How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode

How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode

Do you need a quick and easy way to put your website in maintenance mode? Well keep watching, in this video I’ll walk you through how you can do that today! Having your site in maintenance mode is an easy way to make changes to your website without your audience seeing your changes in action and to do that let’s first head over to our WordPress dashboard. We’ll be installing a plugin so from the dashboard you want to go to your Plugins area, we’ll click Add New, in the search section we’re looking for ‘WP Maintenance Mode’ this is the one we want to install so let’s go ahead and click install now. Once it’s done installing you’ll want to make sure you also click activate to activate the plugin on the website and once it’s activated let’s head over to our Settings area, WP Maintenance Mode to set it up. Now by default even though it’s installed and activated the actual status of it is deactivated so in order to put it into activation mode you want to make sure that you click activate here and you want to make sure that if you want search engines to still find your site then you’ll want to say yes to bypass for search bots. That’s so your website will still be seen by search engines and that’s actually a really good thing for SEO. Now everything else here is fine for what we need so let’s just scroll down and we’ll click Save Changes. The other great thing about maintenance mode is as an administrator you’ll still have full access to your website. Now that you activate it you also want to design the splash page for users. So I’ll come over here and click design and this is what it will show by default but you can change this to whatever you want and you can select a color you can also choose a background if you want. I’ll just pick that. See there’s some other predefined ones that you can choose, we’ll click save settings. Now if your site is just starting and you want to also do a countdown timer to when it’s launching or also get a signup, email signups, for it then you can also go to modules to set that up and you can set up the countdown timer of when do you want it to start, how you want it to show the remaining time, if you do want to show the subscribe page for it, and then if you want people to interact with you on different social network platforms and you can add your handles here. Finally if you want to integrate this with Google Analytics so you can see everything while it’s in maintenance mode and you’ll be able to see how many have come to your site let’s go ahead and click Save Settings. The manage bot area is if you want to install a live chat system while it’s in maintenance mode and you can do that here and then finally here’s a way to allow for the GDPR compliant if you are collecting email addresses or subscribers then you’ll want to set that up as well and now if a visitor goes to your site while you’re in maintenance mode this is what they’ll see. The second method we’ll use is also by using a plugin this is called the ‘SeedProd’ plugin and it is a premium plugin with beautiful designs that you can add for the maintenance mode or for the coming soon page. So just head over to SeedProd to get the plugin. Once you purchase and download the plugin we’ll head over to our WordPress dashboard. We’ll go to Plugins area, Add New and this time instead of searching for a plugin we’ll come up here to the upload plugin area and you’ll need to find out where the plugin was downloaded on your computer you can either choose file or you can drag and drop the file like this. Now you can click install now and with other plugins once you click install you’ll also want to activate the plugin. Make sure you add your license key, you can find that from your dashboard area in the SeedProd dashboard and now we’re ready to set this up. You can either click on the go to settings page here or you can go under Settings, Coming Soon Pro to set this up. So from here you just want to decide are you doing a coming soon page so are you doing a brand new website that just needs a kind of a coming soon page on the front while you work on the website then you’ll want to click that. You can also choose to enable maintenance mode and that simply if you are working on your website and you can also redirect the networks well if you’re shutting down an old website and you’re redirecting all that traffic and all of those posts to a new website you can do that here. So for us let’s do the enable coming soon mode and from here we can click on the Edit the maintenance page and here all the themes that you can choose from you can either do something from a launching feature with the countdown and like I said they’re beautiful themes to choose from. I’m gonna choose this one and you can customize it from here. On the left there are all these areas that you can customize so under content if you have a logo you can add that here in here you can change what’s showing here, you can make changes here as you want, down here you can also incorporate your email marketing service if you have one. From here you simply choose that from the drop-down and configure it here so there are several things that you can do and once you’re done with everything simply click Save and now we can see what the website looks like with this. Did you learn something from today’s video? 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17 thoughts on “How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode

  1. Hi, i just have a question, i design a page with visual composer and publish it, but when i again go to the edit page then
    elements are hide, i cant see any element that i use in a page. but when i load the site it display all edit that i did but not show in backend.
    can you please tell me what can i do ?

  2. Hi , so I made all of the changes and then went to the website and there weren't any changes made but back to a plain load of text, no pics, nothing ! So what did I not do ?

  3. thanx for at great video .. ! I might add, it didn't work for me at first, kept saving the settings, but no changes in the browser .. well solution, you have to open your website in another browser to see the changes .. and when you log out of wordpress and restart your browser, the maintenance will appear as well.

  4. hi, thank you very much for such helpful tutorial, i need your help in some cases, when you made the wordpress site in maintenance mode, after it the setting menu and plugin menu hided.
    my question is bring out from maintenance mode and how how to enable the setting menu and plugin menu when it hided. thank you

  5. Hi, Thanks for a nice video tutorial. I was actually looking for something like putting a specific page on maintenance mode, not the whole website.

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