How to Properly Setup Google AMP on Your WordPress Site

How to Properly Setup Google AMP on Your WordPress Site

Hey there and welcome to WPBeginner in this video I’ll walk you through how to properly set up google amp on your WordPress website this is the same setup that many sites use to improve their mobile user experience and I’ll show you how to get AMP installed and customized on your site but you’ll also learn why you may not want to install it just yet Google amp stands for accelerated mobile pages it’s an open source initiative that supported by technology companies like Google and Twitter and the goal of the project is to make websites load faster for mobile users. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP they use bare minimum HTML and limited javascript by doing this it allows the pages to load much faster on a mobile users device you’ll know that a site has accelerated mobile pages enabled when you’re on your mobile phone and you do search results on google you can be scrolling through and you’ll see an area that has the lightning bolt and the amp sign next to it that indicates that that page is set up for accelerated mobile pages before we install let’s cover some of the pros and cons associated with installing google amp for your website. For some pros of google app is that it’s great for sites who have a high mobile traffic some experts say that it will help with rankings but most importantly it improves the mobile user experience since it loads the site much faster after considering that there are some cons and that is that amp uses limited technology as i said before it uses a stripped-down version of HTML CSS and JavaScript by doing that that means that certain things might not load on your mobile site things like a widget area maybe your Facebook widget that you put on your site and although amp uses google analytics, although amp supports google analytics if you use a different analytics software that might not work on this as well and then finally there’s talk that there might be some potential loss in mobile traffic if you use AMP. Now that you know what amp is and some of the pros and cons I’ll show you how to install it and customize it for your website so let’s go ahead and go to our WordPress dashboard to do that just admin at the end of your site enter your username and password from our dashboard head over to the plugins area click add new and we’re looking for amp you want to find the one that is served by Automattic and click install and once you install it go ahead and activate it. Once it’s installed we’ll go to appearance amp to customize it and right now this is what it will look like you can go in and change the header text color right now we have it as white you can also change the background color right there, you can choose the light color scheme or the dark. I’ll keep it on dark and when you’re finished just click Save and publish. Now anyone who goes to your site from their mobile device will see this setup instead you can also do some extra customization and I’ll show you how to do that next. To extend the functionality even further we’ll add another plugin so let’s head back over to our plugins area installed plugins click add new and we actually need to install two plugins you should already have Yoast’s plugin to help you with your site’s SEO I’m gonna search for Yoast SEO it’s the first plug-in we want to install and then go ahead and activate it as well once it’s activated we want to install one more, go to add new and we’re looking for glue for Yoast SEO and amp this is the one we want so let’s install that now, we’ll go ahead and activate it. Alright now that that’s activated we can go down to SEO and you see amp here this is where we can customize it even more and from here you can enable AMP features on pages or even your media pages if you want by default the post is enabled under design you have different areas to upload images you can further customize your color scheme and you have extra area here for specific CSS for your site when you’re finished with that make sure you save your changes and under AMP analytics you can make sure that you add your google analytics tracking code here and if you ever want to you can check on how you’re accelerated mobile pages are doing by going into the google search console and under search appearance click on the accelerated mobile pages area and don’t worry since you just installed this you may not see anything immediately now your site is set up for accelerated mobile pages if you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there we’d love to hear from you and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos

49 thoughts on “How to Properly Setup Google AMP on Your WordPress Site

  1. AMP in my view gives too simplistic a page for mobile web. Once the AMP page has been served up can you give the option to view a content rich version with all javascript / html / css?

  2. Hmm, I didnt like the cons. I have a statistic plugin in wordpress and I am afraid some functions dont work because of the limited technology. Is it really worth installing?

  3. how to clear cache of a wordpress website on user's computer as i made some changes in the css file of my wordpress website but the changes are not reflected on the user end.
    I am not using as cache plugin that save website cache on user's computer…

  4. MY YEO SEO is getting deactivated on its own. when i turn on my laptop. i find it deactivated twice in past 2 days. whats the reason?

  5. Is there any video in detail so i can understand more this AMP on already working websites. I felt people are creating videos for AMP for Demo website nobody is showing implementing on actual working website which have proper url structure and data. Kindly help me out for this. I love the video anyway. The details and things are clear to me. Thanks for sharing. Here is my email id could you please help me out to learn more about this. I'm new with wordpress i also would like to learn from your video and you. Thanks in advance.

  6. Thanks for the great video! So once it's enabled, does all future mobile traffic to the website get directed to the AMP ver?

  7. WPBeginner, thank you for this very articulate article. I love that you covered both pros and cons. Overall I cannot imagine google producing a modern method that would preclude tons of advantages for businesses focused on quality mobile response to their products and services. I'm going to install AMP on a separate wordpress website that is stripped down and uses a generic theme, to test out how it impacts the mobile seo and conversions.

  8. This video uses an older version of Glue for Yoast and AMP, which supported pages and posts The current version does not support pages. (07-2017) If your WordPress Site uses pages, then this method will not work.

  9. Folks who have implemented AMP on their WP site, in general, has it made a diff in terms of traffic or on-page times increasing? Curious to know.

  10. Thanks for this tutorial. I'm going to work through this on my clients' sites this week and share with my students too!

  11. My content is developed on WordPress Pages and I use Posts only for the blog for site. I wonder if there is any plugin to convert my WordPress pages into AMP pages?

  12. Please can someone explain what constitutes a mobile device? Meaning: What version of a website will load on an iPad Mini compared to a large screen mobile phone? And if it's AMP on the iPad Mini, does that mean AMP takes precedence on any sized iPad? And will the user have a choice at this stage? Thanks

  13. Can this is possible when someone visit my website to using mobile devices than he will automatically redirect amp page format.

  14. If the AMP plugin does not work with pages (landing pages should not be affected it should load as before from server with responsive design), just posts should load faster and between content existing adsense ads or optin boxes may dissapear from the site, then why on earth I would like to install it? My website is responsive for mobile devices already, it may load slightly slower, but will show all content on the web, which is important for me! Could anyone using AMP comment about this situation?

  15. Does anyone think that amp makes any sense for a normal website?
    No analytics… restrictions everywhere… inline css like in 2002….

  16. What sucks about AMP is now the landing pages I created with Thrive doesn’t display the page one mobile. So I’m losing traffic to that page on mobile. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  17. i cant believe i am just seeing this video… its really helpful please create more content like this. keep up the good work

  18. Thanks, it was reasonably helpful, though now, I have doubts with the comment below being read, is this correct?

  19. Nice video. Would have liked to see how the APM page looks like when you visit from google search as well. But why you say AMP will reduce mobile traffic?

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