Meet the Man Who Created Hot Sauce That Doesn’t Burn Your Face Off

– I remember when I was
super young, I saw Weird Al, and I remember– (laughing) – Wait, like you’re one
of my favorite people now. (upbeat music) – Hey man, you never know, a
bad challah loaf is good bread. – Really good. So imagine the sauces you like. – [Shawn] That’s really good. – That’s gotta be your sell line. That’s your tag line? (upbeat music) – Everybody, welcome to the show. As always, this is a show about failure, it’s about eff ups, it’s about
not quite getting it right, thinking that you’re gonna get it right, ’cause it feels awesome
to start your own thing, or your big idea, and you
kinda take off, take off, take off, take off, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, dear lord, what do I do now?” and come all the way down. We’re talking about the down parts today. Tonight we’re gonna be
talking to Syd Suntha, who had a career in the music industry and then in food, in food trucks, and now has his own hot sauce company. I’m a little nervous because I have heard that he’s bringing
hot sauce on the show, and we’ll just have to see what happens. Before we meet with Syd, we gotta find out what we’re drinking tonight. And Jack Sanders is going to
be making something delicious for us, of course. Jack, what are we drinking tonight? – Hey, thanks John. I’ve got a beautiful drink tonight called Ye Old Curiosity. The very first thing that
we start with in this one is a little Agwa de Bolivia. Made in Bolivia, distilled
from 100% cocoa leaves. We use about a half ounce of that. Singani 63… Also Bolivian. Brandy made at elevation. And we’re gonna use an
ounce of Singani 63. And then because we have to have it, 114 Proof Old Grand Dad
Bourbon Kentucky straight. That’s beautiful stuff here. Ounce and a half of that. Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters
infused with vanilla bean, local Seattle company. Four dashes. Scrappy’s Black Lemon, limited run. Four dashes of that as well. And this is the fun part. Infusing the cocktail with a little smoke. (pleasant jazz music) – Smoking the glass,
that cork, the smoke in. And this is the part where
I infuse the cocktail with the smoke. Shake it around until the smoke begins to dissipate and disappear. And then we’ll go into
chilling the cocktail next. And then this will chill it
and give it a little dilution. I give it about 25 seconds. And then we smoke the cocktail
for its garnish itself. And in this case, I use a old Pyrat book for my cloche. This is Ye Old Curiosity. (upbeat music) – Everybody, welcome to the show. I am here with Syd from Ballyhoo. Hot sauce, hot sauce company. Yeah, welcome to the show. – Thanks for having me. – Yeah, it’s great to have you here. Tell me a little bit about, by the way, I don’t know
why I’m scared of hot sauce. Like I know you brought hot sauce and I’m still nervous about it, but before we get there,
tell me about Ballyhoo. – Sure. My background’s chef-driven, so I’ve been working in
restaurants my whole life. Most of the stuff is
kind of flavor forward, enhancing foods. – Yeah. – We’re not burn your face off company, we’re not trying to kill you. There’s plenty of companies
that do that and that’s great. We’re more of an everyday
table kind of sauce. – Thank you for not trying to kill people. I think that’s that’s a noble thing to do. – Yeah, I do what I can. – Did you say flavor forward? – [Syd] Yeah.
– What does that mean? – So instead of like, you know, pouring something on your
food and it’s, you know, you taste and all you taste is hot sauce, we like to marry flavors so–
– [Shawn] I got you. – So, you know, for example,
like the Habanero Citrus goes really good with like Indian food, Asian food, chicken and pork. So you know, you throw it in Indian food, you get a little bit citrus and habanero, just added on to the initial flavors. – Okay, tell me more
about your background. You say you came from, like
restaurants, as a chef. – So before that I was actually, I started the music industry.
– Yeah. – Well, that’s not the restaurant. Like chef and– – Way, way back. – How did you get into that? – So I remember when I was
super young, I saw Weird Al and I remember– (laughing) – Wait. – How far back do you wanna go? – No, no, no, like you’re leading into the music industry with Weird Al. Like, you’re one of my
favorite people now. – So, it’s one of my
first shows, I was like, you know, in elementary school. I remember seeing people
with backstage passes. I have never seen him before and I remember going to
pizza place across the venue. I was like, “Oh my god,
those guys toured the band. That’s so crazy.” You know, I just remember that setting in and then I read a book by Henry Rollins called Get in the Van, and– – Henry Rollins. Yeah, yeah, started a publishing company. – Exactly.
