How to Search a Website

How to Search a Website

Google does a pretty good job of searching
for terms, phrases, and other queries and returning the results you need, but sometimes you need to find something incredibly specific in a site. That’s when knowing how to search a website
comes in handy. To search a site using google, start by going
to, you guessed it, Next, enter the site you are trying to search
by typing the word “site”, colon, the URL of the website you want to search — including the subdomain –, and finally your search query. Here’s an example:
facebook stat. Finally, refine your search. For example, I could filter for the most recent Facebook stats by searching facebook stat 2017. Site-specific searches are especially useful
when searching for data, topics, content to link to, or when conducting competitive analysis. So next time you’re in need of a specific
piece of information, try searching a website to narrow down your results!

3 thoughts on “How to Search a Website

  1. Thanks for the help 🙂

    Constructive Criticism: "Facebook stats" was a little confusing, as Facebook is also a website.
    It might be clearer if you explained your example,
    by telling us what you you're searching for and in which website,
    before showing us the example.

    ie. In this example, I'm going to search for all salad recipes anyone has posted on facebook.
    Example: salad recipes

    I hope this helps 🙂

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