Introducing Music Beta by Google

Introducing Music Beta by Google

Hi. I’m Chris, and I work on the
music team at Google. We’re working to make listening
to music a much better experience. Music Beta, a new service from
Google, connects your music to the cloud. Now you can listen to your
music anywhere, and keep everything in sync
automatically, free from the hassle of cables and files. Here’s how it works. Once I’ve uploaded my music
collection, I can listen to it from the web on any computer. [MUSIC PLAYING] My music is available on
my Android devices too. And it doesn’t take up
any storage space. But when I can’t access
the cloud, I can still access my music. The songs I’ve recently played
will automatically be available, even when
I’m offline. And I can always just select the
specific artists, albums, and playlists I want
to have available. The music experience is seamless
across my devices. If I create a playlist for my
computer, I can listen to it from my tablet. If I add a song to the same
playlist on my phone, it’s also there on my computer. Everything is always
kept in sync, instantly, with no cables. Sometimes I want my music
to match my mood. But it takes time to build a
playlist. Google can help me build one instantly. I just pick one song that I’m
feeling, And Instant Mix builds the perfect playlist of
songs that go great together. With Music Beta by Google, I can
spend more time listening to my music and less
time managing it.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Music Beta by Google

  1. Google this google that…I know google to be a search engine. Why are they constantly trying to make it something else? The only successful thing so far is "gmail" only because it doesn't really have "google" word inside it.

    Why aren't they naming new stuff something else and leave google to what it is?

  2. @sdamir You're forgetting about Chrome, Android, Maps, Translate, Streetview, Earth, Toolbar, Docs, Reader, and Blogger. Wait… am I forgetting something? Oh yeah. YouTube.

  3. Would it be more efficient to simply consolidate everyone's music collections, creating simple lists for each user rather than maintain a million plus copies of every popular song? Or is it already designed that way?

  4. music unlimited or qriocity whatever u call it does these feats as well just not the offline thing. so sorry google, google+ is awesome but this doesn't seem to much new.

  5. OMG. THANK GOD that you guys are giving us an OFFLINE feature to this thing. I love the idea (and I can see myself using this in the future). My only worry was that you guys were gonna get all "move evarything in2 dah clowdd!!!" and all "cloud-computing" obsessed and only make this available with an internet connection (like your Chromebook, for example).

    Also, I'd like to make a suggestion: ***How about making this service available via the Banshee media player for Linux users?*** Kthxbai.

  6. @penguins8600 They only need enough space for one copy of each music file. It scans your music and only uploads copies of what it doesn't already have. The rest is already there. Everyone will be sharing copies of the exact same file. Understand?

  7. reall want this app. its not compatible with my xperia arc. and there is no media scape on my phone either. what to do?????????

  8. Why dose google know how to satisfy my every need?
    Next there will be google vagina.
    Sorry baby but u just don't satisfy me like goole dose :'(

  9. so now I have to upload 30,000 songs? and how in the world do you still access them when you''re offline, because they say it doesn't take any space on your memory drive!

  10. I feel like it impossible for me to express my gratitude to google. i cant believe how they can make such awesome programs and products and not charge!

  11. Google music sucks. It doesnt convert Apple Lossless to Google's music format. So Google music is worthless to anyone who cares about quality music.





  13. Google have been doing a great work on Google Music.It's so much better than iTunes for two main reasons:Works on both Android AND iOS devices(wich is great for me) and it's free,while Apple's services is $25/year.But we can't just ignore iCloud because of Google Music.The first service has a weighty caracteristic:You don't have to upload all your library.I mean, I have about 30Gb of music and where I live the internet sucks.I'm uploading since February 8.Today is Feb 19 and I uploaded 2951/~5k.

  14. wtf are u thinking why do you use a mac for the demos use a chromebook or a pc we are aples rivals aret we

  15. mmm….. no entiendo el ingles buuu…" pero voy a aprender xQ' kiero estudiar ingles xQ' es muy bonito el ingles y aprenderlo ps yupi "… I LOVE YOU INGLES …" =D

  16. Yah yah
    Im using 3g and i have 500free mb how did you thing where i put ~3gb and how much i spend money
    And if i can listen ofline muzic that tacke my storage so

    Dont fuck my bain about your un userfull apps ok?

  17. I don't always watch Google videos, but when I do I first check the date when it was uploaded, to be sure it's not an April fool's joke!

  18. you mean like how apple brainwashed you into thinking their products are actually good? you could buy cheap crap for half the price of their stuff thats just as good..
    and thats a Fact, I like the better product, but if you don't like google than don't shove it in my face like an asshole..

  19. lololololololol Proves your stupidity Why do you think Apple brainwashed me? I have 0 Crapple products, and If you had any intellect you wouldn't immediately think that because I hate Google I love Crapple! I hate them both! If you're talking about android then obviously Android>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ios. I didn't say ALL of google's products suck, Android and search are the only good ones!

  20. if everything other than search and android suck then why are you here watching a good music video? yeah.. shows how brainwashed you are then by your logic…
    proves you know nothing either otherwise you wouldn't even bother watching videos about google products moron.

  21. plus when did I say I ever liked all their products either? I didn't so stop acting as if I said that, but I'm not going to bash products I don't like just because someone else likes it, because you got butt hurt or whatever and now refuse to use it.
    I only use android, search, and sometimes gmail but I don't mind trying out their new products or using some of them only occasionally.

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  23. eu disse que gostei dos vídeo porem estou envergonhado porque á tradução falhou e não tenho conhecimento de nenhum idioma sou analfabeto mas meus entendimento me conduz aos reflexo dos acontecimentos. se errei peço desculpar-me

  24. Keep the content coming, you could potentially be one of my favorites next to this artist named Hunnid.  Check out his videos.. I have a few on my page.

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