– Based on his birthday, I think it was. – Yeah, exactly. So, I was obsessed with touring and then when I was like 18, I started, I was in a band I made
friends with bigger bands and I was like, they were like, “Hey, you wanna come out and roll with us, make no money and not
eat and and just hang out and only drink beer and
not nourish yourself?” I was like, “Yeah, sounds super fun.” – Sounds good? – Yeah, I work in a bar and like bartend and make like 200 bucks a night and then save up money so I can go and do my fun job of
touring for three months and just traveling the country and, so one of the last bands I toured with, they were called The Used
and the singer, Bert, was really into cooking, and, so on days off, we’d always cook together and so one day it’s just
kinda came to a point where we were like, “Well,
I’m never gonna make money in the music industry. Let’s try cooking.” So enrolled in culinary school and then I’m, you know– – Wait, so you went you went
for the music industry’s, last band you toured with was The Used? Yeah, and then you went into
culinary school after that. Holy cow.
– Yeah, yeah. – Like that’s totally– – So it’s constantly like,
getting up here, going back. Going up here, coming back. – No kidding. – So, yeah, I just, I put every
effort into culinary school because I’d paid it for myself and like, I want to learn everything. So I hustled, and again. So then there was a period of my life where I was like working 80 hours a week at two different restaurants,
going to culinary school, and staging… Do you know what staging means? – No, what’s staging? – Staging is basically an
internship at a restaurant. So you’ll work for free. So I was in Orange County,
I was driving to LA, working for free at this
Michelin star restaurant, just trying to learn as much as I can. Did that for a while,
hustle, hustle, hustle. – Okay, so Michelin star.
– Yep. – That’s like really fancy restaurant. – That’s the big boy stuff. – Yeah okay. Do they do that a lot where you like, you’re gonna, like to have
people come and work for free – It’s changed over the years.
– just to learn a little bit. – No, no, law’s a little different. Like the cooking industry
used to be super punk rock. And, you know, people throw plates at you if you #@!$ed up and like–
– No way. – Did you ever have a plate thrown at you? – A thousand percent. – No way! Like more than one? – Oh, yeah. I mean, that’s how you learn,
so you don’t #@!$ up again. – Do you remember what
it was that you like, that you #@!$ed up that
they threw the plate? Or did you not #@!$ up
and they just like– – It was like a pasta that was like, either under or overcooked
or something like that. And just like, “This is garbage.” – Oh my god. – Like Kitchen Nightmares, you know, Gordon Ramsay kind of stuff. – Really? Yeah, so I said Get in the Van was like the first book that launched me to music. Kitchen Confidential was the
book that got me into cooking. Yeah, if you read that book,
like they talk about the fear. – But what’s crazy is
that Kitchen Confidential pushed you into cooking. Like when you read that book, you’re like, “That sounds amazing, I wanna be abused.” – Certain people are just
built that way of like, “Let’s go, I wanna be abused.” – You’re like, “Including me.” Yeah, like and putting
that stuff together. – Yeah. Ended up moving to Seattle. I loved fine dining when I came here. And I got two jobs. I got one job at a fine dining restaurant. And I got another job
that was just fun job because I was used to working so much. I was like, “Let’s get two jobs.” I got this job at this dinky little airstream trailer called Skillet, and we just flipped burgers there. – Is that still around? – Yes.
– It is? – I mean, it’s in the airport now. – Oh, it’s in the airport now. – Yeah.
