Install Wamp Server 3 and Fix Problem Complete Tutorial – 2016

Install Wamp Server 3 and Fix Problem Complete Tutorial – 2016

How to install the latest version of wamp server and solving any error you might
face first off to avoid any installation error, you must download visual c++ redistributable for visual studio 2015 click on download download the setup file that is suited for your system type to know what is your system type right click on Computer icon select properties my system type is 64 bit so, I have to download the setup file for 64 bit click on next open the setup file you just download it check the box, I agree to the license terms and conditions and click on Install the installation is finished, close this window now, let’s download wamp server package search for wamp navigate to click on Download there are 2 setup files according to your system type since, my system type is 64 bit so, I download this package click on download directly it’s very important to run the setup file for wamp as administrator click on ok Next check the radio button,I accept the agreement and click next next next next Install By default internet explorer will be used as browser by wampserver I’ll change that by clicking on yes I’ll choose chrome web browser notepad will be used as Text editor by wampserver since, I don’t have any other editors on my system I’ll click on no, click on next the installation of wampserver is finished click finish to close this window let’s run wampserver it’s very important to run it as administrator the normal startup for wampserver is indicating by three colors red then orange then green but, in here it stayed at orange that’s mean either apache or mysql
is not installed, or not running properly!? let’s check them I’ll check mysql by going to mysql console the default password for mysql is none just hit enter mysql servie is running without any error so, the error with the apache service, check the port usage of 80 by clicking on test port 80 As I expected port 80 is actually used by
microsoft server with the new version of wamp, they make it easy to change the port
by clicking on use a port other that 80 and select the port 8080 click on OK the indicator is change to green that’s mean all serivces running well go to the localhost as you can see microsoft server homescreen appeared
and not wamp homescreen that’s because the default port used by browser is 80 if you type it or not and 80 is used by microsoft server but, wamp uses port 8080 so, i have to type after localhost colon 8080 that’s all
thanks for watching

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  1. Hello Sir, thank you so much for the great tutorial,
    but i have a problem with the installation file , when i run it, an error message appears:"The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program."

  2. sir when i double clicked on wamp server start up it shows 0xc000007b error
    which i m not able to rectify please help the same
    i have downloaded all the zip files sill it is not working

  3. After update i can't run my projects from localhost MyProjects folder. All services are runnning. I can open PHPMyAdmin too. Can somebody help me?

  4. it is showing to me an error " The procedure entry path isalpha could not be located in the dynamic link library c:wamp64binapacheapache2.4.23binpcre.dll"
    How can i fix this

  5. Hola, Excelente tuto. Pero ahora quisiera agregar mas versiones de php para poderlas seleccionar a mi antojo. Como se hace?

  6. Hola,
    Recien instale Wampserver 3.0.6 x64, en Windows7 viene con php 5.6.25 y 7.0.10 ademas apache 2.4.23, pero necesito php 5.3.1 con apache 2.2.32, lo monte de acuerdo a tus 2 videotutoriales.
    Pero me aparecen con los 2 con triangulo rojo. y si clickeo en el php 5.3.1 me dice que no es compatible con el apache 2.4 que no es el que se configura en los archivos conf e ini. y si clickeo en el apache 2.2.32 y me dice que no es compatible con el php 5.3.1.


  7. thank you so much
    before this i tried many videos but it won't work…
    but after watching your video it work. i fixed the problem

  8. That's Great Video after 5 hours spending for installing Wamp Server finally your video has solved my problem.


  9. my ports 80 & 3306 are available, but the icon is always orange. How can i do that?
    when i just intsall it ,it is green. but after I change the www direction, then it turn orange, what is matter with than ?

  10. i am using windows 7. i installed the wamp. i will clicked on wamp server. it says: the program can't start because api-ms-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. try re installing the program to fix this problem. what i will do??

  11. at 05:01 you have at the down of localhost page an error message and I have it too. So what do I have to do ?

