Okay so I usually start my videos just by going “Hello Internet” at the camera with a hand pointing out. -So a little like…?
-Yeah HELLO INTERNET Wow, that was synchronized. -That was good.
-That was a bit scary actually. It’s like… Twins of the shining . That was a like a harmony. Say “Come play with us.” at the same time. 3, 2, 1 Come play with us. Yeah… I don’t know whether they found that scary or just really fricking sexy. So I am at the house of the twins. Would you like to introduce yourself? My name is Finn. And my name is Jack. Do you have jingle for both twins? Twin, twins, with good chins, their names are Jack and Finn Oh yeah! Holy crap! OOOOH -YEAH
-OH MY GOD That is a new thing! That was awesome, that just happened! Okay, so you know how there’s loads of videos on the Internet that are like “How To Speak American?” “How To Speak English?” “How…” you know all those kinds of things like that. -I’m familiar with that.
-The one thing that hasn’t been done yet, I think is “How To Speak Internet” This is gonna be a test to see how ‘Internet’ you are. And I guess some of the people watching might be like “What is this?” Yeah, that’s the point. So it’s not just you two trying to see if you know it, it’s YOU at home. We’re gonna start off with something easy Okay What is “LOL”? “Lots of love” -Oh it’s not what your mum sends.
-If you’re ninety. Yeah “LOL” mum’s like “Aw it’s lots of love” This awkward situation when they’re like “Grandad’s died, sorry to break this to you, LOL.” And you’re like, “Mum, goddammit!” A/S/L? Whoa As soon… As soon la…ter? Really? Got a final guess? -No
-No? Age, sex, location. If you’re on a chat room… -Ohh
-Oh, that’s great You’ve never been in a chat room? That’s just ’cause you sit in seedy chat room’s like “ASL” Yeah A/S/L, commonly used by pedophiles. to talk to teenage girls I’m a little bit worried that you know that. If you don’t know what that means, then GREAT! Okay you can pull it back, you can pull it back. Okay. Go. WTF What the fuck Yeah. YOLO Oh you see this is a favourite of mine. YOLO It means “You Only Laugh Once” right? NO Are you joking? “You Only LIVE Once” Are you joking? Yeah I actually know Okay good THANKS, we would have to EXILE you. Seriously. FML Fuck my life Fuck my life I could anticipate there’s probably gonna quite a lot of swearing in this. Yeah. So they’re gonna be bleeped from now on. Okay. – Fuck my life.
– Yeah. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Are they all bleeped? Yes. How fucking […] Fuck Fuck fuck fuck Guys! – You just know that every time you say that word, you’re just adding over 2 seconds to my life.
– Well fuck. SMH SMH… SMH Oh is that like… S&M, sadomassacre? Sadomasochism, it’s not sadomassacre It was SMH? SMH Sausage mash and ham. No. No idea. What is it? It means “Shaking My Head” I’m quite amazed at how crap I am at this. BAMF Spelled B-A-M-F – Well see I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, I think it’s in a good person.
– It’s a good thing, it’s a good thing. – Best asshole
– Motherfucker Yes Big ass motherfucker. Big awesome motherfucker Bad ass motherfucker I had no idea. – Really?
– No I didn’t. BURMA B-U-R-M-A Yeah, that’s a country. It is a country but it also stands for something. I was on a website, looking at internet slang. Okay, right. – No
– Yeah Apparently it is – I really don’t want to see when or where it’s ever been used. Apparently, it stands for “Be Undressed Ready, My Angel” UUUUH Uuuuh god That’s beautiful. I’ve read that and I was just like “Oh no” – Say that.
– Don’t wanna know about that. Be undressed and ready my angel… I love how it’s “my angel” at the end. My angel… Why would you keep that? – Is that…
– Is that something you like text before you like go to see your girlfriend? Like BURMA It’s obama on a horrible vacation -Age/ Sex/ Location, please be undressed It’s all we need. We’re moving into the tumblr section. It’s a deep dark hole. Is it, it is! We’re gonna start at the top of the hole, so Guys Shipping Yeah this is big right now. And I think it’s when you get two people. Hm-hm And you put them together. Not like… just Like sexually? Well… pretty much I ship like Jack and Dan It means that you like the idea of them being in a relationship. But obivously… you can, you can define relationship. We’re talking about tumblr here so… OTP – Oh
-Over the top? No OVER THE TOP! [All laugh] On the penis That should be what it means! – Yess please
– oh my god – You can say–
– OH NO! no. – NO
– Yes? YES! Isn’t it… One True Pair? Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding! One true pairing!
– yess The one combination of people That does it the most for you So–
-what is your OTP name? um [sighs] God it depends what What the phase of my
well.. [Laughs] Call Me 😉 WOW OKAY And that’s another creepy synchronised moment Derp. What is a derp? Derp!
Derpa Derpa Yea! Thats like– Is it like,
DEURP. YESS.. It’s that! It’s basically a horrible stupid face… derp. If someones derping, its basically– Would you do the derp? Whoaaa whoaa I need to sort the hair out Woah Woah Woah Okay, okay. Ready? 1. 2. 3. *Laughs* I think I just breathed in a cloud of smoke. I went like this. *makes face* Okay. Hnng. Sorry? Sorry? Hnng. Spelt *laughs* Don’t mind me just having a stroke. *Laughs* Umm H-N-N-G. *Laughs* I’m awful why am I allowed on the internet h-n-n-g -Having… no… -You’re so hot Jack -Thanks if a hot person walked pass oh is it like a sound? it’s like an internalized *groan* kind of noise but its spelled

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