How To Rank And Rent Websites In 2020

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and show you how to rank and rent websites I’m gonna break it down for you
and I’m also going to share live one of my rank and rent websites now if you’re
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and how you can learn this skill as well okay so I’m sharing my screen and I’m
gonna take this slow from the top in case you’re a beginner and I have some
notes here as well and you’re trying to start a rank and rent website so what is
a rank and rent website and I’m going to give you an example I’m actually going
to show you one of my rank and rent websites now if you type in Long Island
photo booth rentals Long Island photo booth rentals you’re going to type that
in right here number one in the maps not the ad just so you know in the search
engine if you see ad ad these are people who are paying Google for clicks on
their ads this is an organic map listing this is the website that I own and then
also right here and now this website I’ll show you it real quick we design
our websites a very specific way not only for optimization to rank in Google
and if you’re familiar with ranking rent websites or using SEO which is search
engine optimization you’ll understand the power of this so we get a lot of
leads from this we optimize it a certain way for conversions also to get opt-ins
here specific information and also to get phone calls and to really be mobile
optimized because a lot of searches come from the phone and I’ll just jump in
real quick I just want to show you this these are leads that are coming in you
can see January over here we’re in January of 2020 SEO leads just
in January coming in they fill out that form on the
website I just showed you so here’s a 60th birthday they tell you where they
are some information this way the photobooth partner of ours can actually
get back to them and try to sell them and then we also get phone calls and on
all of the websites that we build out for rank and rent we track the phone
calls and I’m gonna I’m gonna make you understand the power of this and the
whole concept if you’re a beginner so just sit tight but I want to show you
this that this is a site that we’re using to make money every month so
here’s our call tracking software right here and you’ll see in January of 2020
all the phone calls that are coming in and we record them we can listen back to
them and again this is all coming from nests rank and rent website and it’s
because we’re building websites and we’re also optimizing other platforms
around the website their social media platforms also the Google business
listing so that it ranks in the search engine when people type in certain
things and I’m going to show you another example of this real quick
so we come over to Google I want you to understand that every single day people
are using their phone and using their desktops to search on Google for
services for products right and when we’re talking about rank and rent
websites in the local market we want to find local businesses that can use our
service and what I mean by that is I started a photo booth business right and
I’m sure you’re familiar with photo booths people are using them for their
weddings for their corporate events for the holiday parties for sweet 16s for
birthdays right so this is a very popular thing so I started this site as
a case study to build it and rank it in Google for anyone that’s typing in any
type of photo booth rental terms because now I know that you want to rent the
photo booth in the Long Island now Long Island is a city that’s in New York
that’s very congested it’s very competitive there’s millions of people
here so if you’re just starting out one of the rules I have for you and remember
I have a whole over the show training that you can get more
information down below about rank and rent websites and putting that link down
below you can learn more about it I have over the shoulder training where I
videotaped every step of the way of me doing this process me and my team so if
you want to check that out it’s down below in the link in the description you
can check that out now with that said I want to move forward and just let you
understand if you’re a beginner people are going over to Google and searching
things now another good example of another niche is like bedbugs people
have bedbugs right that’s like an emergency thing they want to get rid of
the bedbugs and let’s say bedbugs in New York City maybe you want to come in and
build a piece of property for a bedbugs exterminator New York City now people
would have bedbugs there in New York City we would optimize a website like
this one best Bed Bug exterminator NYC calm and we would be generating phone
calls and leads every single week for an exterminator so we would own this piece
of real estate think about it like a physical piece of real estate if you
bought a house and you wanted to rent it out you’d buy the house first maybe fix
it up a little bit and best in it and then rent it out and get monthly income
same exact thing you would do your research and plan it out on what niche
you’re gonna go in that’s the first step is picking a niche I use the photobooth
niche as an example what I suggest to jump into that right away
no I would go with something more into the home improvement or home service or
emergency type of services bedbugs is definitely something that’s great
