I Snuck GIRLS into This BOYS ONLY Fortnite Server..

I Snuck GIRLS into This BOYS ONLY Fortnite Server..

boys only girls will be bad oh no this way you don't want me to show on the video yes sir are you guys ladies okay I am so freaking excited to post this video but I don't know if the internet is ready for this stuff I posted a video called I found this girl's only for tonight server and in there I found a server I went undercover and this video did amazing do it like it three hundred and thirty six thousand likes I didn't even know that was possible I think that is my most liked video and I posted it six days ago in today's bid I find a boys-only server and those same girls from this vid Amy fool Drake the boys only server with me they go is like secret default it's so good you guys know this stuff that's been going on on the channel recently and just the fact that you're watching this that you're here and you're part of this community I love you guys so much like genuinely whole heart for me to you like here's my heart taken since the last time I uploaded a video you're new welcome that's crazy turn on notifications follow me on Twitter where ever you want to pop this up a little pop-up would a timer okay put 12 seconds if you guys hit the like button on this video within the next 12 seconds alright however much time is left okay hit the like button you'll join a secret cool Club alright watch the entire video I know you guys are gonna enjoy this so that being said are the guys ladies and gentlemen oh you guys know why but right now I just got messaged by somebody named code bindi and he said hey man could you come check out this boys club we made question mark it's way better than the girls club dumb this guy bindi has been telling me about this boys only club actually he saw the girls only Club when I saw this bit it did crazy well she saw the girls only Club and he thought him and his friends could make it way better he's been hyping this up for me for a while and he wants me to join it so I'm gonna go ahead and do that they want to prove I guess the boys only Club is way better than the girls only club you know it's like apparently massive but in order to spice this up instead of just joining the boys I have something that it's a secret only only the Lama and I know right now right Lama dude I'm so sunburned stavros leery I can't spoil it yet but there's something that's gonna happen in this bed that's like so cool okay with that being said this has taken multiple days of planning alright let's do this they're already in the thing I can already hear them talking I'm just gonna join its max TNT and bindi there are the guys who made this this creative circle I think I didn't know that I joined right now someone joining oh yeah hey guys yo can you hear me oh hey it is I megabot I'm looking for your portal right now so I heard something about a boys-only server where Oh boys only girls will be banned this is 1,000% to service this has to be boys exactly like the girls will be server ok I made it in y'all boys I'm here with the girls guys Benny told me you wanted me to join the boys club because apparently what you guys are about to show me is way cooler than the girls club ever was and from what I see so far this is massive dude what's up Andy are you sure I know our clubs better about you sure you wanna locate so I messaged you thinking you'd come with a guy's girl wait am I not allowed with this kid on no wait welcome to boy Ville no girls allowed if you're here for boy club any boy would know where we like to hang out this okay wait so do you guys have like a whole initiation and everything for this boys club oh yes we do what didn't you like to know okay hold on tell you what I would love to know I would love to know so is it all right if I could like leave the party change my skin and then come back and then like I don't know he made a video last time guys I can hear your yeah we'll give you a chance but cannot let the girls in and you can't have a girl skin alright one more thing when you join in you have to pass contest if you complete I guess we can let you in and then do I get to see all you guys is like secrets and stuff to you the girl I mean I can't really see watch it here but I'm assuming if you guys think this is cooler than the girls club like there has to be something going on no I I would love to be a part of your boys club alright imma leave actually wait can I bring some friends with me to join the club is that Alright are they boys yeah by the way oh but I can bring them how many how many how many other I think I have like two two or three people in mind I'll be right back boys all of your right back now that we made it out of there and now that we've seen that this boy clubs actually exist it's kind of small compared to the ladies club which you guys seem to like a lot I told you guys I had something to spice this up alright in but this is interesting and it's probably the title of the video but here's what's going on whenever we join the server last time it was someone named Tim Jana and Anna showing us through their girls-only server whenever they were showing us the server they did a great job on it and they said no boys allowed right they didn't want their secrets shared I told them I would try to make it up to them somehow for like posting a video