Julian #7 – gay web series

Julian #7 – gay web series

What are you doing here? I was looking for you. Because of that fucking party…. Thanks to Leo, now literally everybody knows. It doesn’t matter. You didn’t get all of this. How they stared at me and how they talked about me. That’s why you left? You don’t understand anything. Now it’s out. But what if my dad gets to know? So? You have to tell him eventually. That’s impossible. We talked about it this morning. Who? Well, the teacher and the class. Awesome! Most don’t think it’s bad. Ok, Caro was upset because you’re no longer a vailable now. Julian, I know that it went awfully bad with Philipp. Maybe we should go into such a… … well for gays, where you could meet new people, who are the same. We? Yes, if you want to. Hey sweety! Is something wrong? Thanks to you, Julian had a fucking bad day at school. But I apologized already! What do you want? Just forget it. Damn Sarah, I didn’t do it on purpose. That won’t help him now. Why is it still your business? You don’t understand. What? Well, everything! With whom are you together? With me or with Julian? With nobody! However, that’s how it was. But it was good in the end. Yes, sometimes that’s how it has to be. Yes. Wait. Take it! Hi Philipp, are you already….? Philipp? Fuck! Julian? Take it finally. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. Of course, maybe he just confused me. Boy , just leave me alone!

18 thoughts on “Julian #7 – gay web series

  1. This series is so well acted and put together. I'm going to go back and download them all and splice them together for my movie hard drive.

  2. this series is awesome. As compared to hollyoaks – that has a huge budget and full production team – i prefer this!! good for you kids!

  3. Seems like the whole Phillip thing should have played out as more than a 1 second flashback. I'm still not sure what was going on there. It is almost like a whole segment of the story line was missing.

  4. Julian can't get mad at Phillip for having someone in bed. HE kissed Phillip out of no where. They never talked about going out and established anything. Of course I'm saying this from an adult's point of view. For a lot of teens experiencing their first real feelings, a kiss automatically equals relationship. lol!

  5. So we saw a glimpse of that incident with Phillip (him having sex with another guy). Did I miss this in a earlier episode? Or was this just a stand-alone flashback?

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