Julian #5 – gay web series

Julian #5 – gay web series

…a couple of month later….. As if you could beat me! As you can see! Wow, you sucker! Always in the end.
I want a return match. Ok. The loser has to take the sixpack to Hannah. Ok. I thought you were broke? That’s why I win. What about my new shirt? Suits you! But it was expensive, right? Yes. Leo bought it for me. It seems that he buys you everything. Yeah, he’s great! That’s quite nice for you. Hi Hannah, thanks for the invitation. Oh, I think Julian is here. That’s why I brought you a sixpack compared to Dennis. But not voluntarily, right? There you are. Shall we get a drink,
so we can survive that evening? Yes, sweety.
That’s Julian and Dennis, by the way. Hi, I’m Leo! Hi! Do you come? What’s that supposed to be? Why? He’s sooo nice. They don’t match at all, do they? This way I don’t have to bother. Open that freakin’ door! I have to piss! Isn’t Leon great? Well, he’s not my sort of guy… Really funny. You are drunk! No, I’m not at all. Sarah, I was first. I really have to now. Then come with me. Hurry! Truth or dare? Truth. Are you still a virgin? Wow, Marc! Compared to you: no. Dare. Ok, then you’re gonna kiss… Julian! Eeeww, I’m not gonna kiss a fag! You should have kept this to you. Are you crazy? Have you told him?

13 thoughts on “Julian #5 – gay web series

  1. Ich finde es durchaus großartig, dass sich hierbei das allseits bekannte Problem herauskristallisieren lässt, dass Gayboys von angetrunkenen Weibsen immer mit auf Klo genommen werden wollen. Danke an euch, starke Produktion! Gruss, Holger

  2. Good work guys. Just… A PlayStation 2? Really? Was it filmed 10 years ago? XD just teasing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Millions of Terrible Moths by Hello Dragon is a cool song, wonder why it was not credited. I had a hell of a job tracking it down……

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