100 thoughts on “Introducing Project Sunroof

  1. Of course, Philadelphia and New York have it, but the little square next to Philadelphia AKA my area, DOESN'T HAVE COVERAGE

  2. So, now, a search company is making a wi fi router, solar panel, self driving car, phone, and the list goes on.

  3. Solar Installer Boston how much is shady tree a problem asdfhjkadshfk;lghdsk asdfhjkadshfk;lgdsk asdfh lgkhjkhdsjfj;asdfh ljsjhdjsdd

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    If the ridge is strikt north-south, better let it. You buildt a new house, do it like solar house, ridge east-west. There are good books about that.

  5. When they named major cities,I was like, well they would be really helpful, but it won't be where I live (fredno) and thben when they said Fresno, it made my day.

  6. Hey team Google please bring this in India. Because India is a summer based country where maximum time is hot. Even some places temp gone near 50°c. I think you need to introduce in here very soon.thanx man

  7. I was watching April Fools videos all the way and then I came across this….this is actually a legit idea lmao

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  9. Yeah the airlines are spraying the skies full of chemtrails that are designed to stop ☀️ hitting our homes. Certainly the case in England.

  10. You can find something like this on the Avasva page. Full step-by-step instructions right on your desk.

  11. this is actually a pretty great concept, my faith in google is boosted. a real shame it's only in america after 3 years now, guess it's not gonna get bigger

  12. Great I D E A ,.. where is the follow thru,… been waiting , patiently ,….for it to come to my area,.. 3 years later nothing ….., like so many Google things , good ideas , not completed,.. how about completing just this one Google.

  13. I wish I could write what I was thinking but it's still early and maybe too late.هر چه تأخیر میکنم به جنون باز هم فکر میکنم زود است هر چه تاجیل میکنم به جنون باز هم فکر میکنم دیر است

  14. Yeah that's not an option in India see kids here like cricket and the hit the ball like Sachin Tendulkars son and it hits the solar thingy like a ballistic missile im saying this coz Ive been through this if you wanna help us make a trackable ballots useful for kids they lose their 10rs ball every time they hit a six make a trackable ba for them

  15. How to check if its a april joke
    1. Check the date
    2. If its 31st march, its a joke
    3. If its any other date, it is real

  16. Cool idea! but what about the cost of maintenance and degradation of panels? is that being accounted in the model? where is the calculation around the price?

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