Lo sợ lật đổ – Nga muốn ngắt Internet

Lo sợ lật đổ – Nga muốn ngắt Internet

Fear being overthrow Russia wants to tear down the Internet There is the news that Russia is testing its own social network like China’s Weibo Russian President Putin who once an Soviet-era intelligence officer Russia successfully tested the Runet network, a nationwide alternative to the internet, worldwide network, according to the government’s statement. The details of the test are still unclear, but according to the Russian Ministry of Communications, an ordinary user of the network did not notice any changes. The results will now be reported to President Putin. Experts are still concerned about the trend that some countries will dismantle the internet. “Sadly, Russia’s direction is just one step further in the growing disruption of the Internet,” said Professor Alan Woodward, a computer scientist at the University of Surrey, UK. “Increasingly, authoritarian states, which want to control what their citizens may see, increasingly want to follow what Iran and China have done.” Creating an intranet is the risk of depriving rights of the people in this country Russia’s RuNet 2020 application model is similar to China’s WeChat and Weibo, where the Internet is censored “That means people won’t have access to the conversation about what’s going on in their country, they’ll be kept inside their own ‘bubble’.” Local news agencies, including Pravda, reported that a Russian deputy minister of Communications said Runet’s tests were going according to plan. “The results of the trial show that, in general, both the government and the telecom operator are ready to effectively respond to emerging risks and threats, to ensure the stable operation of the entire Internet and the unified telecommunications network in the Russian Federation,” said Alexey Sokolov. In authoritarian countries like Russia, China, Vietnam, the governments are always afraid of people talking on social networks Communist Party of China’s leader Xi Jinping checking a network connection at a military unit in China The state-owned Tass news agency reported that the tests assessed the vulnerabilities of Internet devices and also involved an exercise to test Runet’s ability to combat “outside negative influences.” Russia is seeking to develop more pre-installed network services for its citizens The country has announced its own plan to create it’s own Wikipedia and has passed a bill banning the sale of smartphones which have not pre-installed Russian software. “The idea is that the Internet in Russia will connect with the rest of the world at just a few specific points that the government can control,” said Professor Woodward. “That will effectively help ISPs or Internet service providers and telecommunications companies configure the Internet within their borders as a giant intranet, like a large corporation.” “Like China, Russia will hope to create local services as alternatives to Google and Facebook in the long run,” the scholar added. In Russia alone, despite the communist regime fell long time ago, President Putin, who was a Soviet intelligence officer, has been in power for nearly 20 years, and policies still affected by the Soviet era Russian people protest against Russian President Pultin and the internal RuNet network which threatens to disconnect the Internet Protests for democracy and free elections in Russia have been boiling over the years. The biggest protest since 2013 against Putin took place in early August this year. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs estimates that around 20,000 attended the event, while the White Counter reported that the number of protesters reached about 49,900 – the largest number in a protest. It has been legal since President Vladimir Putin returned to power in the Kremlin in 2012. The closest comparable demonstration was in 2013. Police have conducted more than 100 arrests. Riot police use specialized tools to control protesters. Thus there is the need to stifle communication in Russia likely in China or Vietnam. The map of the Internet freedom shows that the worst areas are those that are authoritarian regimes or governments frequently violate human rights, such as China, Russia, Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea. Map of internet freedom in the world in which Russia, China, Vietnam are red – the countries that block the Internet the most In 2010, a delegation of nations – including Syria and Russia – submitted to a U.N. agency a strange request: they wanted the UN to recognize the principle of border sovereignty, the national boundary to the digital world. in the same way as they give country codes to phone numbers,” said Hascall Sharp, a unique internet policy consultant, who was then the technology policy director at tech giant Cisco. After a year of negotiations, the request did not work: creating such online borders meant allowing nations to tightly control their citizens, contrary to the spirit of freedom, borderless of the internet, which is not subject to the dictatorial control of any government. Russia and dictatorial states have always thought about building an Internet border wall to prevent human freedom Russian President Putins on television Nearly a decade has passed, that borderless spirit seems to become an odd memory. But countries that don’t meet the UN’s aspirations don’t want to give up on building walls on cyberspace – they’ve spent the past decade looking for more viable measures to realize that this idea. Russia has in fact even found a new way to create a digital border wall. In April 2019, Russia passed two bills that established legal and technological sequences to separate Russia’s own Internet network from the global one. This is one of a growing number of countries that feel they have suffered enough for the basic, western-controlled and established internet backbone. Putin has never forgotten the dream of having an Internet wall to block information from the free world Protests against Russian President Putins While it is difficult to say that Russia was the first country to attempt to control what information allowed or not permitted to enter its territory, its approach was essentially rooted in previous efforts. “This is different,” said Robert Morgus senior cyber security analyst at the New America Foundation “Russia’s ambition goes much further than any other country, except for North Korea and Iran, to break free from the global Internet.” Today, countries pursuing “territorialism” in cyberspace are not confined to countries often considered dictators. The level of pursuit today is deeper than ever. Dictators know that without Internet, their countries will have no democracy Vietnam’s cybersecurity law was introduced from January 1, 2019 Any government is worried about malicious information, such as spyware accessing military items, energy controls and water reserves, or fake news impacting sentiment. “Russia and China are only faster than other countries in understanding the potential impact that the vast open information flow will have on people and their decision-making, especially at the political level,” said Morgus. But in essence this is not to protect but primarily to control citizens, said Lincoln Pigman, a Russian scholar at Oxford University and a researcher at the Center for Foreign Policy in London. The question arises: Is blocking the Internet possible by technical means? Former Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Bac Son When he was a minister, Son said “The state would strictly punish those who are using Facebook to slander the Party and its members.” However, he is among most corrupted officials receiving a bribe of $3 million after helped mafia to extort public funds. Russia and China began publicly talking about “sovereign Internet” around 2011-2012, when Russia’s two-year “winter of protests” began to erupt and at the same time occurred the revolution based on Internet power which shook other totalitarian regimes. Convinced that these revolts were triggerred by the West, Russia sought to prevent influences that would disrupt its citizens – essentially establishing “control points” at the Russian digital borders. But sovereignty on the Internet is not as simple as cutting yourself off with the global internet. The question arises: Is blocking the Internet possible by technical means? President Putins visits a Russian technology company A single cable connects the whole country to the rest of the global Internet. Just flip the switch and you can easily disconnect that connection. But not many countries consider deploying a similar infrastructure – from a hardware standpoint it is almost impossible. “In countries with dense and diverse connections with the rest of the global Internet, it is impossible to identify all access points,” said Paul Barford, a computer scientist at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Even if Russia somehow has all the hardware needed to get in and out of the country, it cannot block all of these latches, unless they voluntarily accept that they will have to be isolated from the world economy. The Internet is now an important part of global trade, and Russia has no way to disconnect itself from this system without harming its economy, Which is still struggle from the punishment from the west because of violating human rights and invading ukraine In Viet Nam, The party and Government has invested VND trillions to build domestic Social networks, but did not succeed because of the rudeness, unreliable So only a few people use it and it consume thousand of billion every years It is time for Vietnam to decisively break off with the ideology of Communism renounce the socialist institution full of malformations to bring the country to development and integration with the civilized world.

