Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man – How Insomniac Perfected Web-Swinging | PS4

Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man – How Insomniac Perfected Web-Swinging | PS4

Swinging is the number one
thing we had to get right in making a great
Spider-Man experience. To deliver that wish
fulfillment of being Spider-Man, you want to be able to use your
webs to take you up into the air, to spin all over the
city, leap, do a swan dive, almost hit the ground,
and swing back into the sky. That’s Spider-Man. You don’t think of
him on the ground. You think of him swinging
through the concrete jungle gym of New York City. That’s the ultimate fantasy
fulfillment of being Spider-Man. And we knew we had
to get it right. So when it came to swinging, we knew it had to be
physics-based, right? The lines attach
to the buildings and then we start the
pendulum motion from there. We never really wanted
you to feel like anything really got in your way. It’s all about building a sense
of flow, fluidity, momentum. You know, if you
slam into a building, you shouldn’t just face-plant. You should start
running right up it. And then when you get up to it, you should just be
able to catapult over it. We wanted to make sure that we
had a simple control scheme that lets you sort of pick up and
play and get pretty good at it. But at the same time, we wanted
to make sure we had depth in there for an experienced player. So as you play
longer and longer, you’ll find those
little connecting moves. You’ll find the fact
that if you “Wall Run,” you can whip around the corner
either through a button press or even just stick input. You can also do something
we call a “Web Zip” which is a pull straight forward so
your lines go out and you pull, and that gets you some
additional speed boost. The “Point Launch”
is when you throw lines to a particular point. Sometimes it’s a ledge, or
sometimes it’s a streetlamp. And then you can spring
off that when you get in. There’s also “The Dive,” which
is a lot of people’s favorite, a big, huge swan dive. And you kick into a swing
right before you hit the ground. So we want to make sure the
controls are really accessible to begin with, but that
the system had depth. So when you can stick to walls
and you’re agile and you have the webs, then the city
becomes your playground. So when we first started
building New York City, we knew we wanted it to be
a superhero’s playground, which means you can
travel on all surfaces. And one of the biggest
challenges we encountered were the fire escapes. A lot of the team
said, “You know, we can’t have Spider-Man go
through these fire escapes because it’s going
to be too hard.” But what’s New York
without the fire escapes? So now, if you guys
encounter a fire escape, you’ll see that you can actually
“Web Tunnel” through and between fire escapes
which is really cool. We bent over backwards to make
sure that the player would have an unimpeded experience when they’re traversing
New York City. The moment when we figured out
that Insomniac really delivered on that web
swinging was actual at E3. We thought, wow,
this really feels good. This feels greet.
It’s fun. It’s almost therapeutic to just
go and swing through the city and explore the city. But it wasn’t until the
players got their hands on it and we heard the
reactions and we talked to them. And that’s when we
said, “Ah, we did it.”

100 thoughts on “Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man – How Insomniac Perfected Web-Swinging | PS4

  1. I'm so glad I got the game today. Everyone who's getting this game tomorrow. It'll be one of the best moments of your life. The game is AMAZING.

  2. Insomniac strikes again! To all the people who dislike this, too bad, cuz they're definitely making, like, 10 of these

  3. That's nice and all but i want to know if you can have spidey interact with mj. He has a special suit I wanna try out 😉

  4. Received the game a day early in the post but when trying to install the game it blocked me from doing so!!! More pettiness from Playstation ??

  5. Sony porfa me podríais dar antes Spider Man el día 8 mira yo no tengo mucho dinero y diarias muy feliz si me lo regalarais Sony love?

  6. They obviously did their research for Web swinging. I can tell it has a feel from some other Spider Man games. This is gonna blow everyone away.

  7. ついに今日だ!!楽しみ!!!!!
    I'm looking forward to it!!!!!!!!

  8. A little while ago I played the game I bought and started in Iraq before the date is very beautiful. Thank sony for this game???❤️

  9. Pass for me, looks pretty but gameplay looks the same like other spiderman games i have not really enjoyed but tho who do get the game enjoy.

  10. Anyone else gonna be that guy who has no other store to go to but the one that closes at midnight WHEN SPIDERMAN RELEASES and try to get it then lol???

  11. Well done Insomniac! I hope you do another superhero game….The Flash??!! Nah you’ll have to get the license but hey put that into consideration.

  12. I've put several hours into the game at this point, and I can state for a fact that web swinging isn't perfect. Spider-man 2 for gamecube is still the best in that regard.

  13. i just noticed that in 1:18 ur in the advanced suit. But thats the opening scene(which is AWESOME btw) in the game where ur in the classic suit, so how come its different??

  14. the passion and the thoughts Insomniac put into this game is unbelievable! thanks for making such a wonderful Spiderman game! very2 much appreciated!

  15. Having beaten the game now, you guys definitely nailed the web-swinging. Definitely the best in any Spiderman game to date, by far, even though I will still admit a couple of times I still wrestled the controls to "know" what I wanted to do correctly in the moment, since so much of it is context sensitive. But other than a few tiny flaws, it was otherwise nearly perfect. Probably the best you can manage since no system can be absolutely "perfect."

  16. " When u can stick to the walls and u re agile and u have webs, then the city becomes ur playgroun. "
    – The red ugly man

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