Mes Dossiers sur Internet

Mes Dossiers sur Internet

Finally a video! Wait, will it be my intro each and everytime?
It’s been 2… no, 3…. more than 3 months! Anyway ! OK EVERYONE! Did you… MISS ME?! lol nope C’MON GUYS SAY SOMETHING FOR FUCK’S SAKE DON’T LET ME DOWN AGAIN FUCK OFF If this animation took so long to came out, It’s not because it took so much time to be made. In truth I had two cartoons waiting for this summer. And none of them were this one but I didn’t manage to have dedication towards it… …And, I didn’t want to come back after months with an animation about… I don’t know… …My cat… Without explaining before what happened to me the past few months About animations and Internet in general But since it’s pretty easy to talk about, and since we’re at it I’m going tell you about: My story on internet, from A to Z.. Well no, not Z… Uhhhhh No idea which letter I’m at, anyway… I got my first computer at the age of 8 So watch out, this might seem a little young today… …But it was even more in 2003! To tell you, we weren’t that much playing on the computer in 2003! Guys,Guys I finished Mario sunshine and… (everyone asking to play it too) (ಠ⌣ಠ) *lot of dude scream in Deotoons’s hear* “No for real tell us the truth” *Song “The Sound of Silence” starts playing* *BURP* My computer was alright it was a non-movable pc, Windows XP… …That could run the games of that time, I should probably say the cracked games of the time… No but because, Bro it was 2003! No-one wouldn’t buy anything in 2003! In this period, I was a big fan of… Kid Paddle! That means that I was reading over and over the 8 poor themes out… …And it never bored me! In 2003, has been realesed the first animated show of Kid Paddle… …So I asked to have the DVD, and it was bought to me! No! Just kidding it was hacked one of course! So I watched the very first episode… …Of what was going to be my favorite animated show… …Without even doubting one second… that it was going to change my life… …In a… …RADICAL WAY… Lights, Camera…Cut… No, no, no stay it’s just the tittle of the first episode from kid paddle. Now, it’s the moment where you ask yourself… WHY IS HE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS F**KING KID PADDLE!??! Calm down. You’re going to understand but… …I need to tell you about the catch phrase of the episode… …So the director of the episode “Kurt Maldor” gets out a new contest called “Aspiring Filmmakers” For which the contenders will have to make and send a 5 minutes film. With the aim of winning a trip to an amusement park. Anyway ! In that episode, the 3 kids, Kid, Horace & BigBang. By the way, who the fuck calls his son BigBang ? Anyway. They decide to make an horror movie. By using many ways. Puppets, filmed scenes, stop motion… And they even explain how they were doing that. “Set the leg in his first position for the movement. And you take a picture.” “You continue the movement and you take another picture.” And it passionned me ! I opened Windows Movie Maker, I took my little castel toy, my toys and my webcam. And I tried to do something similar. My first video was born. (And It was really shitty) But I’m so disappointed that it has disappearedI would love to watch it today with a new vision. What ? You wanna know you the episode finishes ? (I know you didn’t say anything) At the end of the episode, Kid and his buddies are the last of the competition. With only one vote. But it was Kurt Maldor’s vote That tell them that they have talent, to continue and to never give up ! This tip, you know, I took it for myself. And I continued to make videos. Inspired by my uncle who was already doing that, I started to make parodies “Dédé” publicities, Crazy frog clips, Chicken little films, Harry Potter, I used everything ! I mixed the scenes, the sentences, to make the characters say dumb things. Wait… It looks like… YouTube Poops. But Youtube didn’t even exist ! *MIND BLOWN* In middle school I tried to make various videos. And.. it’s really from there that you can found some tracks on the internet… Unfortunately. Weird videos, embarrassing ones, “MV Dofus”, cats compilation Lot of Dofus’s MV,cat’s compilations, I did a bit of everything. I even played a character whose name was “Superconn*rd” ( super asshole ). Luckily that I haven’t keep this nickname, that would be, terrible today. Speaking