because there’s big payouts for people who are doing bed bug extermination and
then I would also start off not going into a city like New York City because
it’s very very competitive I would start in a city that has maybe like a hundred
to two hundred thousand people in population and I’ll show you an example
of that in a second but this isn’t a very big city
New York City this is for pretty much of an emergency type of home service Bed
Bug exterminator could also be for a business great keyword term definitely
very competitive in New York City but if you’re able to build a property a
website and a Google business listing which is right in here in the maps for
this keyword term you would be generating phone calls every week for a
very valuable term that way you can actually rent out your website in your
space and send those phone calls over to an exterminator now once you set this up
and there is a process to it and I’m gonna get into that just so stay to the
end you can actually easily rent this out once you can prove that your site is
getting phone calls and leads every single week that’s the easy part once
you build that it’s being able to build this also keep in mind when you learn
this skill set not only can you build your own properties and their assets
because you own them you can also offer this service to local businesses I have
local businesses that pay our agency because we help position them on page
one for their terms let’s say they do roofer roofing we help them get for
their terms for roofing roofing repair roofing installation roofing services
new roof installation all those types of terms we position them on page one so
that we generate them phone calls a new business okay you see this skill set you
can also offer to other businesses not only can you invest in your own
properties this is a real skill set now there is work involved you have to know
what you’re doing you have to be willing to put the work in but it’s such a great
investment especially when you’re investing in your own digital piece of
real estate because you put the work in once it’s ranking you can pretty much
rent it out every month or sell the leads that that site is generating and
make profits every month so how do we go about building these sites well the
first thing is like I mentioned earlier is optimizing the site for certain
keywords so we would do keyword research so for photo boots I’m just going to put
it up in here real quick and we use a couple different
keyword tools to get our keywords so I’m just gonna type photo booth salon island
and you’ll see there’s our site again now I I have in here keywords everywhere
installed it’s now paid Chrome extension and you’ll see right here about a
hundred and ten people a month it’s saying if you read right here the volume
and this is not completely accurate it’s saying about 110 people a month search
this term that’s just one variation of the term there’s also people probably
typing in photo booth rentals Long Island wedding photo booth rentals Long
Island wedding photo booths lanai on Long Island wedding wedding photo booths
right so we want to take all those terms and optimize our site for it and then
also in keywords everywhere you see how it’s saying mirror photo booth rental
one island so people are typing that in this keywords letting me know what other
people are typing in we also get keywords from down here and the search
is related to what I typed in so you want to make a huge list of all these
keywords you can also type go in and use Google Keyword planner to get keywords
again we’re using multiple different softwares to get these keywords we make
a list and our ultimate goal is to rank for these keywords in Google the number
one search engine where everyone’s searching so that we can generate calls
so you’re investing in a website and your Google business which are pieces of
digital real estate you’re pretty much renovating them and putting them in the
good neighborhood where all the traffic is where everyone wants a big and that’s
what makes it worth money that’s what makes it a really great asset for you
and you’re doing this on a budget that is not like if you’re investing in a
home if you were to buy a home especially if you’re talking about New
York City you’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of thousands if not
millions and then you’re renting out the place or right or selling it to try to
flip it and stuff this is the same type of concept but on a level of digital
real estate and I show this over the shoulder in my training and again that
trainings down below if you want to check it out but it’s work it is work
but it’s a true skill set not only that you can invest in assets but you can
take it to the next level and also offers
service to local clients and do this for them and make a monthly retainer as well
so I’m showing you that we first do keyword research we find a niche like
photo booths we find a city again if you’re a beginner I suggest you look for
a city between a hundred to two hundred thousand population so if we look at
Fort Collins in Colorado this is a perfect example we’ll look at Fort
Collins population perfect it’s in Colorado it’s not as big as ranking for
Colorado those type of keywords but one hundred and sixty five thousand people
are in it that’s where I like to be around especially just starting out I