– All right, forget it. It’s like too high class. No, no, it was in an airstream
when they originally started? – Yeah, no it was an airstream trailer and we drove it around, super punk rock. – And just made the stuff there. – Yeah, and, so that’s
how I got introduced to food trucks and fell in love. – I have exciting news. – [Syd] What’s that? – We have a drink. Are you ready for the drink? – I was ready for a
drink like four minutes– – Yeah, you’re like, why do
I not have a drink already? – I am so parched. – Yeah, but you’ve got it set. All right, Jack. Don’t look, ’cause I
want it to be a surprise. – [Syd] All right. – Because I can tell you right now that it’s a little frightening for me. – Is it gonna come in like a
bottle of peppers or something? – No, no, but it’s definitely got like a Vincent Price thing going on, I think. There it is. Look, it’s in a… What’s in the box? – What’s in the box? – Yeah. – What you got in that box? – Wow. – What’s in the box? – I am so excited right now. Holy #@!$. I don’t wanna #@!$ this up. – [Shawn] You’re gonna catch on fire. Oh, I took that in a weird way. Okay. – [Jack] No, that’s how a
bartender would take it. That’s an advanced drink. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. So what’s this on the inside right here? Is this a? – So that is dehydrated lemon. And then you’ve got a couple
of Amarena Italian cherries. – Love it. – Okay. – Cheers.
– Cheers. All right. Let’s give this a shot. – Dude, this is goddamn delicious. Thank you. – [Shawn] Yeah, this is really good. – [Syd] Wow.
– [Shawn] Oh, man. I think what I like about the, like the dehydrated lemon, when it comes up. And it’s really great. – Mine fell in it and added a bunch. – Yeah, it added, oh,
well I want mine to go in. Oh, there it goes. Even better. – God, this is the best
show I’ve ever been on. – I’m gonna do a– (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Shawn] Okay, quick, quick– – [Syd] So I have a kind
of a Forest Gump kinda life and I jump around a lot.
– No kidding, right. No, no, no, but like working with bands and going from bands and
going to culinary school. – Yeah, this was kinda back in like, right when like Top
Chef and all that stuff was getting real popular. So I watched a ton of stuff like that. But no, I did not know how to like, like classically French cook at all. – From there, you worked at the airstream? – [Syd] Yep. – What was the name of it again? – [Syd] Skillet.
– Skillet. That everybody knows and loves. – Everyone in Seattle knows it. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then you got the other fancy place. So then from there, did you move on to other restaurants? – So I moved on. So I just fell in love with food trucks. I fell in love with catering. You know, with cooking, like
you never know what to expect, but you have to be ready for everything, but you can’t waste a bunch of stuff. With catering it’s like, hey,
you’re serving 100 people, that’s what they’re ordered,
you know what to bring and you get tips as a
cook, which is amazing. – Yeah. – So I just fell in love with catering. So I moved from skillet
to another truck called Where Ya At Matt, which was
like a creole food truck. And with there–
– Where Ya At Matt? – [Syd] Where Ya At Matt. – Man, you’re like living the
life when it comes to food. – [Syd] Yeah.
– Okay, okay. – So, you know, po’ boys,
jumbla, that kinda stuff. And the cool thing about
Matt, he, you know, you know when a you’re a
cook, people like to put you in a box, like just stay
behind the line, shut up, cook. Matt was really cool because he taught me how to do the catering
sales and that kinda stuff. Which kind of led me to going, okay, now I know everything. I know how to do front house,
I know how to book catering. I know how to cook, I know how to change the oil in the generator. I knew everything about street food. I go, “You know what?
It’s time. Let’s do it.” So I did it myself. – So you did it yourself. You had your own food truck? – I started my own food truck. – No way.