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  23. #Chủ nghĩa dân chủ giả cầy của thằng nga thực chất là " Vỏ nga nhưng ruột búa liềm " từ sau năm 1991vẫn không thay đổi , mà băng đảng búa liềm Vẹm rất muốn áp dụng hình thức con tắc kè đổi màu để cho băng đảng búa liềm có thể sống sót , khi cả thế giới đang muốn đào thải cái chủ nghĩa xã hội quái thai vào thùng rác lịch sử của văn minh.


  25. Cam ơn anh Trung Khoa đã đưa tin nhớ có chương trinh của anh mà tui em mới biết được sự thật đất nước hiện nay

  26. Các nước độc tài tạo ra biên giới Internet nhưng luôn cướp biên giới đất liền biển đảo nước khác! Việt Nam đang là nạn nhân của biên giới và Hải đảo!

  27. Nước nga la nước có tổng thống. Người dân ko thích hểt nhiệm kỳ người dân sẽ ko bầu. Putin làm như ở nước một đảng.tưởng đâu nước nga là anh Trung Quốc. Ko ngờ putin nga cũng là lính của Trung Quốc.kêu nước nga là xhcn vì có thằng độc tài bí thư đảng putin. heheeee

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  31. Putin có cái nhìn sâu xa , khiến kẻ thù phải ngỡ ngàng . Nước nga dưới bàn tay của putin thật hùng mạnh . Nhân tài nghìn năm có một .

  32. Chào Lê Trung Hoa chúng ta hiểu rõ độc tài tham vọng từ cổ đến kim là hại dân hại nước thống trị độc tài một quốc gia Ko phát triển trên toàn thế giới kêu gọi Mỹ cùng liên minh bằng mọi giá ngăn chặn CNXH độc tài tự sướng phá hại nền dân chủ tiến bộ

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  36. Những nước cs hoặc độc tài nó chỉ thích mị dân. Không muốn người dân nhìn thấy những sự thật

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