How To Speed Up WordPress | Viper Cache Review

How To Speed Up WordPress | Viper Cache Review

Hey it’s Jay with Rave Review and IMwithJay and today we’re gonna look at a quick and simple way to speed up your
WordPress site. So if you’re like me you use WordPress for some of your sites or
maybe all of your sites and you know you get in there you install WordPress you
put in maybe the your favorite plugins and you get your site looking good you
install whatever theme you like or customize the theme for for getting you
know getting exactly what you want and it looks great but there’s one problem.
It’s slow your WordPress site is slow you go load it up on a nice desktop or a
nice laptop it’s slow you go load it up in your mobile device and it’s slow and
you gotta fix that because Google is already facing is part of your ranking
factor on speed as well as with the looming mobile index mobile first index
coming from Google yeah you just have to make sure your site is loading and
operating as quickly as possible for mobile devices so and one of the
quickest and easiest ways to do that is to install a caching plug-in and your
WordPress site so there’s free ones out there but there’s also a brand new paid
option called Viper cache and what I decided to do was kind of test two of
the most popular free ones and then test Viper cache which is a paid option but I
think at the end of the day and based on the results I’ve seen so far and I’m
gonna show you is the best option so as you can see here I have a default
WordPress install this is just a test domain that I have that I’ve set up with
a subdomain and have just installed WordPress on it the only thing I’ve put
on here is a a roofing theme from the offline sharks and I’ve put in their
default content so there’s on in and there’s some blog posts and that
stuff really designed you know go out for you know go after roofers or sell to
roofers for a website let me just kind of show you what that what it looks like
normally you can kind of get a feel for how how its loading here I’m using
Chrome to show you this just so you know that’s doing it today just a typical
website it’s got some images and stuff and you know contact forms and that kind
of stuffs got a blog anything like that so just a typical web site close that
back out very default you can see air I’ve no other plugins I’m not doing
anything else with this website I’ve trying to make it as clean as possible
and then the way I’m doing my testing is I’m using Firefox for the test and I’m
using the tool called Pingdom that goes out and just gives you a rough idea of
how your website is performing it’s not an exact science you know because
there’s so many variables involved between the testing location and your
host and all this stuff so but it at least gives you an idea of what you can
expect what Google might be seeing from your website so as you can tell as you
can see the Kovacs chrome here I have none of the caches and activated right
now they’re all disabled so should just be a clean default WordPress install so
let’s give this thing a test right now long Viper tests test op space I’m gonna
choose New York I’m in Raleigh North Carolina so New York’s the closest
location you can come here you can choose they’ve got four different
locations you know choose the whatever’s the closest to you and I definitely
advise you before you do anything with caching plugins it’s you know go ahead
over to Pingdom its tools Kingdom comm put in your you know put in your
homepage and choose the site that’s closest to you and then you just click
start test now depending sometimes they have you could put in a queue if they’re
real busy but it was like today thankfully there’s no queue at the
moment so you can see it’s not too bad Google wants your site to load under
three seconds so you’re really your goal is to get under three seconds you can
see here I’m closer to five and a 4.8 – you kind of see you know kind of what
what’s going on here you know definitely getting some bad grades around the
browser caching but overall you know this it’s a pretty clean theme and and
it loads pretty quickly on that site so obviously if I added some more content
or bigger different images and stuff it might you know change speed a little bit
or if I optimize the images a little better it might change the load speed as
well but from just a base install clean site no caching you saw 4.8 – is my
result so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna step away step off the camera here and
I’m just gonna walk through and probably speed this up because it you know it
does take a little bit of time to kind of go through each one clean my brows
are in between each test but what I’m gonna do is you’ll see I’m just gonna
walk through I’m gonna walk through testing each caching plug-in and for the
most part using their default settings one of the things I like about the VIPRE
which is the paid option is that their default settings it’s super simple
there’s not a ton of options so if you’re looking for a simple caching
plug-in that is very effective a VIPRE does a really good job some of
the free ones they give you I would say maybe more control over what your
caching where you’re not caching but as you’ll see as I go through it it’s a
little more complicated and and basically any time I go through them I
have to go research ok and find somebody that tells me exactly how I should be
setting this up because honestly I don’t understand all the options either I’m
gonna walk through it I’m gonna speed it up a bit so we can
get through it and and then we’ll look at the final results once we’re once
we’re ready so that you can see here let’s take this first little screenshot
here of take a screenshot here this is my clean
it’s like no caching and we’re just gonna save that out so all right be
right back with you with you actually a little surprised by
some of the results because I ran these exact test the other day and at least
with w3 total cache I got a completely different result so
but let me let’s just walk back through kind of recap what we saw and I’ll tell
you what I did and why I have an actual extra extra screenshot up here as well
so we started out clean site no caching logged in and we were at four point
eight two seconds you can see the other 82 gray you know
size and everything the number of requests first thing we did we did we
enabled viber and you can saw how simple the interface was that may a couple
check basically check box there’s little sliders that you turn on and off and I
just left it at the default I just turned it on the nice thing about Viper
is it preloads your homepage and then whatever your most popular a few of your
most popular pages so it kind of does that by default that’s why I did a
refresh real quick just to see and then checked how many pages were loaded into
the cache and then ran the tests against it and it came back and it automatically
made an improvement you know down to 2.3 seconds the great went up to 96 you know
paid sighs you know down by almost two Meg requests down by 33 so and then the
one that surprised me a little bit I claimed cleaned the browser I disabled
VIPRE enable of w3 total cache and then you didn’t see me do it but I actually
because I had already done this test before but there was a couple things
when you install it about a fault you do have to turn it on you have to turn on
the different a couple of the caches so I turned on just some of the basic ones
I didn’t look at any instructions or anything I definitely recommend if you
go with w3 total cache which there again there’s a free option for definitely you
know do some research find a good article that talks about settings
because there’s a lot of settings and you know you can sometimes you can