– Yeah, yeah. – Do you still have the food truck? – I sold it, no. – You sold it? Okay, but okay, before we
get to the selling part, what did what was the food truck? – Bread and Circuses. – When you say circuses, do you mean like, like circus, like
trapeze artists circuses? Or am I, is this Latin for something else? – This is Latin for something. So Bread and Circuses,
basically was like a Latin term, being, that meant like, give
the people what they want. So, it’s like most food trucks, at least that I know in Seattle, you know what they are by their name. So it’s like grilled cheese experience. What do you think they serve? – Experience? – [Syd] Yeah. And then, you know, you got
blah, blah, blah, barbecue. You got this, you know, falafel. Yeah, Bread and Circuses, I wanted to do whatever we wanted, because
I’m Sri Lankan background, I’d do Sri Lankan cooking, my chef loved Indian or Italian food. So we just liked to mix it up. And we never wanted to do
the same menu every day. – Yeah, but did you serve bread? – Nope. I mean, we had sandwiches and
we got that question a lot. But no. – I’m here for the bread. – I wanted like a band name. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jack, have you heard of any of these that we’re talking about? – I’m not gonna lie. I’m one of the idiots who was like, “Bread?” I even got in an argument with my friend because they spoke what
I was feeling out loud. They’re like bread knows like hey man, you never know a bad, you
know a bad challah loaf is good bread, you know what I’m saying? – I would have been an idiot too. – [Jack] And then they
serve it in like unitards and do balancing acts and stuff, you know, I think that’s a cool concept. I’d eat there. (upbeat music) – [Shawn] Okay, so but you’re not, you’re not doing that anymore. – [Syd] I’m not doing that anymore. – Like you had the food truck. You have this stuff on there? I guess what’s the story
about you moving on? And also, why did you move on? – So let me give you a little analogy. With the food truck, it is so easy. There’s about, everyday there
a thousand things to remember. Did you fill the water? Did you fill the the propane? You got gas? Did you get the french fries? You fill the fire oil? So I would say like, as far as a business, I did 999 things right. I screwed up one thing. I gotta be very careful
about the way I word this. – Oh, please do tell. – I had a business partner
that I started with. And so with 999 things going
on with the restaurants, all the stuff, I was
working, I don’t know, maybe 18 hours a day, you know. Just push, push, push. And I just kind of forgot this one thing about having a business partner. And we were 50/50. Ultimately, what happened was, if I can just learn
anything from this, like, we didn’t have an airtight contract. I was so excited to just do my own thing. – You just wanted to do it, right? You just wanted to make stuff happen. – So we never sat down, go,
“Okay, this is your job. This is my job. This is what happens when like, A happens, and this is Plan B.” – Dude, you lived on a bus for a while. – Yeah, exactly. So if I can get any recommendations to people starting businesses and, you know, excitement’s awesome, but just think about
what’s the worst thing that can happen is and
be prepared for that. So unfortunately, just
me not thinking about it when we started, cost me
my business and cost me– – Dude, I would not think about it at all. Like you’re thinking about like casadillas and hot dogs and like
cool stuff like that. – It’s just really rough
being in this position. Like, I did everything
right, I worked my ass off, I, you know, I missed
birthdays with my kids, you know, I did everything. And then, you know, and he
didn’t do anything wrong. Like he was 50/50 and
he was right to kinda– But from the ashes, Ballyhoo Hot Sauce. (upbeat music) – [Shawn] So what made you
wanna go from that to Ballyhoo? Like why not just start another, I mean…
– Per my contract… – you were really successful. – I wasn’t allowed to start a food truck. – To do the food truck again, right? So you decided to go with
something totally different. – So, my good friend Gavin, he works at a brewery called
Black Raven and Redmond. Our food truck would go there. And one day he comes up to me and is like, “Hey man, you like hot sauce?” I’m like, I’m #@!$ing Brown,
of course I like hot sauce. And so he gives me little
taste from like a little vile, put it on my food, and just,
I saw colors and flavors and, like, just changed my life. – We’re all one in the universe. – And I run in I’m like, “Dude, this best hot sauce I ever had.” And so, you know, he worked
at brewery and he’s like, “Yeah, I use kind of– – [Shawn] Oh, Jack’s coming back, sorry. – Oh, #@!$. – All right, come back, keep going. Dear Lord!
