Meet the Guys Behind the Kaylin & Hobbs Pickles Empire

Meet the Guys Behind the Kaylin & Hobbs Pickles Empire

(upbeat music) Chris and I bonded immediately. – We both recognized we
have the same passion. – And he goes, “Oh my God, the
pickles here are horrible.” – We really wanted some
good pickles ourselves. – And the last thing I
said to him was, “You know, maybe we’ll do this together.” – Business? Pickles? I could do this. (upbeat music) My name is Chris Hobson. I’m the Hobbs and Kaylin in Hobbs pickles. – My name is Scott Kaylin. I’m one of the co-founders
of Kaylin and Hobbs. – So we’re in Vancouver,
beautiful British Columbia. This is one of the most
fantastic places to live. – When we came out here,
every pickle was soft. They got shoved to the
back of your fridge. So we wanted to change that. – This is one of the things
Chris & I were 100% aligned on: Do one thing and do it
better than everyone else. – For us, it was making sure that we had the best, crunchiest, oldest, tastiest pickles
on the West Coast. New York is the source of
where the best pickles are made with 150 years of pickle-making history, so we wanted to go to
the source, meet with all the original pickling families
and see who it was that we could partner with to do what we wanted to do here on the West Coast. – Chris designed this amazing pickle bar. We brought in what we thought was going to be enough pickles for a month and six days later, sold out. – At that point, we knew
we were in business. These are just our classic
crunchy, kosher dills. It’s our number one flavor. We call this our gateway pickle. When people branch out
and try the other flavors, they start to get really engaged. We then got interest by a
lot of chefs in the city. What they ended up doing was
taking it to a next level. Right now, we are at the Yaletown Brewery. They really get inspired
by what we’ve created and they want to do something with it. You’ve got our jalapeno pickles and they’re done as
these deep fried sticks. We’ve got our pickle pizza
and then they’ve got their grilled cheese sandwich
with the pickle on top. It’s really cool that
we’re able to partner with like-minded, local businesses that say, “Hey, let’s create something together.” We are at Loblaws City Market. A lot of times when you
are in this environment, it’s extremely busy. So how do we cut through that? Simplify it. So looking at the labels,
looking at the typography, making sure that it still
feels whimsical and fun, but it’s very clean and very
simple. That’s what you see when you look at the shelf. So it’s a really interesting market and it’s a totally different
aspect of our business. (string music) – So we are in the
original farmer’s market in West Hollywood. They’ve been unbelievably receptive to us. They feel our passion for what we do. We’re in the process now
under construction to build our first US pickle tasting bar. The tasting station here will be set in and it’s going to be on ice. You do sit back as an entrepreneur
sometimes when you start a business and say, “You
know, I did it once. Was it a fluke? And I think that
validation of the response from everyone here, even before
we’ve opened, Chris gets on our website messages from people
here asking when we’re going to open, so I have total
faith we’ll be all over L.A. – Thank you. (upbeat music) – When I found GoDaddy and
started building the website, it was an exercise in simplicity. We knew we needed a platform
that was quick and fast. It’s literally a hub
where all of our business goes in from a wholesale side. We get people that write
us from all over the world through the website as well. Everything is saved in the back end, so anytime when you send
out an email marketing, we definitely see a spike in traffic. The website is your
ultimate online presence. So to have that and make sure
we have enough content on there that is really driven
towards what we’ve created, is key. – In the two and a half years,
we have two retail locations, soon to be 36 grocery
stores, about 30 restaurants. It’s been one of the most
exciting and humbling experiences I’ve ever had in my life. We’ve taken a pickle
beyond being a condiment. It’s no longer just something to add to a sandwich or a burger. It stands on its own. To me, my personal success is
standing behind the pickle bar and seeing people’s reactions every day, how excited they are, how happy they are, knowing that we’ve created something that people actually love
and it makes them happy. That, to me, is a success. (upbeat music).

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  1. I am legit hungry for pickles RN. Making shwarmas for din din tonight, so need some legit pickles like these guys make!!!

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