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  1. That my download speed went from 1hour to 60 minutes and -$999 on my account that I did not pay from the last 3 mount “FBI OPEN UP” me “can I finish typing” FBI “fine” me “as I as saying I did not pay the bill for the last 3 months

  2. Ohhhhhh…. So that's why the pre-assessors assigned to make three UTP network wires with different color code like type A, B and crossover.

  3. My modem has a broadband out port but it doesn't seem to work. I have an Arris dsl modem that when I connect to the broadband out port the internet light goes out and my router doesn't detect internet through it. Any ideas. Note that they are 2 different ip setups (.0.1 and .254.254)

  4. You can communicate with the technical support team by dialing the Router technical support Number and obtain the effective assistance from the experts on every issue that you are confronting in your route. more info: http://www.expertneeds.com/router-technical-support

  5. I have one box..the router and modem are together… I want to use my Vizio router instead of the one provided by my internet provider (save $)…. Is that possible??…

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  7. I never understand why ppl play music in the background when doing tutorial videos. It's obvious ppl are trying to learn & the loudness of the music is really distracting. Competing sounds is not good.

  8. All Videos you have posted is what I have been looking for. I 'm tech savvy but no way near who have PHD in it, They get me lost fast!

  9. i would recommend using Mac filtering if you live in a complex or a flat to prevent people connecting to your router even if they have the password

  10. i bought a router for wireless why am i connecting my laptop with ethernet, my laptop doesn't even have a port to hook up ethrne. I cannot just plug in router and connect with info on sticker?

  11. HowCast: ‘’ On the modem side it, will usually be a lot simpler, you just have one connection ‘’

    Me with my two modems with 25 connections each : ?

  12. When the internet is down since yesterday and you tried flushing dns and every possible command, deleting and searching drivers and you’re just here questioning your intelligence of knowing where do you plug cables to!

  13. I think it's crazy in 2019 that I NEED a laptop to set up my internet connection. Not a PS4, smart TV , or tablet which I have all tried, you NEED a laptop.

  14. say i wanted to use a wired connection on my ps4. would i need a modem and a router for that, or just a modem or router or which ever i would i need?

  15. Okay I have Frontier the newer router version but there is a red light and I don't know what it is most of them are green beside the blue light which the internet the red light is like scribble line and its the second one do know what that is

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