Kalalau Enforcement Web Feature, Dec 2019

Kalalau Enforcement Web Feature, Dec  2019

Justin, yep and Julia all right. Yeah any
problems? Just rain. Rain, that is part of camping man, yeah of course. Okay all
right. As long as we don’t have to slip and slide over by the cliff on our way out. Just on your way out, just be careful. Yeah gonna be lots and people come when you get in. Oh yeah, I’m well aware of that. All right. Yeah all right. Be safe. Take Care. Have a great day. I got a lot a lot of positive feedback you know as far as um, you know the place. You know usually what we’ll hear is is a lot of you know it was overcrowded. But
there was one, one camper that was mentioning about the trash again. But I
think she was mentioning about the, she was talking about the trash that the
State Park had piled to pick up, but other than that from what I saw. It’s way
better than what it was you know a few year’s back. How are you? Pretty good. Where are you from?
China. From Phoenix, actually we’re from Phoenix. Okay Arizona, yeah. Oooh, you look, you look scary. No, I’m a state conservation officer. No, nothing scary about us. Oh you know, you know about that huh? That’s why. We don’t bring up enough food, we’re gonna cook with noodle. Okay. Like now, since the the re-opening of the
park it’s been a lot better. It’s a lot you know, less less people. It’s a lot
cleaner, the the vegetation is a lot more fuller. Okay how long you been here?
Couple days. Where you from? I live on island. Okay, you have ID on you? I don’t. No ID
on you? Your going to get cited. Give you a court date. So today, we gave a total of three
citations. All for closed area. We encountered what I’d say maybe about about 15-20 campers at Kalalau and just three people without any permits.

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