29 thoughts on “Introducing Google Developer Certification: Become an Associate Android Developer – Google I/0 2016

  1. Does it makes sense for an already experienced programmer to take the Associate Android Developer Exam or I should rather wait for a more advanced one? Will the "Associate" one be a prerequisite to take more advanced exams?

  2. I will prepare myself for this exam … I really like the idea of the test , it's completely different than the other certification .. I think this is the best way to improve your skills and also to prove your skills … GOOGLE I REALLY LOVE YOU <3 you really inspire all the world … #BUILDING_COMPUTER_HISTORY

  3. Many thanks JP, Reto, Layla and everybody who help create good cources on Udacity.com

  4. Anyone has give this exam? i want to know what should i prepare specific. what is syllabus, i wnat to take this exam to
    I have 1 year experience in Android

  5. Basically they just have praticle exams and someone with already programming knowledge go online and complete exam and get certificate. But what about people don't know anything about programming. How do they prepare themselve and learn from sctratch. How to create a single letter in programming. What language or code you learn and all that? How to program "A" and then go furthur. No direction here for someone don't have any background of programming. I only know how to spell programming, but now what.Where i start my first step to learn ABCD of programing and what stage i am ready to do certification. I need help. Thanks in advance if someone help me draw a map .

  6. My bluestacks not launch for 2 days so looking for another type of programme that I can still log into google play that works

  7. Does it really hold any value to earn the certificate? Does it make any difference comparing with someone who has portfolio and apps that are puplished ?

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