iCarly’s Funniest Web Show Moments! | NickRewind

iCarly’s Funniest Web Show Moments! | NickRewind

Random dancing! [music playing] The muffin basket is in place. Muffins? Well, don’t mind if I do! – And now, time for a confetti surprise!
– Hit it! [screaming] Uh… we’re gonna go
make sure he’s OK. With the sack,
you’ll stay warm and cozy, while doing all the fun things you enjoy. Like making dinner. Showering. Even enjoying hot bowls of chowder. iCarly presents… The Wedgie-Bounce! – The wedgie bounce? Wait, wait.
– And begin! Ah! Hey, stop.
Stop, it feels weird! [laughing] This is so invasive! Yeah, woo! Squash! See, kids don’t eat enough
vegetables these days. – So we’re gonna set a good example.
– Watch this! – Oh!
– What’s wrong? I don’t know. Oh my God, you lost a tooth! See what you get for eating vegetables? The monster rose up out of the coffin, and bit the man’s head off! [screaming] Woo! Yeah! Looking good, Grubbles. What’s up, hot stuff? So how does Grubbles like his new look? Oh, he loves it and it’s been
a real boost to his self-esteem. Well, we’re about to
boost him even higher. Yep, we’re gonna make him
feel super special. By giving Grubbles his very own… Paparazzi ambush! Woo! Grubbles, Grubbles! – Hey, Grubbles!
– Grubbles! It’s Jojo the gigantic baby! [mumbling] Now Jojo, our first question is… How long have you been a gigantic baby? [mumbling] Jojo, how much do you weigh? [screaming] OK, I’m sorry.
I should not have asked that. What’s happening? [screaming] – Where’s my ointment?
– I don’t know! Not even your pasta is safe. [screaming] – Tell me the name.
– You don’t wanna know. Tell me the name of this wind! They call it “The Blowing”. [screaming] Baby Spencer! Eh! Ha-ha-ha, that’s me! Now, you might think you should
use a small toothbrush on a baby. But nope, you use one like this. – And you don’t use tooth paste.
– You use… Ketchup! What? Wait a minute! Nobody mentioned ketchup
at the creative meeting! No, no, no! I don’t want it!
I don’t want it! [screaming] [groaning] [screaming] OK, for our first real iCarly
cooking segment, we’re gonna make… Spaghetti tacos! A dish invented by my brother Spencer. Whose real name is
Latisha McPeanuts. Yeah, no it’s not. So, all you need to make
spaghetti tacos are… – Some taco shells.
– Some spaghetti noodles. – Noodles, noodles!
– Noodles, noodles! Noodles! Our secret sauce. And meatballs. Where are the meatballs? Right about here being dissolved
by my stomach acid. While we make some more meatballs,
please enjoy this word from our Spencer. Diphthong. This has been A Word From Our Spencer. [screaming] Bye Stephen! Random humiliation! [music playing]

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  1. My favorite one is the bra one and the baby one too also the blowing one too also baby spencer too I also love iparty with victorious one on here too I love this can't wait to watch this tonight

  2. Bad things wouldn't happen to lewbert if he stopped being mean reap the seeds that we sow if he's going to be mean to people when you're mean, mean comes back

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