India Leads the World in Internet Shuts Downs

India Leads the World in Internet Shuts Downs

In 2014, PM Modi won the elction and came to power. At the India Digital Summit, PM Modi had given a speech and said that, I dream of a digital India where access to information knows no barriers. Citizens of India were relived that India will finally develop. However in terms of technological accessibility, what is happening in India right now is completely different. Many people in India are against the Citizenship Amendment Act and are violently protesting. The state of Assam is strongly protesting as well. The Government is aware that, these protestors are connected via the internet. This is why the government ordered a complete internet shutdown so people can not communicate. Internet services have been shutdown in many places rendering people helpless. Do you think the government ordered internet shutdowns only once? No. They have done this many times all over the country. India has become the country to have the largest number of internet shutdowns in the world. Have a look at this image. On 12th December, there were violent protests in Assam, 12th December PM Modi Tweeted and said that all my brothers & sisters in Assam need not worry about the CAB. I support your beautiful culture, unique identity and your rights. I have no intention of altering it. It will continue to flourish and grow. This is what he said. There was one problem. On that day, since the people of Assam were protesting, the internet was shutdown. Modi knew the governement had ordered this. There were thousands of people in the protests. However we do not know if these people were able to read PM Modi’s Tweet or not. Many people started saying that he knew the government had ordered an internet shutdown, then how could PM Modi send a Tweet telling people not to worry Shutting down the internet in an area and then sending a tweet and telling people not to worry, is extremely ironic. This is a website that tracks the number of internet shutdowns in India. The website has said that in India, the internet has been shutdown 93 times. Look at this image. According to Indian laws, the government has the power to order internet shutdowns in India. For example, Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, etc. will be ordered to shutdown their internet services if anything happens. The government also has the power to tell Website to remove certain articles. For example, in Assam, some districts of West Bengal, Aligarh, Delhi and UP where there were protests, the government had the power to shut down the internet. These shutdowns were only temporary. But in Kashmir, the Internet and all communication has been shut down for 4 months. In 2018 as you can see in the photo, there were 134 internet shutdowns in India. No where in the world internet has been down so many times & India ranks first. Compared to India, in Pakistan, Internet was shut only 12 times. Whereas India has done it so many times. Such long internet shutdowns have occurred in countries like China and Myanmar. This is the first time it has occured in India. You all know that India is a democracy where we have rights to vote and select our representatives. However, once our representatives are elected, they are ordering an internet shutdown. How contradictory. Whenever the government sees people are going against the government and are protesting, the government immediately orders an internet shutdown. The government is trying to control people’s right of “Freedom of Speech”. Immediately shutting down the internet everytime there is a protest, is completely wrong.

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  1. A large number of internet shut downs DUE to India’s second most populous country in the world, many people have the right to protest for any reason in a PEACEFUL way, NOT use violence against police or other people. If protestors are still doing something against police or injuring other people, destroying properties, etc. then the Indian government could still shut down internet service for many people there more often in order to prevent violence or injure people, including police there. Protestors, who have decided to destroy a number of properties like buses, cars, motorcycles, etc. and throw rocks or objects at police or other people, are RESPONSIBLE to pay for any property damages or people’s injuries. Violence is NO excuse! They have to accept that Indian bills have been already passed and India has been working very hard to protect its citizens from neighboring countries.

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