How To Speed Up Any Internet Connection On Windows 10 (really easy)

How To Speed Up Any Internet Connection On Windows 10 (really easy)

Hello guys, welcome back to another episode
and today we gonna be show you something really special. How to speed up any Internet connection
on Windows 10. Before that let me tell you something. This video don’t promote any scam
programs. All the tricks we are using here is 100% legit, legal and test working, and
one last thing before get start. Any of this tricks shown in this video won’t cause any
kind of damage to your device or software. For the time saving, i’m gonna show you. What
speed we will get after the speed up process? , and what speed we will get before the speed
up process?, simultaneously in split screen. Have a look, after and before. On the left
side of the screen your are seeing the speed test we took before the speedup process and
o the right side your seeing the speed test that we took after the speed up process. It’s
both showing simultaneously because of the video editing softwares. For you to know what
you can expect from this video. Well that’s it let’s start. If you’re suffering with your
internet speed or if you wanna boost your bad ass internet to the next level, this is
the video for you. I’m not talking about doubling your Internet speed with some creepy softwares.
let’s say good by to those scams. All i’m talking about how you get the maximum speed
out of your internet connection. Or how you get the maximum from what you paying for.
Literally you can consume the extremely level of your internet speed form your available
band width. Without spending a single penny more. You can speedup any internet connection
on your windows world wide. Whether it is your broadband, wireless broadband, wifi,
public wifi, usb dongle, fiber wire connection. What ever it is you can speed it up, with
my method. No matter who your service provider, no matter which connection type you have.
Forget it all, keep watching. I have the solution and i’m gonna give it you for free. Before
starting the process let’s gonna check my internet speed, for first time. Let’s see
what we got. going to the which is the best speed test website out there ever
and my personal favorite, link will be in the description. Checkout that, if you wanna
test your connection. Now you can see the server here, keep it in mind. Now i’m gonna
hit the stat test button. It’s measuring my connection, here you can see my connection
speed, guys it showing 700 kbps of downloading speed, it’s near 1 mbps, 1000 kbps is equal
to 1 mbps. So let’s say it’s close to 1 mbps. and my up is showing 400 kbps , keep this figures and server on your mind for the
testing purpose. Let’s start speed up. Step number 1, i’m gonna name it “Group policy
editor” i know some one of you, out there are not aware of this kind of this (group
policy editor) for them i’m gonna tell you, how to get the group policy editor thing,
on windows 10. and before that i wanna tell you something. Especially for those are not
running a windows 10 home version. Guys you are unlucky. Unfortunately the group policy
editor is only available on windows 10 superior versions than home version. Like pro, enterprise
etcetera. I feel sorry to say that but it is true. Of course you can try the step two
to seedup your internet. Wait and watch that, or you can try searching some trick to get
the group policy editor on your windows 10 home version. whatever i’m not forcing you
to do that guys. You’re own your own. But what we are gonna do to day is 100% safe and
tested working as i said earlier on this video. follow my instructions let’s start. click
on the windows icon or some how get to the start menu, and search run, and click on run,
and type “gpedit.msc” inside the search box, i mean inside the run search box, and hit
enter or press ok. Now you can see something like this on your desk top. This is it guys,
group policy editor. Double click on computer configuration, then double click on administrative
templates, then double click on network, then double click on Qos packet scheduler. Wow!
there was too many thens and double clicks. Shit!, then double click on. Oops! ok just
open limit reserve bandwidth. What we gonna do is, change the bandwidth limit. You can
see by default it is 80%, lets change it to 0% to get the maximum speed out of your internet
connection. You got me people!, make it zero. If you can’t access this box, make sure you
selected enable up here. Now click on apply. Next hit this button previous settings. Now
we are in the different section, numbers of packets settings. By default it is showing
65535. Change it to the maximum. Let’s click inside and type 4 and hold zeros.. as long
as you can. Now press enter. Now it’s showing something, some dialogue box. It shows the
number in this field was larger than the maximum value of four and zero, zero, zero, zero.
Ok four and nine zeros. So we got the maximum value. Press ok now you can see, it’s in the
maximum. That’s all you can do on group policy editor. Click on apply and exit group policy
editor. Now let’s start step 2, open dns super speed. Get to this web page. link will be
in the description and choose a dns form this give high speed dns servers. If
you don’t know what the heck is a dns server. Just google it, we don’t have the damn time
to explain that kind of things. Just kidding guys. according to wikipedia, a open dns is
a company and service which extend the domain name system, dns by adding features such as
pushing protection and optional content filtering to traditional recursive dns services. What
the heck that means? ok!. Now you can found lots of other dns servers on internet, out
there. I found something for you. The best once among dns servers and i put it on my
website. so you can find it more easily. It’s seems like there is more you can google it
and if you want you can get more dns servers. I tested most of them and i found the best
one that perfectly work for me. You can try them all your self and figure out which one
will perfectly work for you. Your best maybe different. If you have some extra time try
each one of them and found the best high speed dns for you. I will show you a demonstration
on how to add this high speed dns on your PC. Example, i’m gonna use this dns server
to boost my internet on windows 10. let’s add this high speed dns to my network adapter.
for that let’s click on the network icon or internet icon. You can find the network icon
or internet icon on the bottom right side of your task bar on your Windows 10 PC. Then
click on open network and sharing center form this popup menu. Now click on the change adapter
settings. Then choose your network adapter, right click on it, select properties. scroll
down and un-check the setting, internet protocol version 6. Up here, you can see internet protocol
version 4, double click on it. Now it’s time to add the dns server. Just click on use the
following dns server addresses now go to the webpage. Fetch your high speed dns server.
Copy the first one and past it to the preferred dns server field. Now go and get the second
one and past it to the alternate dns server. Then hit ok. Here we go!. All the optimization
process have been done. Now let’s run another speed test and see what change. Going to the, you can see we are testing with same server. Oops, before that i’m gonna
delete the cookies and caches on my browser. So that we can get more accurate result on
this website. It’s done, i’m hitting the start test button. It is testing. Wow, unbelievable
guys. Downloading speed is showing 1.1 mbps, that means 1100 kbps. Before optimization
or speedup process it’s only shows 700 kbps. So it is a great achievement. Hit like if
you like this achievement. Then what about the uploading speed, it shows far better than
before. 500 kbps, previously it’s only shows 300 kbps, i mean before the speed up process.
So its a complete success. I wish this could helpful to you to boost your internet connection.
If you found my video helpful, please a thumbs up and show me the love. If you have any new
trick, comment it below, i love to here them. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask. It
my pleasure to replay you guys. Thank you.