about their girls only Club so what I figured we would do those same three girls are ready to get in this boys only server with me be my they're gonna be my default boyfriends okay don't get that out don't get that twisted they're gonna say they don't have a Mike we're gonna go through it and then the plan is gonna be for them to expose that their girls at the very end let me pull over discord alright I told them to be on discord like we were ready to record this bit there's been a lot of planning into this guys but can they are online let me drag them in uh they should be ready to go I think they're already off for Day two hello hello hey okay I'm recording right now can is are all is everybody here you guys ready to go yeah let me tell you okay what I need you to do is just go through this with me all right be the best boy I guess you could be I know you guys don't want to be boys but just pretend like you don't have a mic just go through it and then at the very end we'll expose that you guys are girls and I think it'll be pretty funny sounds good so I told the girls YouTube to make their accounts behind the scenes like their undercover dude accounts I guess his cars in football 99 what are you alright oh by the way yo viewers I haven't promoted this in this video but you sold 1 million V books are you guys ready to infiltrate this boys server yes let's do it no no no I need it in like a manly like yes yeah yes let us do it one final thing while we ready up can you guys set a light goal let's say ninety thousand nine two thousand all right let's do it oh my gosh alright YouTube easy you guys I think we can do ninety thousand likes on one hour one hour alright my default guy friends let's do this we're in for sake of YouTube clarity I'm gonna be able to talk to the girls while I'm talking to the guys but they can't hear each other okay like I'm in I'm in discord with the girls just letting you guys know I don't want it to be confusing ladies I mean dudes I mean ladies pretend fall Oh me alright yo hey can you guys hear me hello yo max dude alright guys I'm back I I brought my my friends oh my god what is your skin in white he's all ghosts no okay they're not girls they're um they're all defaults but they're actually dudes they just they're fans okay they're random fans from last video I just picked IGN's and just added them and y'all look like they're totally dudes like this like look at their user not yet yeah you don't really choose what eat both skin so I guess that's sure so uh are you guys ready to take the test yeah I'm ready and it's like completely boys only two so like I'm I'm good to go I don't know why I felt the need to say that to you say if you're following out to be another boy and if you fail any part of this test you won't be able to see our club and any other secrets we have now that we have any all right so welcome to boy Ville no girls allowed if you're here for boy club any boy would know where we like to hang out the most oh this one's easy definitely not the gas station or the church wait is this like the best is this the whole test yes no that's not the whole test this is easy guys I like literally I could do this in my sleep 1000% to arcade is where the boys would go I think one of your boy boys and from the wait whoa one of your boys found a way welcome male species enjoy your stay and the boys country club boys only wait was that a boys only nope this is not it oh there's way more girls I'm tweaking this is my bindi did you build this I did my guy how long did this oh my gosh whoa whoa this is so cool okay you don't see this in the girls club all the girls they're probably about I'm gonna get them to say some mean stuff about the girls club all right let's do it okay what what do I do here what's the rest of this you've got up you've gotta beat us to see who can I get the high score with the pigskin you know okay I don't even know if I oh my gosh good blood okay let me check I don't even think I have this emote guys I don't know if my default friends have this emote either is that is that okay oh no okay tell you what if I make this first try can can my friends join like to you because I know they're just defaults and probably don't only first try okay easy peasy yeah yeah watch this boom I think I think I think that's it so all done you did it dude that was easy I'm not gonna lie I think I'm a lot better at these these boys test than I was at the girls test cuz you know it's like make sense yeah yeah do your friends have names do they have names um yeah yeah yeah of course they're special yeah there's cars in football um there's bongo cat and then shoot girls what's your other name quick quick evil people and then default – two three – puzzle you must really be avoided yeah yeah they love cars in football it's crazy actually I'd no no I I said I'm only inviting guys to this and they since they're like fans and they watch the vid like of course they're dudes right so like we jump if you're a guy girls jump girls jump no they all jumped I saw it I saw girls follow me girls fall we gotta go before they go what is your bindi how much time did you guys spend on this map this is crazy it's buckle I'll like cause okay I have something to say before this part continues okay so this is the quiz Landon will be the one to get the guns but I want all the three default