Minecraft Skygrid Server

Hey Guys, Hertzigger here from Craftaga.com,
I just wanted to introduce you to our new skygrid spawn. we have been working wuite
hard over the last month to put everything that you wanted in at the same time. So, this
here is our new spawn, you can see here, here is the portal to the hub server, in the middle
here is going to be some changes. Later on, That i’m not really going to tell you about
now. But it’s pretty cool. So we’ve created a shop, we’re created an
area to explain a lot more about how the ranks work. Hopefully we cna put that onto the other
servers aswell. We have a PVP area in here aswell. Let me just quickly show you the PVP arena.
So this are here, this is for spectators, so if you want to watch a battle, watch your
friends battle it out. No Pvp in that are so you are completely safe. Up here is the
entrance for the fighters, so if you middle you will see that there is four exits from
here. The idea is you could potentially do as many
players as you wanted. But we’ve got it devided into four areas. So you can have four players
playing at the same time. As each player goes in, you will see just down at the bottom of
the screen. There is says that hertzigger entered notify region pvp-arena-zone2 that
there to tell you. That you opponent has entered the area. as you go down you can see you opposit
opponent, and then it also tells you when that opponent has dropped in aswell. If there is no one in here obvisouly you can
just get back to spawn using /spawn. Pretty much all commands except for those ones are
disabled so you cant teleport friends in and stuff like that, later on in the battle. You
cant go to home, i don’t think you can. Yeah, basically this is just a bit of fun. If someones
really annoying you and you want to challenge them, then this is the place to do it. Ok, sooo. I wanted to just quickly show you
the shop. Once i get out of here, because its a little bit of a maze, actually i will
just use the warp, so the warp for the shop is sshop, sorry warp sshop. S stands for skygrid,
shop stands for shop. Unfortunately, we can’t do it as shop because
it interferes with the faction shop. cause if you do shop in factions server it will
end up taking you to here. so we now changed the warps so fshop takes you to, the factions
shop, and sshop takes you to this shop. To reduce lag what we have done, is we seperated
all the shops out. Another new things with skygird is we have
protection stones, you get one of those free, just use /kit protect, be careful not to lose
it, because you’ll only get that one. Bascially they reset once a year. so you get that one
and you get free protection, and you can also get more protection buy buying 1 of these
aswell. you can have up to 9 of those. so you can protect a pretty large area. All of the shops that you can see here have
been seperated in to different areas. Thats to reduce lag. Nothing really special. I mean
its pretty much the same as the factions shop. just that there is more items in here. If
you’ll see that there are more items in the skygrid shop. than the factions shop. Bit
of a difference though. Is that we do have a selling shop in here. At the selling shop you just do exactly the
same as you would normally. So let me just show you. It will ask you how
many to sell. It will also tell you how many you have available aswell. So if you have
none available. The you cant sell any. So thats that. We’ve updated the warp spawn. so the warping
to random locations. So you’ll see these signs here. there are all over the place. There
not hard to find. You just right click them and that will teleport you to a random area
in the skygird. Once your here then you can obviously set you spawn here. This does have a reset time. I think its about
2 minutes or something like that. So its probably turned off for me. but for about 2 minutes
you have to wait. and basically the overall idea of skygrid
is, its meant to be hard, so you gonna die alot, your gonna get frustrated cause you
gonna lose your items quite a lot. But you know if you can do it, it really show you
can do it. and if you get to the end. There is now a way to get to the end. Because if you go to the nether area. if you
get, if you build a nether portal and go through to the nether, you can find end stones portal
frames in chests, so then you can build your own end portal. and then obviously you can go in there and
obviously you got the tuff in there aswell. So theres loads of improvements. It should
be really fun. Theres a lot of people on here. Its quite popular at the moment. and yeah,
if you like skygrid, you liek a challenge, logon to craftaga.com. our, just add the play.craftaga.com
to your minecraft client and you’ll be able to get on the server. Ok well thanks guys
and hopefully see you soon

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