of nickname, it was in 7th grade in 2009 that I create my 1st Youtube Channel ”Deolynk” ”Hello everybody, it’s Deolynk.” it’s the name I use in the games since they ask you to put a name longer than 3 letterings. It comes from this plus this, blablabla I posted the YTP videos on this channel now that they have a name. I would take like 1 strike for copyright by video. But for an unknown reason even with 25 followers, shitty quality and not so fantastics scenarios, the videos had their little sucess In 2010, I stop the channel and tried some other stuff. I was a fan of the ASDF movies, so I tried to make some inspired stuff Wow this will be great… Hum, maybe not. After that, I told myself : ” Okay, I will never do animations” Then I tried random videos, alone or with my buddies. *deep voice* Look, look, a snake look at this red head I, pff, I don’t want to talk about it. Then, there was my first gaming channel. Admit that you didn’t know it. Normal. The channel has a total of 9 videos, for 400 views and not less than 0 COMMENTS I don’t understand why though, look at this badass generic: * voice with a terrible microphone*
Hi, this is the rat game “hater ( french pun (Sans, did you said this one?)) *He’s breathing loudly in a bag, as if he was catching his breath* Wahou, okay I understand,
wait what’s this.. wait what’s this ? *chill voice* Hello everybody, it’s the rat games “hater”
*Deo’s laugh* Okay, fine dude, I you want my generic I give it to you, It’s a gift. Anyways.. In 2014, I arrived at the university *explosion* We could say that I had some free times So I decided to continue the YTP videos on my first channel, Deolynk. I had like a hundred of followers “what are doing here dudes ?” I post a video, it worked pretty well. Well I still got a strike in the face, but for sexual contents Ooh ! What did change in 5 years ? Shit that was that before the YTPs. After that, I made some others ones, then I started to want dubbing, like really. So I wanted to…work on my voice. So I did roleplay on pokemon’s games then gaming untill that moment when I posted my let’s play on the “YandereSimulator” game and that the channel starts to be well known I noticed that I was becoming more comfortable in front of a microphone and that I could live from my videos I had the impression that YT was leading me more easily or at least more pleasantly *deep and beautiful voice* to the the job of doubler
* back to the normal voice* than to my theatre license So I left the university, anyway it was pissing me off And I start in 2016 my first year as : professional videographer knowing that I was amateur videographer since almost 13 years without considering to make it as my job I had a phase a bit like : fed up I needed to do other things on this plateform And after a few months without doing anything I took my Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet and I made a drawing than a second one then I wanted to learn animation, like that so I watched some tutorials on Youtube for 2 months and finally, Deo Toons was created I nervously posted the first video, greatly welcomed than the second video, greatly welcomed than a third video, GREATLY WELCOMED. I’m wondering how this one will be welcomed but I don’t know how to thank the persons who talked about the channel around them If it isn’t by continuing the animations and posting way more regularly, well there is a tiny problem I thought I could be able to take care of 2 YT channels at the same time.. but…. *Cough x3* , I can’t, I ask myself for a long time what I should do : do I keep only one channel and if yes, which one ? and after some reflection, I told myself that if I couldn’t take care of all of it alone maybe it was necessary that I stop being alone So asked my buddy Lolo, the one from the camping if he was okay to help me to join the adventure and his answer was really clear ” Well yeah, I wouldn’t have dared to propose it to you but…” So he would take care of 80% of the assembly on my gaming videos, and that way, I would finally have the time to do animations *Music starts* Everything seems finally over but.. no, a few problems are still there but since I don’t know how to tell you them I think I’m going to rap them instead You know I still don’t know how to rap, I still don’t know how to use the auto-tune…