know there’s some people there you would pick a vertical that is in the home
services it could be roofing it could be extermination and the first thing you
want to do is build a website and purchase your domain name and again if
you’re really new I’m gonna try to take this slow but a domain name is just a
website name of your website so right now we’ll type in this bedbugs removal
Fort Collins and for an example here is a website Denver bed bug treatment calm
that’s the name of their website that’s their domain name Denver bed bug
treatment calm here’s their website the next thing we want to do is once we
purchase a domain name one we want to think about keywords being in a domain
name so if I was going after Fort Collins bedbugs or bed bug removal Fort
Collins I would try to go purchase that domain name that’s the first thing
second thing is we want to optimize the on page we want to make sure there is
content there and again I would optimize this differently than what they did I
would make it more how our sites laid out again we just have a proven system
and process from testing different things out
we know this performs well this type of layout and we want to make sure that we
have a nice article on there images everything is optimized now the way we
also go about that is success leaves footprints so if Google is rewarding
this website and rank hi four keywords that we want to be on
I’m going to reverse engineer the competition I use different tools such
as majestic page refs I don’t want to get too technical and go over your head
but we reverse engineer to see what their website has that Google likes if I
was going after Fort Collins bed bug removal Bed Bug exterminator here’s one
of the competitors that are at top of page one I know they’re getting some
leads from this because I know it’s definitely a service that people are
searching for especially in the nice city that’s around the hundred to two
hundred thousand population again I would do my keyword research I would use
the tools that I’ve mentioned earlier make a nice list of those keywords
design a nice optimized article around those keywords and then what I’m going
to do is I’m going to go over to H refs this is one of the tools and I’m going
to plug in the competitors website and I want to see what kind of backlinks they
have now backlinks are just links from other websites that refer back to your
website and these are links that we’re going to build we build these type of
links for trust we build these type of links for authority and in time this is
what helps also our website rank so I would click on backlinks and here we go
now it’s showing me some of their what their website backlinks so IcyHot frog
they’re listed on hot frog I’m actually familiar with hot frog and what it would
do is it says then rebend Bug exterminator I’m looking at this here we
go so here is a link back to their website right here if I click on this it
goes over to their website right so that’s considered a backlink any links
on other websites that are pointing back to your website so when you’re looking
to rank and rent the first thing we’re trying to do is optimize our site not
only just because we want to rank but for conversions and then we want to
start building links over to our website and it’s a good sign remember I said
success leaves footprints if our competitors are ranking for keywords
that we want to rank for in order to get phone calls in traffic
it’s a good idea to look at what they’re doing and we’ll do things in our formula
not only to look at the competitors and now I would go over to hot frog and get
a listing just like they have I want to get a listing just like them but I also
know from experience and from the process we have we’re gonna power up our
website with even better links these are ones that we would get but I also have
are ways that we teach and that we train and that we do from experience to really
power up our site on another level but I would go and get a listing just like
they did on hot frog I would come back to H raps let’s see some of their other
websites so I come look for some more links you see I could see some of the
links they have let’s let’s click on this one here’s City squares
let’s see where they’re backlink is over here I’m looking for it here we go right
here website this links over to their website so I want to make a listing on
city squares I want one of those I take my time to build that handyman reviewed
let’s see what they got over here it looks like they got a blog post right
about six best options for pest control in Denver very optimized blog post in
one of these let’s see here it is Denver bedbugs treatment there’s a
website they got mentioned right there so they’re getting a nice backlink from
there so I want to try to see if I could contact them I see contact us I would
contact them and say hey how do I get my pest control service on your website ask
them they might want money they might want me to write an article for them –
and a brief bio who knows but I want to get on here as well – if I can so I
reach out to them any way I could get on to the same websites they’re on I’m
building links over to my site so I’m using a href this is a paid tool but
we’re reverse engineering the competition to build those same links we
want to build relevant links and if our competitors have backlinks they’re
helping them rank remember success leaves footprints we want to follow
