22 thoughts on “Introducing Nearby: Physical proximity within and without apps – Google I/O 2016

  1. attachment_data_format @ https://developers.google.com/nearby/notifications/attachment_data_format does not show a description key, is it still allowed?

  2. In Nearby Connection Api we can find Endpoints to connect…
    BUT In Nearby Message Api how can i get details about all nearby subcribers(Nearby Devices who subscibed)??

  3. Is there a way to get a list of nearby devises then choose one in particle to send a message to, while their screen is off and their app is not active?

  4. Hi, I was recently in my local grocery store & got a Google notification about store specials I do not have bluetooth on nor do I have their app on this phone. What what did they use to do that?

  5. ……holy shit that sweet under his arm….dont blame him tho…if that was me on that stage those folks would have thought i just took a shower

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