Introducing Screen Cleaner in the Files app

Introducing Screen Cleaner in the Files app

These days, we use phones to do a lot of different things. Fun things. Useful things. More fun things. But over time, they can get cluttered. Which is why millions of people use the Files
app to keep their phones organized and clean. But what about the outside of your phone? There are a lot of ways to keep your phone
clean. Wiping. More wiping. Cases. Cases for cases. You can even get specialized hardware. But what if there was a way for your phone
to keep itself clean from the inside out? Introducing a new feature in the Files app:
Screen Cleaner. Screen Cleaner uses the Smudge Detector API
to identify imperfections. Using our geometric dirt models and haptic
micromovement generator, Screen Cleaner dislodges dirt, smudges and more. Once the phone is clean, internal vibration
and haptic controls create microvibrations, forming a long-lasting non-stick shield around
the surface of the phone. So with just a few taps, your screen is like
new, with a fresh pineapple scent. Keep your phone clean, inside and out. With Files, by Google.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Screen Cleaner in the Files app

  1. I am black and used this feature now all my selfies are gone

    EDIT: Don't take it personally guys, fact is I am really black and it's just a joke no way I wanted to criticize or hurt anyone, if you say I'll delete
    this comnt

  2. Bruh I was this close to saying "woah let me go check my files app" then common sense knocked on my door and then logics saw the date published.
    Subsequently after, reasoning wondered why YouTube was recommending me this now and not then.

  3. Earlier I had lot of trouble cleaning my phone, but after getting this app It not only helps my phone screen to be clean but also my room. Thank you Google for making this app!!

  4. Oi Josuke!

    I’ve joined forces with Google inc. and made a screen cleaner feature using my ZA HANDO to wipe out dirt from screens. Ain’t that wacky?

  5. I hate all the "YOuTuBe algORiThM" comments, like stfu this comment section has actually good jokes that I can't see because your comment is at the top

  6. 🙁 i hate google so much this is not funny i spilled filling on my phone and i told my friends "dont worry i have an app that can help" but nothing was there you humilated me 🙁

  7. I remember sniffing my computer at one point for one of Google's April fools pranks. I'm never falling for another one again 😂

  8. 0:52 they just broke the law of equivalent exchange saying that matter can it be summoned or disappeared without any opposite matter being affected

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