Home, this is my Google Home device. If I click on the settings button right there,
here it says Create group. Then I can name the group, so I’m just going
to call it Home Group and then I can include what devices I want in this group. So I need to have at least two for a group
and it will show all the available devices that you have. Here I am going to click on the Chromecast
Audio and click save. So now that group has been created, I just
need to go an app to cast music to play to that group. So now if I just go to my Google Play Music
right here. And here I play some music, this is coming
out of my phone right now. But if I now open that up and I click the
cast icon right here, I then have all the different cast options available. Here you will see that I now have something
called Home Group. This is the group of audio devices that I
have created. I select it, we hear that it connected
to the Google Home. Now when I hit play it plays on both devices. To check I can turn down
the Google Home all the way and you can hear that it is still playing over on that speaker. Then I turn this back up and there we have
home surround sound. I then have volume control right on my phone
for both of those speakers. I can also control this audio group by voice
through my Google Home by going back into the Google Home app. Then I go and find the audio group. Here I have Home Group and I need to select
“Enable voice control” then I select yes I’m in. Now I can say, “Ok Google. play rock music on the Home Group.” Alright, here’s a Google Play Music station
called feel good light rock, playing on Home Group. This is how you control the Home Group. Playing, pausing as well as changing the volume. Ok Google, set volume to 5 on Home Group. Thank you so much for joining me today on
learning how to create an audio group on your Google Cast enabled devices. If you have any questions please leave a comment
below and I’ll be sure to get back to you to answer those. For more Tech Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials
be sure to hit the subscribe button below. And we’ll see you guys on the next one!

79 thoughts on “Multi-Room Audio Group Setup for Google Home and Chromecast Audio

  1. Setting up an Audio Group with multiple Cast devices will change the way you listen to music! Let me know if you have any questions on how this works or what you can do with it.

    Update: This will work with your Google Home, Mini and Chromecast Audio supported devices.

  2. Great video! I had already stumbled across this and have multiple Google Home units grouped with a couple Chromecasts (audio & ultra). Love to be able to tell Google Home to play music "downstairs" or play music "upstairs" or play music "everywhere," which is the way I have my groups set up.

  3. Hey man. thanks for the fantastic video. I'm considering switching from Sonos for this. Quick question…. can you control the volume of each device in the group independently from the app/phone? It seems the volume control will only adjust the volume for the entire group? Thanks.

  4. Question, is can you play different music sources to different speakers (rooms). Let's say 1 room is play one song from one app, and another room is playing another song from a different app.

  5. My audio cast keeps failing. It'll work, until I stop. Next time I'll have to reboot, and sometimes reinstall.

  6. Great video. I love how on the Google Home the change in volume level is reflected on the LED ring remotely when adjusting the volume via the phone or via the voice command.

  7. Hi!
    First of all thank you for sharing this!
    I am trying to decide if I buy an Echo or a Google Home.
    Can I do this with the regular Chromecast or only with the Audio Chromecast?
    Thank you for all incredible videos!

  8. Can you add smart TVs with chromecast built in to an audio group? So you could stream to multiple speakers and the TV at the same time. 😎🙏

  9. Can you do this with a chromecast audio and a regular 2nd gen chromecast?

    Also Could I have a movie play on my chromecast but have the audio in multiple rooms?

  10. Can I use a wifi speaker like Bose soundtouch without using a Chromecast, and also can command google home to play music on Bose

  11. Watched this video this morning to learn how to put my bedroom and living room google cast enabled Vizio 5.1 sound bars into a group so when listening to Pandora, it will play in both rooms at once, if I want. It's been working perfectly. However, I am using Google home from an iPad instead of an android device, which doesn't seem to matter. The one question I have is: Is a google home device required for the voice commands to work, or can the OK google feature work through the google home app itself? I ask because I didn't have the blue banner like you did on the group to enable voice. Otherwise, things are working nicely here. Thanks again.

  12. BRETT! Just purchased my first Chromecast audio and totally stumbled across your channel while looking for set up help with audio groups! Super random but awesome I found your channel! Thanks for the help with this one and good to meet you in NY for work! Sub'd for sure, cheers!

  13. Well, can I start streaming from my phone to the chromecast with Google Assistant on my S7 edge? Because streaming to my Chromecast video does not work..

  14. Just a simple question, i want to do this with my brother (our rooms are next to each other) but how is the lag between the devices, is the sound completely synchronous?

  15. Does it automatically turn devices on? If the device is off, will the group not work or will it start, and continue to work when/if I turn the speaker on?

  16. is it the same as this one?

  17. What about if I want to play a YouTube video on the Chromecast and then I want to hear it on my multiple devices like Google home and Chromecast audio

  18. Great vid Brett. I have one question…after setting up the group can you take the phone out of the equation? Just request Google Home to play to the group and therefore use both it's own speaker and the speaker connected to the Chromecast audio?

  19. Thank you! I was searching for info on grouping a Chromecast Audio and Google Home speaker, I didn't know if it could be done! Any chance you know if a Nest smoke/co2 alarm would broadcast alerts over a Google Home group? I want to put a Nest Alarm in my furnace room, and I want it to announce over my Google Homes if there is something wrong.

  20. I'm totally lost. What is a chromecast audio ? Is that a speaker I have to buy ? Is there any way to make a home group with all my bluetooth speakers ? I just figured out how to connect my mini to my kindle – then I can watch yt on my kindle and listen thru the mini in the kitchen or listen to spotify after watching your other video.

  21. Just wanted to point out this only works for Chromecast audio and the Google home. I have a regular Chromecast that I just try to set up in a group and the option doesn’t show. A quick Google search explained that the regular Chromecast cannot be used for this function. I hope it gets fixed/added.