boys to pick where they're gonna go first and then Landon will choose based on where they go what would you want a boy rather bio easy blue easy easy so what what do you want my default friends to do would you rather buy a teddy bear or would you rather buy a car yo girls it's probably car I'm just letting you know right now you go over you know they're dudes right so they just like take they they like taking that like that first step you know just breaking it like whether I was even ready yeah yeah that's crazy this is what would have happened to you and a teddy bears if you picked the teddy bear dude I'm not gonna lie I like this guy's only Matt man this is really cool a boy's favorite childhood TV show all right ladies go over definitely to bar neither done well since I'm 1,000% not a girl and I definitely trust my my dudes over here 100% Barney the Dinosaur pretty spooky guys I I know it's really weird that all three of my default friends fans don't have mics but I promise they're guys like it's it's really like they're dudes like why would a girl did you ask them yeah I did I did they all were like yeah like look at their usernames cars and football like come on oh this is easy look spooky boom all right next thing girls follow me follow me before they could saw us I want Eve boys to do it one by one I don't know why I don't want the girl dude why do you think they're girls so much man this is started making some ghosts can you think I would let girls get in the boys only server no okay let's keep going one by one go and answer these questions oh the girls I'm so sorry dude I don't know what these are it's Landon or do you hope you man Oh what no guys good you both these girls right now go the other way before they get to us yeah easy I think cars and football just just really nice but I had my eye on this I mean that's fine that's the thing we left it I guess you can come through whoa what is dude this thing is crazy of course it is of course we built it bub the bill via girl nope I wish to have girls video and yeah they need to look good but I think ours is way better honestly dude it's way bigger it's way better the parcours way better like girls rule boys drool am i right like my my friends agree to you right boys boys rule girls I'm so sorry okay does this room seem familiar at all this room what do you mean look around in real life and look yeah and we I designed this room after you wait wait after me what do you mean yeah hold on I need to get a better look at this one second wait so this room is oh my god wait are those my llamas other girls do this Lennon with the girls that go this much detail you know honestly girls rule I mean boys rural girls drool right so girls would they want to do anything close to this their girls only server was kind of cool but I mean like look at this dude this is crazy yeah I hate it come on I wouldn't let girls in a dude's only server that's dumb that then it would be called a girls and dudes server I think you guys passed the test are what's this whoa we made it this is so up welcome to that well you're saying about being a man a boy is freedom meaning you can explore this and free to explore all of the contents of the boys club you know I totally understand why you would be a little sauce and not convinced that my friends and I are ready but let me give you this argument okay I'm more than ready I can like I know I'm a dude all right you got to trust me when I say that these girls are dudes I mean that these dudes are so what would I need to do to prove that I'm ready how about I said you girls are dudes I've been girls are girls so many times dude I actually got a medicine that you tell them okay we're gonna talk wait Jenna what No no don't believe we have to know please don't expose yourself yet we're almost there I think we're about to figure out this you yeah yeah yeah I'm here yeah what's up me and bendy we'll race you and cars in football oh yeah TK race we run this thing one lap one go and if you guys beat us we may show you what we have in store like the even secret are part of the boys club then I'll get promoted from boy to man hey I know you didn't have races in your girls club but we got it we gotta rek them and this first try okay can't do this for us Tam do it for the girls I'll do it for the boys back home but three this is it damn good luck damn good luck this is easy because I'm I'm a man I think my course is not fair I'm not gonna lie I think I tied with mags yeah but cars in football I told him he would be able to prove himself he's a beast at driving in cars I want to apologize for ever doubting you if you are you beat me and you came first and you are truly a boy well a man sorry for doubting all of you I guess I love this I love being in just a server with just men you know this is great just only men here wait so why did you guys build the server again you just wanted like to build the boys only Club we saw the girls only server and we just thought that we could make something better and what's better than a girls only server a boys only server of course and bendy I don't know if you're are you ready to show them bendy wait show me wait now that we made it or we got to get to see the secrets okay first off Luke please edit this photo Luke leave it in the plane to meet I control your attic sleeve this is just