15 thoughts on “Internet Lifestyle Network Review Recruiting & Duplicating | Internet Lifestyle Network Review

  1. Thanks for the video – I had the worst shiny object syndrome for a long time too. It's such a steep learning curve, but well worth it, isn't it? 🙂

  2. Rockstar status video – great points and awesome story about your learning experience!  Duplication rocks…

  3. I think everyone goes through the shiny object syndrome on their journey to being successful. This happens not only in home business but it can happen in any aspect of your life.  I'ts important to get super focused on exactly what you want to accomplish and then stay focused on it UNTIL you get the results you want. 
    Great video @Peter Chung! Glad to see you are beginning to get the results you've been working for! 

  4. You present yourself and ILN like any great leader would do. Confidence and convincing. I know you are a good leader and recruiter and I know that you are sincere and really help people reaching their goals. Keep up this good work Peter.

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    Join me, and like the 97% who do join me, you won't make any money but you'll help ME get rich….and if you join and do what I do to sell people "the dream" that most likely won't even happen, then you can probably get as rich as I am, or more!!! Its all about endless recruiting and competing against all your other distributors to see who can recruit more!

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