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  1. Hello bro i pay for 2mbps for my internet. I got 2mbps . But is there any tricks that i can increase it to 10mbps.

  2. Wow dude thank you so much. This bumped my Mbps up from 1.4ish to 94.12!!!!!!!!
    This really helped thank you so much

  3. i'll let you know if the settings improve things. i wouldn't recommend people to mess about with their DNS Settings, though

  4. It really made a difference! I was downloading a big file and it was telling me that it will be done in 59 minutes but after the change it went down to 21 minutes!
    Thanks dude and bless you!

  5. Super annoying video, the irritating music, if you call it that, the speech is absolutely not from an English born person, like Wideo and how you say Apply??? My goodness. Then I ask why should we all connect to a DNS that is on the other side of the planet??? Ever heard of relocating yourself closer to a faster internet connection? That's called moving!!! Save a lot….
    Better to geek something else, eh I mean tweek!

  6. Video starts at 3:32 Sucks that you have this shitty ass song repeating in the background over and over. I had to mute and subtitles for god sakes.

    Also its great that he's pulling from a site called "SmartPhoneHacker. Really trustworthy.

  7. I reset my back to stander DNS server setting 4 and 6 TCP I got a better rate of download and upload, very odd? DNC 6tpc was disabled test was low, but enable it was a bit higher, using 4 DNS TCP not that great got lower scale? I have no clue why it happens

    using wifi connection, I have two internet service paying for in case one fail (blackout to say)

  8. Prefered DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    And 1Mbps is not good… At all, actually it's terrible. I recommend having higher than at the minimum (I'm being generous here) of 3Mbps, if you see Kbps then your internet is either absolute hot garbage or is being slowed down from an interior or exterior person or program, or you have far too many people or objects using the internet at once.

    I recommend for the best experience having anything above 5Mbps at lowest and go as high as possible for best performance.

    If you have somewhere at 30Mbps to 300Mbps then you have Medium to High Tier internet. If you have lower then you have Low tier and if you have even lower then you have broken to Nie unuseable internet.

  9. Tnx man "DNS.WATCH" Fix my steam network connection & fix my tencent emulator update too.U make my day bro.🙂Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  10. for ppl who dosn't have Gpedit.msc >>>>> <<<<<< win 10 home edition

  11. What!!! 1Mbps down and 0,52 Mbps up ??? Do you call this "Internet" … I have 298,88 Mbps down and 27,83 Mbps Upload and I am still complaining :)))

  12. This seemed to help make my connection more consistent thanks! I did the DNS server codes on my old ps4 and simply didn’t know how to access that on my new pc

  13. "If you dont know what a DNS server is, just google it, we dont have the DAMN time to explain that kind of thing"

    Yet you spend 3 minutes on the intro to this video…

  14. myth: using google's dns server will make everyones internet faster.
    truth: using the closest dns server to your local machine will make loading web pages variably faster
    procedure: install the program called namebench from the google archives webpage

  15. gotta say i was suspicious if this would work but it rly did !! Tnx for the now playable overwatch and u got yourself a sub !!

  16. If you enable this setting, you can limit the number of outstanding packets.
    If you disable this setting or do not configure it, then the setting has no effect on the system.
    Important: If the maximum number of outstanding packets is specified in the registry for a particular network adapter, this setting is ignored when configuring that network adapter. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsPsched

  17. When others use the internet, that's the only time that MINE actually slows down. When I'm the only one using it, my internet's… Quoted by Vegeta: "It's over 9000!"

  18. What changing the DNS has anything to do with speed? and BTW the 'gpedit.msc' command only works in the Pro edition and it's not working for the Home edition of Windows. You have to install the group policy manually so 'gpedit.msc' command works. Thanks.

  19. is not the most accurate test one can run. If you want a more accurate measure of your speed under "real world" conditions use or

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  22. Well, thanks for your time and I love your sense of humor. Even writing everything down, I was so lost by the time I got to DNS server selection, I just gave up. "Its Geek to me".

  23. This gave virus in my PC, it broke my PC, My screen is blue pixels now, And it's more laggy, No, It's REALLY REALLY LAGGY, DUDE WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY $80!!?!??!?!?!?

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