Hey guys! So a couple videos back, on my Mt. Takao autumn leaves video A couple of you guys noticed that in one of the scenes there’s a Japanese sentence and at the end I wrote a “w” I got several comments asking what that “w” meant from people saying that they’ve seen it on the internet before Yes, this is probably the most important Japanese internet slang that you can learn So if you remember anything from this video, make sure it’s this one You will see it all the time and it’s very useful Basically the “w” means lol in English It’s just laughing In Japanese laugh is “warau” It looks like this If you write that in English it is “warau” So they shorten that to just the “w” So it’s really easy to type If you wanna laugh a lot you can just put lots of Ws! You’ll see this all the time on Twitter, YouTube, FB, everywhere I definitely recommend using it, it will make your Japanese look very natural Another Japanese slang that you might see a lot on Twitter is “nau” This is just the English word “now” For example “karaoke nau” means “I’m at Karaoke right now!” So when you are doing something right at the moment, and you post a status you can write “nau” at the end You’ll see that a lot on the internet It’s not proper Japanese But it’s used a lot on Twitter and such Those are really the only 2 Japanese internet slang that I see a lot that are very common and everyone knows them But there are lots of other Japanese internet slang that are used in places like NicoNico or 2ch which is a Japanese internet forum I was in Akihabara the other day and I found these internet slang cookies So I thought it would be fun to open these up and check them out and see if we can learn some Japanese internet slang together So you can see there are a few on the front here like kwsk, wktk… These are ones that I don’t know There’s the wwww the lol Maybe that one’s like “sumimasen”? I dunno Let’s open up the cookies together and see what they are You can get these in Akihabara at Animate, I think I got them at They make a cute souvenir They’re so adorable They have the little emoji cats on them That’s awesome Ok the first internet slang cookie is this kanji This is read “otsu” According to the internet slang guide that comes with the cookies It’s otsukaresama, so a short way of saying otsukaresama This is not the kanji for otsukaresama, the actual kanji is this: But because this kanji is pronounced the same way Some people may use this for otsukaresama Which means “Good job!” or “Thank you for your hard work!” People say it once you’ve finished doing some kind of task, or work or school or something The next cookie is orz I bet you’ve seen this one before Is this really just a Japanese thing? I swear I had seen this somewhere else before coming to Japan The three characters orz are supposed to look like a guy hunched over on the ground You use this when you are disappointed or tired Whenever you would be like hunched over on the ground I did not know that was a Japanese one, interesting I’ve been curious to find out what this wktk one is I’ve seen this on the internet before, but not too much So it’s probably more on websites like 2ch and stuff that I don’t go on very much Let’s figure out what this means because it’s really bothering me wktk is short for wakuwaku tekateka Which means you’re really excited Waku waku is like “waku waku shiteru” “I’m really excited!” Teka teka means like shiny, so I guess you’re so excited that you’re shiny? So I guess you use wktk when you’re really excited about something Interesting… Another one I have been curious about is kwsk, I have no clue what this one is Omg, this one means kuwashiku it’s short for kuwashiku Which means like “in detail” So when you want somebody to explain something more in detail you can say kwsk That’s really cool, I didn’t know that There are a couple in this booklet here that I didn’t get the cookies for that I want to explain to you guys because I’ve seen these ones used quite a bit on Youtube and such This one right here: riajyuu Ria is short for “real” and jyuu is short for “jyuujitsu” “Riaru” which is like “real” or “real life” And jyuujitsu is kinda like “fulfilled” yeah that’s probably a good way to say it So it’s people with a real life that’s very fulfilled and happy You refer to those people as “riajyuu” You’ll often see people referring to happy couple as “riajyuu” and stuff like that Other ones that I have seen before are this one That’s a character for “u” and “p” So when you’re typing on a Japanese keyboard, say you wanna type the character for “ka” You will type “k – a” After you type the “a” it will transform into the “ka” character But until then the “k” will stay as alphabet So to get these you need to type “u – p” Because “p” isn’t a Japanese character, it just stays like that as the alphabet So you get this after you type “up” So this just means “up” And this one down here means “ok” So this “up” you will often see when people are referring to YouTubers Like “up otsukaresama” “Good job on uploading your video!” So this “up” will mean “upload” So yeah you’ll see that one on Twitter sometimes Alright guys I hope that was helpful for you and you learned something! If you know some other Japanese internet slang, let me know in the comments I’m definitely not a pro on them But I’m sure that you need to know the “w” because people use that all the time So make sure to remember that one! Thanks for watching guys And let me know if you want more short Japanese lesson videos like this one I can try to make some more I’ll see you guys soon, bye! Subscribe for new videos every week!

100 thoughts on “JAPANESE INTERNET SLANG // What is LOL in Japanese?