But I don’t give a shit Well to begin, Lolo don’t know how to cast on, so I had to take all of the summer to show him how to do it I transformed myself into a teacher and I said to him :”Now you work !” And he learned, in only 2 and half months that boss Today, we don’t even see the difference But while his training, it was excessive remarks ! montages are too much this or not enough this but I couldn’t say a thing because I wanted to do it that way the following problem: how to live from all of this ? 2 channels are enough for both of us since one is enough for me ? but no, that’s not that simple when you are doing animations It seems on youtube you can only make it your passion It takes time to make and it doesn’t last 10 min ( except this one lol ) and I respect to much this, to make clickapute however I would like it if I could live from my greatest passion I would do well a Tipee, but not before being productive Come on third problem and I think it is the last one Our gear are shitty, we are in system D mode If only one thing break down we will be so screwed But before changing this things, we would already need two salaries. But unfortunatly, I think YT is crossed at us editor, student and cashier at Lidle, Lolo is forced to do all these things and me to keep my shitty microphone and my old tablet MY GOD ! I thought that I will not succeed get out this cartoon, it’s crazy things ! Anyways,first of all,BIG thanks at all who subtitled the last cartoon in french and english. Thanks of lot in advance at you who will do for this cartoon. Thanks for all fanarts who will be post up now in screen. Then, this cartoon was so haaaaaard at get out him. For all the reasons that have been evoked it was difficult to write, difficult to edit as well, because there was a lot of researchs to do, which actually was the longest part, and i focused on it more than the animation itself. except from my character and the crows in the beginning, there’s not a lot of pure animation And it was already so long that I made this choice. To no focus on the animations, But more on the stories and the imaginary, It was the cartoon subject, which is, Eh well, the money, and so a subject a little extreme But I told myself that if there’s one place. where I can speak frankly, And it seemed to me not important, when I saw, A little, the extent this channel has, And I told myself, but really, it’s… And I could have told myself: Go. But if I just jumped in that way without thinking, I just got in animation, I would have run, in fact, toward my end, Because yes, It’s as stupid as it has to say, But it’s almost only the financial worries that blocked me I mean, I want to create animations at any moment, But… How could I pay for my fucking rent. So, there was things I had to think about, And It’s why the cartoon was saying all that. With Lolo we have a system, that lets us live together while having difficulties, with the gaming channel We were imagining that the animation channel didn’t give anything. We’re starting with that thought, Because it’s not a channel that gives so much, and we just calculated what percent so we can live together, with Lolo’s other job. So, it’s been a mess, but we managed to do it. And really, I had heart to put this into work, So, I’ll simple make a Tipeee, Because, you know, we can’t know, So for now we’re doing it that way. One day, in the future, I’ll make a Tipeee. And when I’ll manage to be productive, It’ll mean: I can fully focus on animation. And I’ll finally be able to make cartoons in less than three weeks. For me, even two weeks, it’s possible. So I’ll make the Tipeee. Maybe for the next video, maybe for two videos, I managed to make an animation from A to Z in two weeks, I can tell, if everything go well, Then I will be able to tell myself: I won’t have the pressure, because it’s been months that I didn’t upload videos. So, if you want, my goal, for the animation channel, With the pubs and the donations. I’ll be able to make Lolo work hard on the gaming channel, and he’ll have to work more at Lidl Really in team, even with two channels, I would like to, in the future, make him work hard. If, for exemple, he does a fond for a scene, Or even a character that I’ll put in a animation. It would be awesome, to have, like that, It would make me being able to purchase a fucking Cintiq. And that, It’s my dream, to have a Cintiq. Because the Wacom Bamboo, I’ll admit it, she’s cool, But, I really think I’m loosing time in fact. I’m… I’m loosing so much time by remaking my traits, Because it’s never the move I want to do, But it’s still 1700€. So, really, it would enable me to faster really drastically my drawing speed Then, It would be able to make me change this old micro Blue Yeti, To have a real dubbing micro. It’s also something i’m planning, But it’s depending on the way the Tipeee will work, But I’m just telling you, overall, what I’m saying when I say that our equipment, it’s shit. Overall it’s the three purchases Wait for an animation from the way Really, again, thank you all. Because it’s only because of your enthusiasm That it’s possible, maybe We’ll see. We’ll see how it goes, so, that’s all, I hope you liked this one, And please subscribe, and go activate the bell (No) SO, BYE.

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  1. Un grand merci pour votre patience, j'aurais aimé travailler ce cartoon encore quelques jours mais j'avais trop hâte de vous le poster, je repère maintenant quelques petits défauts que je sais comment corriger ! Il ne seront plus présents dans le prochain

    Si vous voulez participer au sous-titrage, n'hésitez surtout pas 🙂 (et merci d'avance !)

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  4. Ma mere: Qu'est-ce tu veux faire plus tard?
    Moi: auto entrepreneuse dans l'audio.
    Ma mere: ??
    Moi: youtubeuse.. Youtubeuse.
    Ma mere: euh.. On va voir.

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    son pc est mort 🙂
    bjr a tous ceux qui on vu la video de deo qui vient apres celle ci 😚

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