73 thoughts on “Lec-31 Single Server Queueing Models

  1. Great professor!!!! I want to thank him personally if i could in future.Loved your all lectures sir!!!

  2. Hi Professor,

    I just wanted to ask which notation are you using? I am a little confused since i use Littles Law. thank you

  3. Hello Prof. G.Srinivasan,

    i ll be so grateful if you could respond to my question soon :
    How can i compute the times the queue is empty starting from a time T for example not from t0??

  4. Masterpiece, Sir, you did explained all the concept very well in that single numerical, looking for this kind of explanation, thanks a lot sir. 🙂

  5. I LOVE THE HANDWRITING A LOT PROFESSOR ,I hope you are still spreading the knowledge!

  6. Sir, Thank you for your lecture on Queuing model. The IIT are standing on teachers like you..

  7. Hii everyone,
    I am graduation student .
    My project topic is " an outlook on single server queueing models".
    I knew nothing about this topic .This lecture gave me the basics .but I don't know how to sort the chapters of my project. Anyone know how to sort this as four chapters ?
    Please suggest me some textbooks also.
    please help me.

  8. Good Lecturing…
    But some students studied Tamil medium Not understand the problem talk in Tamil sir…..
    Thank you sir……….

  9. I just understood in one day with you something that my teacher's been trying to teach me for almost three months

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