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Have a great product or service you want to
sell online? Meet GoDaddy’s GoCentral Online Store. It’s a full-featured store that’s so easy to set up you’ll be an internet merchant in a matter of minutes. If you already have a GoCentral website, simply upgrade to the ecommerce plan to have the online-store tools and features added to your site. If you don’t have a GoCentral website, purchase the Online Store plan on and before you know it you’ll be filling orders. GoCentral Online Store comes with payment
and shipping options, a sales tax tool, and secure, mobile-friendly checkout. And as your business and inventory grow, your
online store can grow with it. Here’s where you start. Enter the type of product or service you’ll
be selling, and then fill in your store name. Choose a design option and click Preview to
see how it will look on both a desktop and a mobile device. When you find your favorite, click Start
With This Design, and you’re on your way. Your site is fully customizable and includes an SSL certificate, search engine optimization, social media buttons, and built-in email marketing. To build out your store click Edit and
then click Manage Store. This is the nerve center. It has all the tools you need to showcase
and manage your inventory – image uploading, payment methods, taxes, shipping options, product options, sale pricing, coupons, inventory tracking – and lot of other stuff to make your store a success. Remember what the fly shop looked like when
we started out? Look at it now. Customized and open for business!

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