  22. I'm trying to get the assistant's voice to come out the speakers I just hooked up the chromecast audio to. Is there no way to do this?

  23. If i download a playlist from spotify onto my phone and cast it, is it the dowloaded version or from the internet? What if i
    Ask google home to play it? I.e will it cost me to play the music on google home or chromecast?

  24. okay, I have a Rhapsody account, now known as Napster, I want to be able to play my OWN playlists, I have a google mini, and will buy a chromecast audio if need be, once I do, can i then stream MY MUSIC THROUGHOUT my home? that Is my very specific question….Please, help

  25. okay, comments states it'll work with the Mini, right? will it work with my music account outside of spottily and google music? I want to play my own playlist, and will I be able to hook this up to let's say 3 diff chromecast audio's? PLUS a Bluetooth speaker (yeah, I know, asking a lot here…)

  26. Just did this with my google mini, and 2 diff chrome cast audio, with aux/bluetooth speakers….surround aounds throughout my townhouse costing less than 150 (Had to buy devices and speakers) wireless too! (Need wifi)

  27. If you guys want to connect your home with more than one speaker, beware! I bought a Google Home Max, a Google Home, and 3 Minis. I spent $600, set them all up and created a group, so I can play my music and listen in all the rooms of my house. It does not work as it's supposed to. It plays for about 3 or 4 minutes, then it stops. I have tried on Spotify and other apps, same problem. Called Google Support, they say it's a known issue, they are working on it, but have no date or estimate on when this will get fixed. Also, Google Home Max, which is the most expensive of them all at $400 has lots of flaws of its own: There is not a way to connect it to the Chromecast, which means you can ask for the Max to play a video in the living room, it starts playing, but the sound doesn't come out of the Max speaker, or any of the Home speakers for that matter, the sound comes out of the TV. What's the point of buying a $400 soundsystem, if you can't connect to the TV? Called Google, and they told me to connect to the Aux out on the TV manually to the back of the Google Max, and there are problems there too: First problem is that there is a lag with Aux in, and I use the speaker connected to a microphone for Karaoke. If you do that, or you are a DJ, there will be a lag and you will be able to hear it, something that shouldn't be happening on a $400 premium speaker. Second problem with the Aux in: when I ask for the Max to play a video on my TV, the video starts, and the sound out of the TV is not recognized at first by the Max, I have to get up, go in the back of the speaker, pull the Aux cable out so the speaker makes a sound saying it was unplugged, them plug it back in so the speaker recognizes there is something connected to it, so then that's when the speaker starts playing the sound manually from the Aux in. This is a process that I have to do every time I watch TV. I will be returning all of my speakers to Google, as I wouldn't mind all of these issues on $30 speakers, but I'm not paying $600 to be their guinea pig and run trial and error tests when they should've done all of that before releasing these products…

  28. You have some great videos. They have helped me get things set up and running. I am wondering about adding a speaker with its own volume control. I will be connecting a subwoofer to my system which has its own volume control. Do I need to set the subwoofer volume control all the way up and then let the Google Home take over, or will the Google Home take over the volume control no matter where the volume control is set on the subwoofer? Many thanks.

  29. Hey Brett , thanks for the video, however if you only want to cast the audio of a YouTube video to the homegroup the only option it gives you is to Chromecast devices with a display correct?

  30. ha ha I was trying to figure out how to sync google max with mini when you said okay google play home group it heard you and started automatically

  31. Hi, I wrote the voice control I do not have it, i not "Enable voice control and more", but only "Ready to cast". You know how to activate the voice control?

  32. Hey hope you can help me, I the home and cast audio on network but when I tap on devices it only goes them as "linked devices "

    K have tried alot reseting router factory reset all devices and router ect.


  33. So I have about 5 rooms that I want to do this to, do I only need one google home and 4 chrome cast audio devices with corresponding speakers?

  34. It's only a tad different to accomplish in June of 2018, but it showed me what "I was missing" to cast on my Google Home device and two "Insignia "Voice speakers", with Google Assistant, Thank You!

  35. Hello Brett nice video! Can I use the chromecast video with the Google home or the chromecast audio as a group to cast a movie in my tv?

  36. Hello again yoda, OK so when I'm listening to music in the front room, if my son then wants to play music in his room, my music stops so is there a way to have Google play different music on each device? Thanks in advance for any help

  37. Good video, but I want the video on my beamer (with the chromecast) and the audio from the movie played onto the Google Mini speaker. I think there is no way to fix this…

  38. hi Brett😀 I am a big fans of google home system,is that 2 Google home can be in the stereo mode (not multi groups) . I have a original home device , recently I bought a sonos one, its amazing! But I can't afford to pay for 2 of sonos one. Now I'm considering to get the stereo system.😊 anyway I just a Google fans from China 😑 sorry for my poor English

  39. I wanted to ask if anybody has ever heard of an instance where trying to play audio on a "home group" suddenly stops working. Audio can be played on individual speakers but the home group fails to play anything.

  40. Hello Brett, I have a bluetooth speaker working with my google home mini but I wanna buy a chromecast and create a group with the google home and play some music with the sound from my TV and google home at the same time. It is going to work?

  41. You really need to mute the volume before saying "hey google." It's really inconvenient watching these videos when you guys set off my devices and start making them do things I don't want them to do

  42. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to set a group volume using voice. It only sets the volume on the closest speaker. I've tried phrasing it every way I can think of, and nothing works. "Ok Google, set Full House Group volume to 10%…. nothing changes. I simply want all the speakers to jump to the volume I say".

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