– I gotta make space. – How did you do that? Like, he was coming to me first, but now. – Cooking industry,
teaches you how to drink. – Yeah, you totally got that down. Like I feel like I gotta– – [Jack] Well played, well played. – [Syd] He’s an adult too. – [Jack] Picked up a new technique. – Yeah, did you see that? – Do we have a bucket? – Look how bad ass I am. – Yeah, so cool. – Oh, Jeez. – So Gavin gives me this hot
sauce and I love it, I run it. I’m like, “Dude, this best
hot sauce I’ve ever had.” He’s like, “Yeah, I use
kind of brewing techniques. I ferment this” and blah blah blah, and I go, “Dude, we need
to bottle this someday.” – [Shawn] Wait, wait
wait, you ferment things to go into the hot sauce? [Syd] Yep, yep. – Is that a typical thing? Is that a normal thing? – [Syd] Yeah, I mean, now it is. But like, at time like I’m, you know, I don’t wanna say it like,
I’ve always loved hot, I’ve always had a fridge
full of hot sauce. – Yeah, admittedly, I
think I’m like a Tabasco, like chilulla something type of guy. – I mean, there’s
different kinds of sauces for every kind of, you know, there’s super hot stuff,
there’s Caribbean stuff, there’s stuff that’s goes great with eggs. There’s a billion different things and I’ve never heard
these kind of technique because actually had a
little like, bite to it. Like a bubble to it and it was amazing. – Wait, like a bubble to it? – Like from the fermentation, you know? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Syd] It was crazy and
just and super fruity, had a lot of lemon, lime, orange in it. And it just, I was shocked. – [Shawn] That sounds amazing. – And the cool thing about Gavin, he was in a band called
This Providence, so like, he toured a bunch and like, so we both came from the music industry. So we were just kind of
cut from the same cloth. And I go, “One day,
we’re gonna bottle this.” Like seven years later. – So this is like, long ago. – Long ago, yeah. – You had the food truck, everything else. – It was always at the back of my head and like, I’m always hustling. I’m always doing different things. But this is something
in the back in my head. I get this opportunity and we’re kinda working with Safeway,
with the food truck thing, and they go, “Hey, if
you guys ever wanna do a bottled product…” – Wait, Safeway with like
the grocery store Safeway? – [Syd] Yes.
– No way. Okay, okay. – You wanna hear a joke? – [Shawn] Yeah. – How do you fit an
elephant in Safeway bag? – How do you fill an
elephant in a Safeway bag? – Take the S out of safe and F out of way. – Take S out of, oh my god,
how can I not figure this out? Take the S out of safe, the F out of way. But there isn’t an F in way. – Boom. Okay, anyway. (laughing) – I like that you were patient with me. – Yeah.
– Yeah, okay, good, all right. – I got your MO. Anyway, so it’s the most
beautiful thing ever. So I was working on a show box. And I go, “Gavin, We should meet up.” And he’s like, ” Yeah, I’m going to the Run The Jewels show tonight.” I’m like, “Cool, I’m
working in the kitchen. Come meet me backstage.” – No kiddy concert, like set up. Like everybody like, you
know all the, yeah, okay. – We’re backstage at Run The Jewels, I go, “Here’s some stupid math. You wanna start hot sauce company?” He’s like, “Let’s do it.” That’s it. – That’s it. You’re backstage at a Run
The Jewels, that’s amazing. – And we started God
damn hot sauce company. – So you have to… – Learn how to do a bunch of stuff in a brand new– – Like, you gotta put things in bottles, you gotta manufacture it. – I shot some emails to like, kinda bigger hot sauce companies
in Seattle and I was like, “Hey, can you show me how to do this?” Because like in the food truck industry, we all traded secrets. – Wait, wait, so you’re gonna start your own hot sauce company. And so you contact hot sauce companies to find out how to start
your own hot sauce company. What?
– And they give a, they responded a very
nicely, “Go #@!$ yourself.” – Why would we we tell you? – So kind of just learn some stuff. I was like, you know, I’m
really good at events. I put on a Seattle hot sauce festival and basically became friends
with every hot sauce company. – So you’re like, you’re
making it worth their while to be friend with friend with– I mean, don’t get me
wrong, you’re likable guy. You’re not like like mega villain
like, woo hoo hoo hoo hoo. – But, it just, to be like,
“Hey, I know I’m the new guy. But let me do something cool for you, because I know events.” – [Shawn] And you know the industry. You know the people in the industry. – So and then everyone was just really, and there was people that
were cool with me beforehand. I won’t say everyone was a dick, but like, and then people were like, and then, the thing about hot sauce,
it’s like a beer thing. Like most breweries are
cool with other breweries. So people liked us because we’re like, “Oh, our sauce is way hotter.” – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you’re just after like, we’ll get into, ’cause I want a taste of hot sauce. But you’re after flavor
and you got other people that are after, just like, “Let me show by how high (unintelligible). Let me show up on”, yeah, yeah, yeah. – So we all become friends
and like people kind of go, “Cool, here’s how you get distributor. Here’s how you get a copacker. Here’s how you get into wholefoods.” – That’s amazing that they walk you through all that type of stuff, right. – Yeah, I mean, it’s about being homies and we got this amazing
