Julian #10 – gay web series (Final Episode)

Julian #10 – gay web series (Final Episode)

Every two weeks you clean the bathroom. Plus you have to pee sitting though. As long as you do too. Oh come on. Isn’t that mine? It was… but you left it. Ay! Just wait you! Alright enough! You can have it back. Now I don’t want it anymore. Silly thing. Bed and shelf are all set. Okay. Can I help you guys with anything else? No, we’re just getting the last boxes up here. Then you can go. I’ll go get my tools then… Yeah. Give him some time. Watch your brother, will you? I will. But he can look out for himself aswell. Julian! Your mother said you lost yours in Hamburg. I hope you can forgive me sometime. Didn’t you want to close the door? Didn’t you wanna come an hour ago? Come here. I thought you’d never come back. I said I would. True… it was pretty boring without you. Is that so? Who’s Kira then? Come in. Tell me everything. Hello, what can I bring you? Thanks, I’m still waiting for someone. I could sweeten up your time. How about a drink? No thanks. I’d rather wait. Well then. Where are you? Here. Yeah, but 5 minutes late! Sorry,but I warned you! No! Well, it’s still nice that it worked out finally. Did you finish furnishing your room? Yeah I did. And how is it going with your sister? Ah, we get along well. Well, who have we got here… Hi! Do you work here today? Yes. How are you? I’m alright. Not much to do today. We will see. Sure. What can I serve you two beauties? Do you know already? I think I’ll take a hot chocolate? Then two hot chocolates with cream please. Okay. Thank you. So you two know each other? Yeah he’s a friend of mine. Ah okay. And no… there’s nothing going on between us. I didn’t mean that… aynway. You’ve met him once as well. Really? Where? Back then in the pub where we first met? He works there too. You’re right. Well, now I’m back again. Yeah and this time you won’t get rid of me anymore. We take turns washing and cleaning. Sure. I had to do everything at my dad’s place as well. Oh come on, that really isn’t much. I just meant I am skilled enough to do anything Oh, then go ahead. The floor would need some cleaning too. Oh no, I already had to play housekeeper back with dad. It really wasn’t easy with him was it? Everything was always my fault. I didn’t move out for no reason either. At least he’s trying to make some progress. Yeah, but still how he acted wasn’t okay. I know. Dad can get a bit rough sometimes. He’s still your father though. Yeah… Do you remember cutting my Barbies hair? You thought they’d grow back. And you didn’t talk to me for three weeks. Come on. It was two weeks. And you were eight. You knew exactly they wouldn’t grow back. I was six! It’s nice living with you again, brother. Yeah… but you’ll have to spent the weekends without me. Are you sleeping at Julis?! Maybe. Did you two already…? Hey! Hey I’m your sister. Alright, alright. No we didn’t do it yet. Keep the rest for yourself. I’m sure Juli has some too. No, please take them. I want you to be okay. Alright, I’ll watch out for myself. No swallowing. Anal sex only with a condom. I won’t get pregnant from kissing and HIV isn’t cureable. And then there’s Gonorrhea, Syphillis, Chlamydia. Okay, okay. I see you already know everything. Except that Barbie’s hair won’t grow back. I was six! Tastes good! Thanks. It’ll be ready soon. Let’s eat later… If you say so… You’re cute… Are you sure? Kira will be here in half an hour. Are you sleeping at hers again today? Yes. Are you nervous? Ah, I am fine. We’re not stressing ourselves. If it happens it happens, if not then it won’t. Strange what happened in these last weeks and months. The whole coming out thing. The thing with Phillip. Fighting with Dad and the horror in school. And now you’re living with Steffi and you are a couple with Juli. And we’re standing here and drink our beer. And you’re still my best friend. And you’re drunk already! No, I mean it. Thank you. It’s getting kind of cold. When are they coming? Here take mine. No, then you’ll freeze! No, it would be rude not to take it. You’re a dick. But thanks. No problem. If they don’t show up soon, we’ll go in okay? Yeah, I think so. I don’t want to wait any longer either. Yeah. Ah, here they come. Hey honey, where’s your jacket? I lent it to her. That’s sweet of you. Grose! And what exactly is your problem? That’s disgusting man! And you’re just embarassing. Oh nooo. Get away from here. Idiots.

100 thoughts on “Julian #10 – gay web series (Final Episode)

  1. trop court!et excepté le 1er épisode pas de traduction en français . dommage l'histoire est très belle!

  2. Omg!!! I want someone like that so bad that I can just be open with and go out in public with and everything that would be so amazing!!
    And thank you so much for making this it was so good!!

  3. Bonita serie, lo que más me agradó fue la actitud del mejor amigo de Julian, que en ningún momento dudó en apoyar a su amigo, y hasta se notaba que sufría cuando su amigo sufría, pensé que Julian y su mejor amigo se enamorarían, pero me equivoqué, su mejor amigo lo apoyaba incondicionalmente porque en verdad lo quiere como a un hermano, me pareció muy emotivo cuando se despidieron en la estación del tren. No cabe duda que hay hombres heterosexuales que pueden ser muy tolerantes, comprensivos y respetuosos.

  4. فحل ناررر عيري مشتعل ناررر منو مشتهي يجي خاص رومنسي موت ٢٨سنه من العراق

  5. What a beautiful heart-rending coming out / falling in love mini-series.
    tbh The BEST part was that the two main protagonists remained Best Friends.

    Since it was so much harder in my older generation, to be accepted, this series is to be recommended to all.
    Just, please, accept me sobbing my heart out……

  6. I liked it, it was fun. But what I really want to know is: What was that song that started playing at 14:55 in the club?

  7. WTF Haare wachsen bei Barbies nicht nach?!! O_o

    Vielen Dank! Ich mag die Serie, obwohl sie schon seit 2015 online ist 🙂 good job boy´s n girl´s and all others :D!
    (PS: Bei 12:56 wäre ein lauter Schrei angepasst gewesen haha ^^… beim ersten mal und ohne Gleitgel … XD; kleiner Scherz, ich liebe die Serie)

  8. oi a muitas belezas em ambas as partes do amor e carinhos com os garotos e são as belezas com os gostos da felicidades beeeeiiiiijos no seu coração, ??♣????♥??????♣???♥?????♣????♥????♥?????♣??

  9. Stunning production! I did so hate to see it end. Hats off to the Beautiful People at " anyway "Would love to see a sequel, It's such a wonderful storyline. Peace.

  10. Que linda relacion; Hablando de gay; por fin soy afeminado; de ser amado y ser querido

  11. Dieses Video habe ich mir damals angeschaut wo ich nicht wusste auf was ich genau stehe und ja jetzt nach Jahren wo ich es sehe weiß ich das ich Schwul bin und bin auch schon damit klar gekommen!! Nur läuft es aktuell nicht so gut

  12. Ich frage mich immer wieder, warum diese "Männer" so viel Angst vor uns Schwubbies haben. Weil wir nehmen denen doch keine Frauen weg und sind damit keine Konkurrenz für die Hühner.
    Kann mir da @queerblick eine Antwort darauf geben?

  13. Great series, I've enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately it's another gay web series that is apparently no longer produced.

  14. I just watched the series. I loved it I wish that I could find someone like that for in my life. I hope that they make more I would love to see more

  15. Nice, I like that it is in a different language. I wish that America had more active languages, maybe I would know something beside just speaking English all the time. I am hoping to find a Hispanic male near where I live, we could date and he could teach me a new language along with a few other things also. Be safe of course.

  16. A very beautiful film. What I liked the most was the friendship that Dennis had with Julian. He is a true friend. I also liked the relationship between Julian and his sister.

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