Marlon Wayans Does 7 Internet Challenges | Sextuplets | Netflix

Marlon Wayans Does 7 Internet Challenges | Sextuplets | Netflix

– Hey, I’m Marlon Wayans from “Sextuplets” and I’m about to do seven
internet challenges. (upbeat music) The Bottle Cap Challenge. (grunts) That was practice. Ooh. Seen the spin? I put a little spin on it. Dammit. It moved. Shit! This foot first, all right. Here we go. (upbeat music) (crew applauds) The Ice Cream Challenge. (groans) Now what? – [Director] We gotta put
it back in the freezer. – You want me to put the ice
cream back in the freezer? – [Director] Yeah, that’s the challenge. – That is some nasty ass. (upbeat music) The Cheese Challenge. When I first saw this I
was kinda disturbed by it. And I was just mad that I didn’t know about this
Cheese Challenge earlier, ’cause I so wanted to
slap my kids in the face with cheese when they were infants. In lieu of that I’ma slap
this poor, stiff, white baby with some cheese. Ready? (chair rattles) Please don’t call child welfare on me. (upbeat music) The Bottle Flip Challenge. You ready, white baby? That was practice. That was practice again. (bottle thudding) Shut up. Bust you on your damn head
with that damn cheese. You better clap. Oh! Ta-da! Yay! (upbeat music) The Tide Pod Challenge. I aint’ doing this. (light music) The Cinnamon Challenge. Man, I ain’t doin’ this. You crazy? I don’t think you’ve seen
any brothers doing it. Hey, white baby, you wanna
try the Cinnamon Challenge? You did really good with
the Cheese Challenge. Come on, shh. Take it all. There you go. You need more cinnamon that’s the problem. Now, that’s a Cinnamon Challenge. (upbeat music) The Mannequin Challenge. (dramatic music) Wait, I blinked. There’s too much, and like,
the wind and everything. The cinnamon from his face got in my eye. He kinda cheated. I should slap him in the face
with another piece of cheese. (upbeat music)

76 thoughts on “Marlon Wayans Does 7 Internet Challenges | Sextuplets | Netflix

  1. If you are here it's because you love Netflix
    👇🏻( I'm gifting my next 100 active subscribers )

  2. We got a motherfuckin vampire ladies and gents. He supposedly 47. Yeah right Blade yeah motherfucking right.

  3. I actually like Marlon Wayans. I wonder why he never did other serious roles besides Requiem for a Dream, which he was great in.

  4. Cool,im waiting until sextuplets airs on netflix august 16th btw,you would've made a great ghostbuster for the new 2020 reboot.

  5. I love Shawn and all but Marlon is hecka funny without him. And nice to see him thickened up! Looking good 😊

  6. Interesting to promote the Icecream "challenge" when its a crime almost everywhere to do that. also only real pieces of shit do that kinda stuff

  7. You know damn well if a white guy did this video and said “ready black baby?” It would be racist world news

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