artist called Rich Hall. His name is Rich Hall from Tacoma. Had a bunch of crazy artwork. We spent a lot of time on the design because we wanted people to
see our stuff on the shelves and be like, “That’s the one.” Coming from the circus
background, from the food truck, all the stuff’s names after circus themes. – By the way. I love how you say, “Coming
from the circus background.” I’m like, “Oh, you’re Robin
from Batman. That’s amazing.” But, so Ballyhoo– – Can you can I see one of them? Like what you’re holding. – Yeah, check it out. – All right. – So, oh, by the way. (laughing) – Sorry, you’ve got like
a locked up elephant on this one here. Is that what you guys– – There’s a reason for that. – Okay. – So first of all, you know, I love little hidden surprises. I love doing a little research. I don’t like stuff just be like
blank right in front of you. So like I said, our
stuff is a circus themed. So there’s literally like
a glossary of circus themes that you would never know. So for example, a heat
merchant is the guy that would call up the next city
to promote the circus. – They were called the heat merchant? – [Syd] Yeah. – When they would call up,
that was what they did? – [Syd] Yeah. And then the ballyhoo is
when they did a figure eight over the audience with the lights, like that’s a ballyhoo. – That’s called a ballyhoo? I had no idea. – Boss hostler is the guy that hangs up signs around the town and– – [Shawn] What?
– Yeah. So it’s a little hidden secret of like, you might see this hot sauce and be like, “#@!$, this stuff’s delicious.” Or you can actually like
Google it and find some stuff. – When you’re really excited, you’re just getting started, you’re like, “Oh, my God, this is the best thing ever.” I got Ballyhoo, we’re naming
it after the right things. We’re putting the branding together. We got a fanta– By the way, fantastic artist. – Thank you, sir. – I’m putting everything together. And then you’re like, “Wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I’m used to doing food trucks.” Like, why am I like,
was there ever a moment where you’re like, “No, no, no, no, no, I don’t think this is the right
thing to do moving forward.” – So here’s the best
example I can give you. So with the food truck, I
can book like a $10,000 gig. That’s amazing. But now I gotta make it happen. I gotta find servers, I gotta find cooks, I gotta order the food, blah, blah, blah. With hot sauce, when you
get to a certain point and you have a copacker,
you have a distributor. If the Seahawks call me
tomorrow, they’re like, “Hey, we want 30,000 bottles” – The Seahawks? Yeah, yeah, yeah, awesome, okay. – There’s not the legwork
with the food truck. It’s, “Hey, copacker, make it happen. Distributor, make it happen.” – Yeah, they got the recipe
they have the set, yeah. – So, with the food truck, I had to hustle and do all the hand to hand combat and then also cook and also get servers and also drive the truck. But this, I just gotta hustle. And just meet people and be like, you know, and our favorite
thing is collaboration. So, for example, we just did
a bunch of bottles with Jager. So we did like Jager in there. – No way. – One of my good friends is the rep there. – Wait, Jager in this, in the hot sauce? – Yep. And, you know, we’re actually
working with some bands doing like custom bottles for them. We’re working with a, I’m
not allowed to say yet, but a movie that’s
filmed in the store here, about 25 years ago, we’re
doing a custom bottle for them. – I can’t believe you just did that. That’s awesome. – We do love grocery stores. We do love the hand to
hand combat but like, let’s skip that and instead of like, me sitting in a booth in the hot sun trying to sell one bottle at a time, let’s go big. Let’s need to sell 5000 bottles. – Do you miss, like the food truck stuff? Do you miss some of the customer stuff? Seems like you were able to kinda marry all that stuff together. – True, I do miss talking
to customers every day in the sense of like, with
the food truck, I did that. We do a lot of like beer festivals. And, you know, the Portland hot sauce fest where I get to talk to
people and that’s fun. It’s different, but it’s fun. Let’s try some goddamn hot sauce. – Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I’m super nervous, but
I’m but I’m excited. – Like I said– – You told me this would
not burn my face off. – Oh yeah, I love hot sauce. – [Shawn] Do you really? You love hot sauce? – I absolutely love hot sauce. – [Shawn] All right, all right. Jack, grab a chair. Get over here. – Slide right in the middle. – Yeah. Okay, we’re gonna turn this thing into an infomercial real quick. – Into an infomercial really quick. So, we’ll be like–
– Ballyhoo sauce. – “This is great and delicious.” Yeah, okay. – All right. So we’re gonna start super mild. This is a Jalapeno Tomatillo. – This is a jalapeno hot
sauce and this is super mild. – Yeah, super mild. – Tomatillo is like the thing that looks like a tomato and it’s green. – Exactly. So you’re actually
getting a little sweetness from pineapple in there. Awesome with breakfast. So kind of picture like
a breakfast burrito. Like really good with eggs. That kind of thing. See, it’s not gonna kill you. Just chill out. – No, it was good. Actually, that’s really good. Yeah, it’s good. – It’s like salsa verde. – Yeah, exactly. – But more flavor. – But more flavor. – This is a Chili Arbol. – Arbol?
