100 thoughts on “INTERNET IN PRAGUE – Have data in your phone while visiting (Honest Guide)

  1. But what about if you want to Youtube stream? Polish Play internet has unlimited data transfer for 30 days for about 300 czk equivalent. Show your passport pay like 300 czk = unlimited internet for 30 days in Poland. Problem is you cannot roam that outside of Poland to retain the deal. If Poland roamed that it would put everyone country's internet out of business. No wonder. Another option, sky DSL.

  2. It's too…….. Expensive. We get unlimited everything with 10 GB EU data in just 28€ in Finland. If you give extra few euros you will get 15 GB EU data.

  3. My tip for offline maps (anywhere in the world): Maps.ME; it uses Open Street Maps, it's easy to fix if you find a mistake, you can download any region or country you want and it usually has the best details in it, such as a trail in the grass in Namibia, every stone relief in Jordan etc. I love it.

  4. In India a company called Jio provides 1.5GB/DAY for 1.83EU. It is really fast (4G) and used by most of the people in the country.

  5. Do people buy foreign data outside? My provider support data outside of my country (Denmark)

  6. Please make a video about mobile phones used in prague and how to get mobile phones or sim cards. And also about the local life style of prague.
    Please make a quick response.
    Thank you

  7. Its really nice this guy does a video on traps and how to evade them, respect !!!!

    This alone makes me wanna go there

  8. Now I can choose whichever service provider I want when I get to Prague this Autum…big thanks Janek/Honza 💪

  9. can we buy SIM cards at the Train Station (Prague HL. N) ? can you recommend another Taxi App? or is Uber still operating in Prague?

  10. Are there any recommended phone plans for exchange students? Will be in Europe for a few months, but mostly in Czech, so it would be good to have data + calls.

  11. Vodafone have free roaming in Czech Republic, so no need to pay extra for data, It just uses your normal allowance.

  12. We bought a Vodafone SIM Card in the airport for 5GB and unlimited social networks for 1200 CZK , expensive!! That was the lowest plan available

  13. I like your sun glassess,It looks cool. I have stayed for 3 weeks, really thanks for your honest guide, it was an amazing trip in Praha.

  14. Do not go on free wifi because there is maybe a hacker on it and ganna get in your phone or pc or something else so DONT CONNECT WIFI WITHOUT A PRIVAT LOGIN!

  15. Is this video still actual in 2019? Roaming was abolished in EU in 2017 and when I was in Prague I could use mobile internet without difficulty and I didn't get a huge bill next month.

  16. that moment when in romania For 5 euros you get unlimited 4g speeds unlimited calls and 500 messages….but you always have whatsapp

  17. Im ordered Orange Mundo from Spain. They have awesome roaming tariffs in EU, got 7 gigabytes for only 10 euros. Its even cheaper than their local internet.

  18. Ahoj Honest Guide ..i want to ask ???..what is good INTERNET or Sim in Czech republic ?just one ^_^ .. Thank you in Advance

  19. Poland Tarif: 4€/1Week 30GB (Play.pl)
    Germany: 69ct/Day 1GB or 99ct/Day unlimited (Freenet Funk)
    Italy: not possible to get a SIM card as a foreigner

    But as a EU member there is no roaming anymore so you are free to use your home data. But not all providers are supporting roaming (like Play.pl)

  20. Hey…i will be travelling to prague for internship purpose for about 2 months…my handset bands are not compatible with the local sim there…can you please help me in finding a solution or tell me about the handset for temporary use, if available there and also in budget

  21. Can i use the same simcard which i buy in prague in cesky krumlov and Austria ( Salzburg and hallstatt ) ??

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  23. Swedish costs: 14EUR/month for Unlimited Call Minutes/SMS/MMS and 10GB data 😉

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