Julian #8 – gay web series

Julian #8 – gay web series

Or should I wear this one? Yes, looks good. No, that’s just kinda boring. Could you decide now? I don’t know. Which one looked the best to you? That one. The blue one? No. I’m gonna wear this. Shall I leave these shoes on or rather the black ones? Julian, that doesn’t matter at all. Where do you wanna go? That’s none of your business. Then you will stay here. And what if not? Julian, wou willl stay here.
You have to go to school tomorrow. Just leave me alone! Hi boys. Well, what can I get you? A beer please.. two! We take two! Two beer, alright. Just get at ease now. Shouldn’t we leave? There boys, your beer. We’d like to pay now, if it’s possible. Of course, that’s 1,60 for each. What? No, we’re gonna stay. But you just wanted to go. But now that we’re here already. Well, nice evening then, boys! “I know that you’re gay” – Hey, is it the first time you’re here?
– Yes, true. – What’s your name?
– I’m Julian. And you? Really? Me too! But everybody calls me Juli.
And what about you? I’m straight. Ok, but actually I just asked for your name. I’m Dennis. Would you like to come over there? Actually, we wanted to leave. Already? What a shame.
But maybe we can meet later? Yes, for sure. Can I have your number? Yes. Wait.. just type it in here. Here. Thanks. Then a nice evening to you both. I’m gonna write you. Dad, I’m sorry. I know it. I know that you’re a fag. How dare you? How can you do this to me? I’m out of here. You stay here! Don’t touch me! Julian!

20 thoughts on “Julian #8 – gay web series

  1. This entire series is so well done and I deeply thank you for the English subtitles, although they are really not necessary to convey the basic thrust of the story. How I wish I could have even had the opportunity to come out at that age.

  2. Scheis alki des istund bleibt dein sohn und wenn ihn einer zu seite stehen soll dann am besten sein vater aber ihr mjt euren falschen stolz seit nur idioten euren eigene welt

  3. The cry of the young man with same sex attraction is almost always rooted in the dysfunction in the relationship with his dad. He needs dad's attention and love and cannot get it. as so painfully shown in this episode. The way the dad rejects the son is the hallmark of the father/son struggle of the same-sex-attracted son.

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