– Arbol. So it’s like a smoky pepper. Goes great with everything. So really good with like, burgers, tacos, pizzas, burgers. That kind of thing. – Oh, it’s really good. – So imagine you’re the
sauces you like, but better. – That’s really good. – It’s gotta be your sell
line, that’s your tagline? – You know, local, cheaper, better. That’s that’s our thing. – Okay, what are we doing now? – Cherry Chipotle. So this is a funky one. – Cherry Chipotle. So really good with like lamb, beef, shawarma, falafel. – Wait, what do you think? – It’s briny, reminds me of pickles. – Really? – Spicy pickles.
– Oh, that’s really good. – [Jack] Starts off sweet
and kind of neutral. – All right, okay, you’re right. You’re right, it’s not great. – So lastly, this is the
one that started it all. – This one right here? – Yep. – This one’s the Heat Merchant. – The Heat Merchant. This is the habanero
citrus that Gavin gave me about 10 years ago. – I don’t want you crying. – He said habanero. – So you gonna get the habanero first, a little garlic, and then it’s gonna wash over a little citrus. – Okay. – So, Indian food, Asian
food, chicken, pork. – Alright, this is really good. That’s legitimately really, really good. – Can I tell you a little story? That’s fantastic. – So we, like I said,
like when we do these, we do like the big hot sauce festivals. Thank you brother. – Thanks Jack. – We do a, you know, we’re kind of, people come up with like,
“What’s a hottest #@!$ you got?” And they’ll try it, it’ll
be like, the habanero. And they’re like, well,
that’s not really that hot. – Yeah. – So this year, we made another sauce. It’s called the cool guy. (laughing) – What’s even better is it’s for that guy. – Yeah.
– That’s the one that comes up and he’s like, “Oh, yeah, I
know, I could totally take it. Give me some Carolina reaper.” – And we needed a garlic
ghost pepper sauce. The logo literally was like a sloth, like a hipster sloth that says like, “What’s the hottest #@!$ you got?” – It’s got a mustache. – And goddammit, it backfired. – No way.
– People loved it. – They loved it. – So we’re at the Portland Hot Sauce Fest, and like, people were like, “What’s the hottest #@!$ you got?” And it’s like, “Hey,
what’s the label say?” Let’s go. And they’re like, “That’s really good. I’ll buy a bottle.” I’m like, goddammit. – No… I love this and I love
how you’re able to take, so you, like you had a, yeah you had like a rough go, like working through that and then having to change industries and– – Change is never comfortable. But, you know, and I learned
from the first mistake of, you know, with the air tight contract. So with my partner here, Gavin, like, we have a very obvious
contract of what his jobs are, what my jobs are, and we’re happy as #@!$. – Yeah, dude, this is awesome. – Thank you. – Like I, yeah, I love it. Cheers, man. – Cheers, brother. – I’m trying to think of
what else would we say besides cheers, but yeah. You know, I think it’s fantastic. – And you didn’t die. – Yeah, I didn’t die. It was actually really good. And that’s our show. That was a lot of fun. And if you like what you saw, or you want to see more, let’s
just say it’s educational, then subscribe. Ring the bell. Ring the bell, ding dong. And if you have a #@!$ up or something you think you could talk about with us, go to Hope to see you on the show. (electric guitar)

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