How to set up email at your domain with Office 365

How to set up email at your domain with Office 365

so this video I'm going to show you how to set up email at your domain using Microsoft Office 365 i'm tim from and i'm here to help you find the best and easiest ways of setting up your business or organization online now this video shows just one way of setting up email at your domain got several other videos that show you a couple of different ways and I've got reviews on those too and you can find those videos in the description below or by pushing the little I icon at the top of the screen this video also assumes that you already have hosting for your domain and if you don't I've got a video that will show you how to set up the hosting that we're gonna talk about in this video you can either find it in the description below or again there's a new eye icon at the top of the screen that will take you to a video that will show you how to set up hosting for your domain so now let's go ahead and get started and see what this service is all about Microsoft Office 365 offers a lot of advantages if your business and you need other services like access to Microsoft Office programs like Word or Excel and we've got two plans that offer email there's the five dollar plan here that offers email and there's also the twelve dollar and fifty cent plan that offers email to get started I'm going to use this 1250 a month user plan because they've got a free trial with it to see if it works with my business so let's go ahead and get started we're going to scroll down here when you click on free trial and then we're going to go ahead and just enter in your information here it's going to fast forward through all this information because I'm sure you can figure out how to set this all up are the one thing you do need to know is that later on they're going to ask you for a phone number or they can text you a code so they can make sure that you actually are a person okay and then just click on your ready to go and then you get started we need to click on those boxes right up here at the top and then click on our admin area and that's what we're going to make all the changes and adjustments that we need to get this set up let's click over here and we're going to click on settings and then domains and I'm going to add our domain that we've created so for this we use the domain that I created when I showed you how to use the site ground web hosting obviously you'd want to use your own domain name and then click Next ok so now we just need to enter in this DNS record on our host let's go ahead and do that so if you're using SiteGround just go over to site ground I'm login to your account and then click on my accounts and then click on go to cPanel click proceed and then let's click on the advanced DNS zone editor ok for the name it says at but actually what you want to do is just type in your domain name there and then for the TTL I'm going to copy the information from over here so it's 3,600 and then we change the type to text and then just paste in the information from over here just copy this and then just paste this in here and click Add record and then you can see that your record has been added because you can see this txt record here at the bottom with a microsoft information that we copied over so we'll go back over here and we'll click on verify this can take a few minutes sometimes it's pretty fast sometimes it can take there we go that was pretty fast ok so if is next step we want to click I'll manage my own DNS records and that's because we don't want Microsoft managing everything we just want them to manage our email so click on this and then click Next and then we want to change this MX record here so we're going to go ahead and copy this MX record here I'm going to go back to our cPanel go back to the cPanel home ok then go back to your cPanel home then scroll down here to where it says advanced MX editor let's scroll down here where it says add a new record will leave the priority 0 and we'll paste in that information that we got and we'll click add new record ok and so now the email should be going to our Microsoft account so let's go back there and then we'll click on verify and now you can see the MX record has disappeared here the other records for the other services that microsoft offers are still there so that's good so now we'll click on exit and then we'll click close and then we'll click home here and it'll go to the next step and we'll add a few users and then we'll click on next if you want to migrate your mail messages you can use this but there's absolutely also another way to do this later so let's just click on don't migrate email messages for now and we'll click Next and then we'll do exit and continue later and then to get your users actually be able to use their email that you just set up you want to go over to edit a user then search for a user name of somebody that you did so I'm going to do Tim – and then if you click on this reset password button here you can do an auto-generated password and then you can email that person with their auto-generated password and then click reset and now that's going to send them an email with a password that they can use and also it's got a password right here that you can use to log into their account and then you can test to see if your emails working we're going to go ahead and close this and then let's log out and then let's sign in as that other user and enter in that password that they gave us and click sign it ok and then once you're signed in here to check the mail is working just click on mail over here and then set in your preferences here and then we can send them an email from a male email address just to make sure that it's working so I'm doing that right now okay and I'm going to push Send on the email and there we go so we can see that email is working from our domain because we received this email and that's how you use Microsoft 3c office 365 to set up email at your domain if you found this video helpful be sure to subscribe to my channel and check out some my other videos if you get a question or need some help go ahead and leave a comment below or visit me at real website thanks for watching you

19 thoughts on “How to set up email at your domain with Office 365

  1. Can I use Office 365 Mail Host under a domain I purchased on ? I'm struggling to understand this well. I hope I didn't get this wrong. Is the information I need only the TTL and TTL Value and such for the setup to complete? or am I talking non-sense ?

  2. I have some questions plz
    I am trying to have some email with my own domain for my new business
    for example
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    and so on
    and I want to have authority on those emails and to cancel any account if someone is resigned??
    I want them all to be using outlook

    How can I do that?

  3. Video is great, but I am running into a snag because my domain is through godaddy but hosted through siteground. it wants me to update the nameservers in godaddy but when I add the miscrosoft ones it crashes my site… any videos on correcting that problem area?

  4. Please do the same video for Office 365 home, because microsoft has no clue how to set up a private There is no admin center for 365 home – so thats just money out og the window

  5. Awsome video, very helpful. Do you think I can use office 365 for only two or three email accounts and then create 5 or more other email accounts with siteground email service?

  6. i have a friend/client who wants to delete his website but wants keep his domain name and his office 365 email. I have the login access for his domain registrar. All I did is deleted his 2 DNS records [i think those belongs to the hosting DNS]. Does the removal of those 2 DNS affects the email in Office 365?

  7. Thank you sir! Finally made the transition. I like Outlook much better than my previous email for the organizational abilities and signature customization, however Microsoft has made so many interface changes it just feels over cluttered and super annoying to navigate at times.

  8. can you set up just one user on email 365 and leave the rest of the domain email accounts as they are working. (if I add an mx record wont all the email accounts be affected?)

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