How To Spawn More Helicopters Xbox One/PS4 Server DayZ 1.07 [3/14]

Hello friend and welcome to this third episode in this how to mod your Xbox one and ps4 server for dayz standalone 1.07 if you haven’t watched parts 1 & 2 of this series I highly recommend that you pause this video Watch those and then come back. We will be diving straight into the action in this video But remember this video will focus on the basics for spawning more helicopter more advanced tutorials in the near future consider subscribing and turning on the notifications Also, you can ask me questions directly on my discord channel check out the links down in the description Let’s get started. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this video We will learn how to increase the rate of the helicopter spawns in your Xbox one and or ps4 server for dayz Open the nitrado website and open the settings wheel for your server scroll to the file browser then left-click on dayzxb_missions next click on your server if it’s Livonia It will say enoch if it’s Chernarus It will be ChernarusPlus now We left click on the DB file and find the event file folder This page contains a wide range of events that can be modified for your server now Let’s scroll down to static Heli crash here You will find the default values for your server I cannot give you specific values due to the fact that I do not know what rate you’re trying to accomplish but as an example I change all the values to 20 on every category to test this out Add your own values and run around your server If you do not see any changes Increase the rate accordingly until you’re satisfied with the results Once you accomplish this save all your changes and restart your server on a separate guide I will go over how to change the helicopter spawn location explore further into the default spawn loadouts and the player’s spawn So make sure to subscribe now and smack like if this video added value to your gameplay You can reach me directly at my discord linked down in the description or at [email protected] and for my truest fans only I added some cool discounts to the merch store check out the links in the description Also, let’s give a big shout out to Tony Mortale for his contributions to making this video happen. Thanks a bunch, Tony You’re my bro. Catch you on the next one

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