Internet Names for Bugs

Internet Names for Bugs

There’s a bajillion bugs, and some of them
can fly, like the tiny strawberry, hummingbug, and the butterfly wannabe. There’s also the sky raisin, jalapeño sky
raisin, and this is called honey bunches of nope. If a bug can’t fly but will some day, it might
be a majestic garden creep creep, which becomes a shapeshifter sack which—wait…shapeshifter
sack is evolving! There are many more bugs, like the snip snap
doggo, nope rope nope, and nightmare chomp chomp. There’s also the crap kicker, tiny forklift,
and the spicy bois. Lots of animals like to eat bugs, like the
noodle mouth bug muncher and its more intense cousin, the tactical assault anteater. Doggos also like to eat bugs, but don’t let
your doggo eat a jalapeño sky raisin, or they might be doing a swol. Ten out of ten would still boop though. Gently. Bugs eat many foods, like nectar, fruit, dirt,
blood, and…OH MY HECK. Well, they didn’t choose the bug life. The bug life chose them. Visualize your bugs and anything else with

100 thoughts on “Internet Names for Bugs

  1. Jalapeno sky raisin… Nope nope nope

    That sounds delicious as I eat bugs sometimes, so it's more like 1000 degree flying ass dagger (doesn't sound as appetizing).

  2. I once put a gecko in a ant nest. It got ripped apart. I thought it would kill the queen of the ant and stop the invaders.

  3. Whenever I watch creepy insects in bed, I get a prickling feeling from my legs down as though EVERY INSECT MENTIONED HERE is climbing slooooowwwwlllyyyy up into my ears eyes and mouth.

  4. My pupper played with a jalapeño sky raisin, but didn't do the swol. Apparently, the JSR flew too close to the pack and my brave baby doggo decided to take the Sky out of its name. They don't last long as jalapeño ground raisins.

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