How to use in a white-hat link building strategy.

How to use in a white-hat link building strategy.

Hi guys, it’s David James from Business Growth
Digital Marketing. And in this video, I am going to talk to you
about how you can use to get some links back to your website. So the example that I am going to use is a
personal blog of mine called And I am going to use the example with this
blog post “16 Fun, but different ways to explore Jamaica.” So this platform is a curation platform that
curators use to find content that they can republish on their site. Now, they will typically republish snippets
of the post or they will actually republish the link on their platform. So that could be on the platform
or it could be on their own website or a website that they manage. So it is a good way to get exposure and to
potentially get some really good links back to your website. Now the links from, I am not exactly
sure how much of an impact it will make. But if you are in a smaller niche, it could
give you that extra edge to get those additional rankings. In a more competitive niche, it is probably
not going to give you the impact that you really need, but the exposure on this platform
could create opportunities to appear on other websites that will give you the link that
you need to get your site ranking well on Google. So what I am going to do is I am going to
go to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) to show you what can happen when
you share your links on this platform. So look at this top line. It is and you can see that there
is 123 links pointing back to the website from the platform. Now it is pointing to one page and that is
the 16 Fun, but different things to do in Jamaica page. Now I know that I didn’t submit the page 123
times. I shared it maybe around 10 times or maybe
20 times to the people that would actually be interested in this topic. But somehow, more links have been generated. I think that I submitted the content around
September 2015 and I have been able to get a few backlinks since then. So that is quite encouraging that the links
will give a bit of authority to the web page and also help to diversify the link portfolio. Now if I go back to, I am actually
going to show you how I was able to achieve this. So, these are examples where I have suggested
the content and the people have actually republished the link onto their page. So, the good thing with this platform is that
you can go onto someone’s profile and you can suggest a link. If they like the content, then they will just
re-scoop it. And if they like it even more, the link can
feature on one of their websites. So I am going to show you how I actually went
about doing it. I am going to use a keyword that is related
to this. And I am going to hit search. Okay, so now we have got some search results
and we could go here where it says that it is “Caribbean Island Travel”. But just for the sake of doing something new,
I am going to go here. So “Itsyourbiz – Travel – Enjoy Life”. This guy he’s interested in this type of content. SO what I am going to do is I am going to
go to the blog and I am going to grab the URL and then when I go back, you can actually
see where you have got the “suggest”. And all I am going to do is copy and paste
this and suggest it as a link. So it’s come up with a content page where
you can put in some tags. So I am just going to put in a few tags. Travel, digital nomad, nomad, lifestyle, reggae,
food. You can put in whatever tags that you want
to. I am just going to put that in and I am going
to suggest this content to him. Then you will receive a confirmation. And you have got a free account, which allows
you to submit 5 scoops per day. But if you have a paid account, it will allow
you to submit a lot more. Now I have submitted some of the content before
and I am going to show you quickly. How it looks like when you are successful
with getting the post accepted. So you can see here that the post got accepted
in And it has just given me a confirmation on
the post that I submitted before. Now I want to show you an example of what
happens when a curator actually takes your submission and publishes it on their own website. This site is called “RumShopRyan”. And in 2016, he actually published his Caribbean
Weekly wrap-up. And he actually published the link and a snippet
from my site. So if I just click on that, it should open
up the web page and there we go. So it is quite a handy way to build links. It is quite simple. Something that I would bear in mind is you
need to have quite good content. If you have really good content, it is going
to be much easier for you to submit so you can get the links back to your site and people
will be more inclined to share the content. Check out this method. Log onto and create an account. Start sharing your content and start reaping
the rewards by getting some links that will help you with your search engine rankings. If you liked this video, please give it a
like. If you also liked it, please don’t forget
to subscribe and share the content. Thanks for watching and I will see you next

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