  12. Dear all,
    here is the permanent fix for this issue if changing the port number for skype or any application doesnt help, pls try the following steps and it will fix it.
    Search for "Turn Windows features on or off" on the taskbar.
    Under "Internet Information Services" deselect "World Wide Web Services" that Microsoft must turn on by default (takes port).
    Reboot your computer and WAMP came back up as before. You might as well need to do this after every windows update cux Gill Bates will try to suck it up.

  13. *** Test which uses port 80 ***

    ===== Tested by command netstat filtered on port 80 =====

    Test for TCP
    Port 80 is not found associated with TCP protocol

    Test for TCPv6
    Port 80 is not found associated with TCP protocol

    ===== Tested by attempting to open a socket on port 80 =====

    Your port 80 is not actually used.

  14. after install wamserver 32 when i start cannot run and give message "php-win-system Error,the program cannot start because MSVCR11.dill is missing from your computer.try reinstalling the program to fix this problem " kindly help me thanks

  15. when I'm clicking(right click) on the yellow icon in the right corner of the task bar, it is not opening any kind of menu, as shown in the video @3:40,
    Can you please help me?

  16. Thnaks all mighty ALLAH…and thank you for give me best solution.I want to say everyone please follow this video to solve problem.Now i am happy

  17. i Have faced the (0xc000007b) problem when i run wampserver do you have any solution please (i have installed C++ 2015 and the last version of Framework .NET but it's still dosent work) HELP PLEASE !

  18. Nice tutorial. please I have hosted WordPress on wampserver but could not install themes and plugins. it shows error, what should I do?

  19. Thank you very much I did not know about the last solution to solve problem in Wamp but now I know about this with the help of your video thank you very much.

  20. ___________ FIRST SOLUTION !!!! _______________________________
    Download the .dll files and drop them into c: / windows / system32. Reset the program, fix the problem

  21. text port 80 doesn't show :- ————– right click the wamp icon then tools. you should be able to find it. If your wamp version is 3.0.6

  22. 1. Install it again

    2. Restart the computer

    3. Run wamserver

    4. Good luck

  23. Well when iI install wampserver new version 306 in C: drive everything work ok nothing to complaint ,! But after I tried install wamp to drive d instead c: .Everything is look ok after install an open wamp the icon wampmanager green .Then the nightmare begun when i right click on wampmanager icon to open it panel ,it do nothing .Then i opened the localhost it open ok but in the end of that page report an error " * ERROR * The PHP configuration loaded file is: d:/php/php.ini – should be: d:/wamp/bin/apache/apache 2.4.37 /bin/php.ini or c:/wamp/bin/php/php7.2.14/phpforapache.ini
    You must perform: Right-click icon Wampmanager -> Refresh ". And then when i opened phpadmin web it report "The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration".
    For the first time I was think this error cause by missing mysqli ,but i am was wrong .

    Well I tried to find file php.ini in apache 2437 folder .It doesnt have any file with that name .there is only one file php,ini in folder 7214 and ofcouse phpforapache.ini too. Then I tried to cut file php,ini in this folde and paste it to apache 2437 folder .The result is I can open the panel from wamp manager icon .Then i back to localhost page well the error still there .
    I am start to thinking that wampserver3 only allow install in C drive and everything try to install to another drive (d,e….) insteads C will cause that error. So Is there any one have got solution way to install to another drive insteads C please teach me .Thank

  24. Thank You Soooooooooooooooo much………
    i solved bcoz of you….
    i wasted one day by seeing other videos
    thanks once again

  25. thank very helpful
    but i have a probléme in wampserver
    Le chemin ${INSTALL_DIR}/www pour DocumentRoot n'existe pas (Fichier c:/wamp64/bin/apache/apache2.4.37/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf)

    Le chemin ${INSTALL_DIR}/www/ pour <Directory … n'existe pas (Fichier c:/wamp64/bin/apache/apache2.4.37/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf)
    how to solve it pls ?

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