  1. I remember back on myspace/msn we all used japanese emoticons 😛 we used to copy the cool ones and safe them in a word document and just insert them because we where cool

  2. Aah yeah I knew the www one and 乙 one but I was always like ''what??'' when my friends used orz www

  3. www now that I'm used to niconico douga I use wwww without noticing wwwwww I feel like giggling when using it wwww

  4. ワロタ → わらった = lol (Laughing Out Loud)
    4649 → よろしく = glhf (Good Luck, Have Fun)
    39 → サンキュー = thx (thanks)
    ノシ → 手を振る動作 = cya (see you)
    禿同 → 激しく同意 = Exactly
    88888888 → パチパチパチ = handclaps
    mjd → マジで? = for real?
    gdgd → グダグダ = dawdle
    ggr → ググれ = Google it
    DQN → 不良 = bad boy
    厨二病 → 思春期の様な思考 = sophomoric disease

  5. I discovered your youtube because of yamapi video then automatically subscribed and binge watching your videos! XD i love that you're very casual and most of your videos are very informative. Keep it up!! :))

  6. orz doesn't mean Otsukaresama…! orz looks like a man on his knees with his head down and means "I'm so done", "I'm doomed", "It didn't go well" or something like that.

  7. so cool.. i want to learn japanese from you. so please make video how to speak japanese for daily conversation and it should be good for me to learn.

  8. I bought a game yesterday, it wasnt very good, so now im orz

    I watched a movie yesterday, i wwww very much

    Omg im such a pro 😀

  9. There's a really clever one I've seen used in Japanese games online, which is '39'. 3 in Japanese is 'san' and 9 is 'kyuu'. Put them together and it sounds like sankyuu or 'thank you'. (Should be noted that '39' in Japanese isn't san kyuu, it's sanjuukyuu but imagine it read as "Three-nine") . This is the same reason Nissan tend to use the number 23 on their racing cars (2= ni, 3=san)

    Sometimes repeated streams of '8888' are used as a kind of applause (I think because 'hachi' sounds a bit like 'pachi'? Pachi is onomatopoeia for clapping).

    Definitely seen おつかれさまでした shortened to 'otsu' a lot too.

  10. "orz" is also the romanian word for barley, the cereal plant 😀 I just saw your video and thought it would be funny if we would use it in romania like that. translated, it would sound something like: I feel so barley all the time… XD
    great video by the way! ^-^

  11. 8888888888888 = patchi-patchi-patchi-patchi-patchi-patchi-patchi-patchi
    The sound of clapping. Normally you see this alot on NicoNico.

    Instead of wwwwwww, the kanji for laugh in brackets is also used, like so (笑).

  12. I've been wondering, how do keyboards work in Japan? I think that the keys are probably in either English or Japanese Hiragana/Katakana but I'm still not sure. How do you type there??

  13. I knew kwsk means くわしく.However these Internet slung are difficult to understand for those that don't use Internet a lot.I am one of them.('_')

  14. Thank you so much for this video.
    I was always confused about the "orz" bc friends were writing it so often and I thought it's a common social media thing.. nooo it's a japanese thing. xD
    Same goes for the wwwww. So yeah.. this video is/was so so helpful 😀

  15. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  16. i just started learning japanese and am a bit confused on questionmarks… in the books they also use the Dots for questions but on the internet they also use questionmarks for questions? is this 'internetslang' ish too or is it judt modernised japanese?

  17. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Do I look natural yet?

  18. there's one song from morning musume with wktk (wakuteka) in the title lol
    but why not tell all of the ones from the pamphlet? ;_; i wanted to know more…

  19. Does anyone here knows what わろた means? Im think it's similar to www or 笑 but just for confirmation..

  20. クソワロタwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  21. I want to see the rest of the booklet! I'm not 100% sure about the accuracy of these, but this is what I found.

    2.5次元 = 2.5D (between 2D and 3D, like anime figurines)
    誰得 = 誰が得するんだよ who gets it?
    俺得 = 「俺が得する」 I get it.
    胸熱 = 「胸が熱くなるな」seeing the dawn of new technology
    (ry = 『以下略』 abbreviated
    ぬるぽ = meaningless interjection from an error code, NullPointerException. Wiktionary explains it well.
    中の人 = person in the middle (in costume) or behind the mic (voice actor)
    弾幕 = bullet curtain, like you see in bullet hell games.
    イミフ = 意味不明 It makes no sense
    だれうま = 「誰がうまいことを言えといった」
    サーセン = 「すみません」
    邪気眼 = third eye, special insight
    mjk = マジか
    今北産業 = "I just arrived, please explain in three sentences what is going on."

  22. 日本語すごく上手ですね!


  23. don't know why this vid suddenly appeared before me, but…… very nicely put together Sharla…. and I love the emoji/romaji cookies, never seen those…. 乙。 (^_-)

  24. If you can use kanji, I recommend you using "草".
    We pronounce "kusa".
    This kanji means "grasses" but it means funny and laughs in the internet.
    Why? Because we thought the ''w'' is similar to grasses.

  25. 草刈り(o・∀・ )o>――"((χ))"ブンブン♪

  26. orz looks like a person who is beaten up and his/her head is look down, it's kinda like the word "bed" that people thought it looks like a bed. I just found it out myself while watching this vid.

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