turn stuff on and it breaks things within your website if you know what
you’re doing and sometimes you know you you can turn on a bunch of stuff so
anyway I turned on most some of the most basic things like the page cache the
date the minify and the database caching that type of stuff and you can see here
it actually outperformed VIPRE you may have also noticed that I ran the
test twice and the reason I did that is because it does not preload so w3 total
cache doesn’t preload any thing into your cache by default so when I ran the
test the first time it kind of came back almost with the same results as having
no cache and then once I ran into the second time and it had cached the home
page you can see I got a nice result I actually get a slightly higher grade
page size the same but you’ll notice that the requests are lower so so it
actually you know did a better job than the VIPRE cache on that particular
instance there again the other day when I ran that I ran two tests multiple
times like that I was still getting load times in the four or the three point
something seconds and so that’s actually a little surprising to me today that
it’s changed so much and I don’t know that the plugins been updated or
anything so it’s kind of interesting and then the last test was the W piece super
cache and it you know I ran it just had to do the same thing it has some default
settings I just left the default settings there again you could probably
find articles that kind of dig in because they have a lot of settings as
well kind of dig it in and tell you what settings to tweak maybe there’s some
more things you can turn on I just turned it on basic default because I’m
assuming that you know a lot of WordPress users you don’t you know when
it’s been a ton of time with this caching plug-in you want to be able to
go and install it turn it on and let it do its thing which is one of the reasons
I really like life or because the options are super clear super simple
turn it on and let it do its thing but you can see here that even I run the
test a couple times I still I did get a you know a slight boost but it really
didn’t make a whole lot of at least in these tests and that’s kind
of what I saw the other day as well with WP super cache so I then decided to run
I went in to the Viper settings and let me show you that is that by default you
can see that you know some of these are disabled so I went ahead and just
enabled everything except for in this particular case I don’t have HTTPS site
so I didn’t enable that but I enabled all the rest of them saved it let it
kind of reload the pages and ran the test again and Pingdom and you know it
did come back and it outperformed the w w3 total cache at that point it still
has a slightly lower grade it’s still doing the 52 request and page sizes you
know but it actually pulled it up different a little this slightly faster
so I think it being the day what I get from this is what I got from it the
other day when I ran these tests was that Viper outperformed everything what
I got from my test today shooting the video is that w3 total cache looks like
you can it can compete and and they do have a paid option you can pay their
option but it’s I believe it’s ninety-nine a year for their paid option
Vipers unspecial for about half of that right now
so I would just encourage you to take a look so you can definitely use the free
option for w3 total cache find some articles that walk you through all the
settings as you use you you know let me show you really quick let me come in
here and show you w w3 total cache because I just want you to see like with
VIPRE you can see this is your options I mean this is it I mean you know you’ve
got some basic stuff you can clear your cache up here that you know manually if
you want it to and VIPRE also has some technology in place to where they only
you know clear the cache of the page you’re working on so it’s not like you
have to clear your whole cache every time you do something it’s got some
intelligent kind of rebuilding and stuff so that your whole site doesn’t get
thrown out of the cache just because you’ve updated a blog post or something
like that so I like that about VIPRE cache as well
but you can see here very simple settings on and off and getting able in
that type of stuff so I’m gonna actually turn it off
save it my go to plugins I just want to show you what I you know in these tests
you ended up being you know a decent competitor which was the w w3 total
cache activate that backup and you can see here it’s under performance you can
see there’s a whole lot more stuff involved here which if you’re if you’re
techy and you really want to dig in it’s a great option but if you really just
want something super simple I really think it’s worth the the small amount
really per year the micro cache is so but you can see here there’s all these
different settings and like I saved by default none of these are enabled so I
enable page cache I’m able to minify the database cache and I think that’s and
browser cache I think that’s about it most of that stuff’s not enabled when
you first get it so you really have to I think if you go the free route you go to
the w3 total cache route you’re gonna need to find a good article on how to
configure this and then test it and they do have a preview mode there so you can
kind of test and see and make sure it doesn’t break anything because depending
on what’s going on with your site every site is different and you got different
plugins different things all that kind of stuff every sites different you also
know that with the speed test that every site everything you’re hosting there’s
so many variables involved it just because I’m getting these results
doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna get those results with either the free
one or the paid one so you really have to you know give it a shot you know but
if you do go three route find an article that really tells you how to understand
you know the different things you’re turning along or the different option
because there’s a ton of options and within the w3 total cache but which is
why in general if you activate that one more time in general if you just want you if you
don’t mind shelling out just a little bit of money per year for your cash and
plugin for your site I really think you’ll find that the Viper cash competes
extremely well you know and actually outperforms some of the other the free
options and as you can see very simple turn it on can turn on these extra ones
it’s a if you got HTTP you turn that on as well and you’re done and let it do
its thing you know and it preloads and there again has the intelligent loading
so that you know it’s not wiping out your entire cache every time you update
a blog post or everything you know they did only updates that page so I hope
this has been helpful it’s been insightful to me because like I said the
other day when I ran these tests VIPRE was the clear winner today I would say
that you know I think if you if you want to spend time and you have the time to
invest in you more techie then you know the w3 total cache with a good article
explaining all the features and everything and that might be – you know
there’s the free way to go but VIPRE cache is definitely the simplest way to
go in his own special right now so I definitely encourage you to use the link
below to check it out and hope this has been helpful if you’ve enjoyed this hit
the subscribe button and be notified next time I do a review kind of test
like this and I appreciate it and hope you have a great day

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  1. Thanks Jay for the honest review. Such a breath of fresh air to see someone doing an unbiased review with results.

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