Lyn Slater Explains How She Became an “Accidental Icon” | Cosmopolitan

Lyn Slater Explains How She Became an “Accidental Icon” | Cosmopolitan

What surprises a lot of people is that I’m
much more appealing to young people. They don’t want to be afraid of getting old. They don’t want to have to be thinking, oh
I need botox and I’m 20. And so they see me with my attitude,
which is, I’m not 20. I don’t care that I’m not 20. I think that feels very liberating to them. I’ve been an academic for the last 17 years. The professors and all the students would
say, your style is really amazing.You should do a blog. I approached it like an academic, actually. I did a lot of research, I saw what was out
there. I disliked most of it. If the picture is too contrived, if the picture
is too perfect, after a while, so many people are doing that, it gets boring. My approach is very much in the moment and
it’s still that way — it was just, I’m going to sit down and write about fashion and have
my partner Calvin take photos of me, and let’s see what happens. I write it at 6:00 in the morning. Press publish, and that’s my process. I was meeting a friend at fashion week, and
I was wearing a Yohji Yamamoto suit and this very obscure Chanel bag. These photographers came and started taking
pictures of me, so when my friend who I was meeting came upon the scene, she said, oh,
look at this, an accidental icon. That story is how I named by blog. When I was in Shanghai, it was really the
first time I felt like a real celebrity because literally crowds of people had come to see
me. I was like, okay, I’m famous here. If I started being too contrived, I think
I would lose my most important ingredient, which is in the moment attitude of just like,
this is who I am and this is what I’m doing now and for those who enjoy it, great. And those who don’t…

24 thoughts on “Lyn Slater Explains How She Became an “Accidental Icon” | Cosmopolitan

  1. She rocks it! I just want to know what's the name of her haircut, for manny years I wanted something like that and somehow I end up getting something else

  2. I know a lot of women like this. Yes, she's fabulous, but there are a lot of fabulous women her age. Speaking from experience, most women can't even afford to rock Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Chanel, etc. until they reach their 40s. And before that age, other things take priority. When you reach that age, you develop a new confidence. I can put on a t-shirt and jeans, grab a blazer, an Hermes scarf and some Gucci shoes, and I'm rockin'!

  3. She's great and I am modelling my older self on her and her attitude. However, she is a typical new Yorker, no lawns to mow, not much housework to do (probably has a cleaner), and so on. I know she was not always this way (she was married and raised a daughter), but you know. I will still have to do all that when I am her age, so wearing glam clothes will be a rare thing.

  4. im a 14 year old and yes you are definitly an inspiration to younger kids, i also want to move to new york city and work in fashion and be an inspiration for others

  5. To quote her 'Age is an illusion'
    No, age is a statistical number that is clearly defined. An illusion is thinking you look good scowling and walking around in bright colored clothes made by Abu the tent maker. What matters most is that she likes it, she's totally delusional, but that's not our problem. In her head she's happy.

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