way too this is just for you right now not for the video okay wait you guys don't want me to listen a bit no no but we all get to see it okay yo Luke don't don't put this in the bed yo Luke leave it wait so guys what am I looking at what what is this and this is all pass code whoa I'll pass code join me join me to enter the secret password in action wait you guys actually a pass code and your boys only server what how does this work yeah take my gun oh I can't even job it you're gonna have to tell me the code I can't drop my gun okay okay okay one and this is actually gonna work yeah this is our password all right boom – okay three girls that they like thinking all these strategic things they don't know it's the simplest thing okay oh this is what you don't want me to show on the video yes girls I don't know you should see this okay it says YouTube channel livestream on their YouTube account his choice girls girls oh well steps are very secret and we will complete all of them this is crazy so this is what you don't want girls to see this cuz you guys have like this master plan when a good guy we want well peace I know thank you guys so much for letting me be a part of the boys club in the man club you know cuz like I'm really glad I got to see this and you know a girl's got to see it I gotta say something they're really girls we have to be gaps here girls you think this is the right we're buddies row we convert all of Lennon's female views and again okay you guys can talk wait wait wait wait cars at football Oh guys knew it I knew community was something up I gotta be honest okay I gotta be 100% honest my default friends are really upset because these are secretly the girls who made the girls only Club you betray feed us what about cars a football the fact thing you said oh this just makes me really mad like why would you do that okay like we could expect this don't behave you from girls belong there why don't you bring girls awesome dude did you ever think of it I don't think so cars of way low chill chill yo girls boys okay you know what this the secret sup girls get on this side of the room guys if it's backup okay here's why I did it let me explain alright so whenever wait max why are you on this side whenever join the girls only server I felt kind of bad because like I exposed their secrets and I told them I would make it up to them by letting them you know see what the boys only server was all about and you know they could tell you whenever I was in discord this whole time with them they said that they loved this server right girls okay and how would you gonna make it up for sure I honestly I kind of just wanted you guys to talk to each other because I see a big theme going on I see people saying the guys are better than girls or girls are better than guys and like these clubs are better than each other but you know I think we should have a girls and boy club like why not I don't want cause in it Oh guys girls you're not supposed to beef no no no no I want to tell you guys the comments which ones better it's a boys only club or the girls only right if this video does well I mean we'll see what the audience thinks your viewers what did you think girl girls versus boys server you know I don't want to make this like a challenge cuz I want everybody to be friends but you know what I thought both of you guys the servers were pretty cool how about if it hits like gold we work together on me not make a boy club on a girl club that everybody can join girls what do you think about that I mean we said no so I guess you could do that if this is 90 thousand the girls will build a club with the guys I know you're totally wait so guys can I stay in the men's club the boys club I don't know if we can even keep this up the secrets have been revealed last video they kicked you how about we kick then yeah go cat was just kick yeah welcome back ladies and gentlemen I knew something was gonna go awry I had a good feeling the boys and the girls would start beefing but hello hello now that you ladies are here what did you think of that serve so much better you guys has progressed more but I think the guys like theirs was bigger you know like you know now that you guys went through that are we even I guess we're even yeah we can call it even okay now that you got to see all the boys secrets yeah boys really aren't that I like speaking from experience we really don't have that many like cool hype secrets like it's really just like a football and stuff alright with all of that being said ladies and gentlemen I think this one's pretty good who would have expected it would've turned out this way I know I did it if you guys are new around here make sure you do subscribe turn on notifications it should be a floating belt shoot the like button with all of your hearts pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew Luke I expect edits that are cool shooting out of my fingers if you made it to the end of the video just thank you for watching the whole way through like you guys watching this whole bin really means a lot let me know if you guys want to be in one of these vids or if you have an idea for one of these but most importantly I hope you did enjoy I hope you have a wonderful beautiful safe and amazing day goodbye everybody holy crap dude

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