Introducing Project Wing

Introducing Project Wing

Yeah Hi, Nick, this is Neal Parfitt at Barmax
Homestead. Could I order some dog food for my dogs please?
(off-screen chuckles) Throughout history there have been a series
of innovations that have each taken a huge chunk out of the friction of moving things
around. Project Wing aspires to take another big chunk
of the remaining friction out of moving things around in the world. We’re in Australia. The goal of being here is to show that the hard work over the last
two years has resulted in a reliable system that can do autonomous delivery.
And we also really just wanna get out and learn what it’s like to actually deliver to
the neighbor Neal and see what it’s like from their perspective. It’s years from a product but it is sort of the first prototype that we want to stand
behind. The next phase is to take the momentum and
the enthusiasm that we’ve built internally and now drive it towards enabling the dream
of delivering stuff more quickly with proper and due safety. Working together we can get to this future I think surprisingly quickly.

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  2. Well it's good concept, but, you can't change the fact that these are styrofoam planes… Yeah it is a research, and yes it can do vertical landing and take off, thanks to moment created by dislocating motors above and below the wing, but there is lot of problems with this concept. What load it can carry, ok, you can put larger motors. Long range problems, imagine 30 of these planes in air, and guess what, they will eventually crash because they work on same channel at same frequency, or just because of noise from surrounding. Ok, you can solve that, with different solutions, or you can go with 3G for example. And last, but really the largest problem of all is battery. Well you can't solve that, unless you put solar panels on wing, and get battery to charge on solar energy. And what about night then. And what about weight. There will be a problem with weight. I don't say it is not solvable, it is, and it is likely that this will be possible in some point in future, but, there is a big but. You can't go around and announce brighter future with styrofoam rc planes. Create something remarkable and something that really can change the future. Look at Tesla what they are doing. This is not good enough.

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  4. Creo que si no buscan un fin comercial, esto sería de gran ayuda para enviar documentación importante que no se puede mandar por mail, como documentos notariales, así se ahorran en transporte de esas cartas y seria más seguro.

  5. I've always thought my dogs food wasn't expensive enough thanks for figuring that problem out for me Google.  

  6. But how do you control someone using your system from dilevering bomb or even spraying poison all over a city block.

  7. how is this fast ? It carries 1 little box at a time. And what is stopping someone from hacking into it ?

  8. because of the wire thing, people could steal the drone, but instead, have recyclable parachute that the customers could through in the recycle bin after the drone drops down the item, but with this the wind might be an issue?

  9. Such a nice simple VTOL design. Elegance. With the thrust to weight ratio over 1.0 directed horizontally it will be able to 'move' as well. KSP taught me all I know =p – "Good engineering is not what you can add, it is what you can take away."

    As for the use of the machine. Well I think delivering futuristic cubic pizzas or Amazon packages to peoples homes might prove to be inefficent. But needed items to people in remote areas this could be amazing. Think Insulin to someone in a forest or anti-biotics to people with no roads after an natural disaster. Google making the world a better place for sure all things considered.

  10. Perhaps a parachute added for safety in case it fails mid air, less chance of falling hard on my head! ha ha.

  11. Why not make it so if someone grabs the cord before it's finished letting down the product, or if they try to pull it down, it electrocutes them? Either that or make the winch jettison-able.

  12. i like to projects corporate from your country and phillippines, moa agreements ,update day investment buyer payments,
    thanks, sergio c. adino

  13. Great crap. The object is played! How is a delivery of a sensitive object?
    In short, every day more men losing ground. Google wants driverless cars and now deliveries by drones. We have lived a paradox with banks with ATMs that took the jobs of thousands and means by which only destroy employment. Than live for future generations? Government kindness? Not to mention that in Brazil this technology will be a hit with dealers … drug delivery via drone … And the drones with deliveries of truth, shall be killed in midair and never arrive at their destinations.

    Grande porcaria. O objeto é jogado! Como fica uma entrega de um objeto sensível?
    Resumindo: cada dia mais o homem perdendo espaço. A Google quer carros sem motoristas e agora entregas por drones. Já vivemos um paradoxo com bancos com caixas eletrônicos que tiraram o emprego de milhares e outros meios que só destroem o emprego. Do que viverão as futuras gerações? De bondades do governo? Sem falar que no Brasil esta tecnologia vai ser um sucesso entre os traficantes…entrega de drogas via drone…E os drones com entregas de verdade, serão abatidos em pleno ar e nunca chegarão a seus destinos.

  14. Прикольно будет теперь что сбивать из пневматики в воздухе. Почему не интересует людей куда они будут устраивать людей которых выгонят из сферы доставки.

  15. How high off the ground will these contraptions fly? I can imagine already crowded skies being clogged with delivery drones. Would that be better than trucks clogging highways and double parking? I dunno.

  16. Useful in rural areas only and maybe for medical emergency. Because any other situation in a built up area they WILL be stolen, will be shot down for fun and eventually WILL fail one day and drop out of the sky on someone and don't forget bird strikes.

    Innovation is a word WAY overused. This isn't innovation, this tech has been around for years (drones).

  17. Hey guys, nice idea. Why don't you think of delivering the food packages(mainly meat to carnivores) to GPS tagged animals in the Bio-reserves or protected forests? Please think about it. It is proper food delivered on time, almost equally and no animal goes hungry.

  18. سلام من که زبان انگلیسی بلد نیستم ولی زبان اصلی انسان تشعشعاتی است هرجه من ازگوگل دیدم تششعاتش مثبت است هرروز شادباشید هرروز جوانترباشید

  19. So this team needs to get with Amazon Prime Air and maybe UPS/FedEx and other drone makers and combine everything to make it a reality! Unless we can really have a world with multiple delivery drone companies!

  20. I eagerly look forward for a life run completely by Google Services.
    Call me a sheep all you want and I'll answer "baaaah", but you have to admit this is exciting in every way!!!

  21. Yeah its crazy that people are too lazy to pick up their own food!! So we send people in large vehicles to get them … if not a motorcycle, scooter, bike, etc. At the very least with drones smaller footprint is possible and less danger to people in general 🙂
    Down with Uber

  22. Мaybe such turbo-prop will increase the energy efficiency ?

  23. this is not the future of bomb deployment we swear, its for lunch truck deliveries. if you need this you need to move closer to civilization. or tell google to make a drone EMS when you get hurt in midddle of nothing. Keep that beard on google we have no idea about anything.

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