these footprints and get the same type of links that’s definitely something we
want to do if we want to rank for Fort Collins Bed Bug exterminator
bedbug removal Fort Collins all those type of terms remember we’re using the
keyword tool we’ll build a list we build our site out we use WordPress to build
the sites out I just like WordPress I’m very good with it and we’re very good
with the backend of WordPress on how we optimize all of our websites we have a
system we have it down and we just have a process so we build our WordPress
website out we optimize the on-page we optimize it for conversion then we start
building trust links we build social links and then we build power links and
then we keep repeating this process until we are dominating and ranking
where we want then phone calls are coming in and then boom we now know that
this asset is worth money we reach out to a bedbug exterminator in the city
we’re at and we say listen we’re getting phone calls we can’t keep up with them
you want more business and it’s it’s really that easy some people will say no
don’t get me wrong but there’s gonna be people a lot of people that are
interested in more business especially if you’re in the right vertical and
niche so I hope that makes sense and what I’m showing you if you’re a
beginner leave some comments down below ask some questions down below if you
want real training and you want to take this serious yes it is work this is a
real business model there’s work involved you’re going to learn search
engine optimization it’s one of the most powerful skills you can have on the
Internet and we’re starting on a small local level but this can go onto a
national or affiliate level I have websites that we rank for econ for
affiliate commissions right but on the local level it’s very powerful as well
and once you have this skill set you can also offer it to local businesses and
make more money as well but I’m talking about right here rank and rent method’
is how you do it this is how we do it build out optimize a website just like
the one I showed you our photobooth website we planned it out we picked our
domain name you notice we have a keyword in there photo booth rentals we optimize
an article and content and images we optimized it with a phone number that we
track every single call come in and we see every phone call
coming in we know it’s working this is what works on all of our sites across
the board people also fill out this form it has a nice optimized article and
content on it and then what did we do we put some more targeted content on there
about photo boots but we started building links we build the same links
that our competitors were doing like I showed you earlier and then we also
build some other powerhouse links for the site to get it to page one so that
we start ranking and not only are we ranking the website we also try to go
and rank social media profiles as well on page one and a Google business
listing what does this do for us people are typing in photo booth rentals Long
Island wedding photo booth rentals Long Island Sweet sixteen photo booth rentals
Long Island corporate photo booth rentals Long Island corporate photo
booths Long Island Long Island corporate photo booth rentals all those different
ways of typing it in and we’re positioned there in the maps and on page
one and everyone’s finding us and even calling for a quote there’s a big chance
that our client partner is gonna be very happy with closing a few of those every
month so that’s how it works and again there’s so many different
niches and verticals I go over that in other videos and especially in my
training on picking verticals and niches picking the right city to be in that’s
why I can’t stress enough if you’re just starting off I want you to taste a
little success start off with a city about a hundred to two hundred thousand
people in population make sure you pick and plan out a vertical such as let’s
say photo boots go down that niche do keyword research make a list of the
different keywords optimize your images and articles and really plan out to
start building reverse engineering competitors seeing what they’re doing
where they’re listed where they’re getting backlinks from get the same
backlinks power it up give it some time again that’s why I’m not encouraging you
to go into competitive spaces especially what I’m seeing with Google’s algorithm
if you have a brand new website when I say brand new
like if you just go through our training if you’re just setting up your first
website and it’s brand-new you do need a little bit of an age now
they’re not going to let you rank in two days
okay you can’t just throw up a website throw an article on and then the next
day you’re ranking you would have to have the most uncompetitive keyword
terms to do that and that’s not going to get you the results you need so when
you’re picking this stuff up just know that this is a real business you’re
going to be investing some time a little bit of money and really building and
developing a skill that I can’t tell you has made me a lot of money and also it’s
just a great skill to have an understanding especially where the
internet is going now so I hope this makes sense if you have any questions at
all please put them in the comments down below if you want to see other additions
to this I’ll make other videos tell me what you want to see put those questions
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