How to Monetize Your Website Profitably in 2020💡 (Hint: Not With AdSense)

How to Monetize Your Website Profitably in 2020💡 (Hint: Not With AdSense)

– Whenever you see an advertisement for a service that is
offering you the ability to build an online business
in just a few steps, and then start making
money almost immediately, does it seem just a little
too good to be true? It should. Hello, I’m Paul Buckingham,
roving ambassador for Solo Build It!. In the first of a revealing series featuring real life stories
from everyday people with financially successful
online businesses, we begin to demonstrate the realities of making money on the web. – Google Ads for grammar
are very, very cheap. You get part of a cent for each click. – You’ll learn from real people, not actors, with real results. And most importantly,
you’ll learn what you can do to follow in their successful footsteps. – I had a hard time
finding really applicable I guess affiliate
products for my audience. – In this first episode, we
feature Elizabeth O’Brien from She bypassed the
traditional and very common services like Google AdSense
and Amazon in order to create a financial independent
future for her family. – We have been able to
live off of the website for at least the last five years. It’s given us the freedom to
be together during the day, which has been amazing. – So how did this happen? There were two steps, and the
details are coming up next. So how did Elizabeth reach the position of being able to enable her
family to live off the income of the online business for five years? All this without the traditional methods of Google and Amazon. is
dedicated to enabling people to learn and teach grammar in an easy way using a method called
sentence diagramming. There are two key steps to her success. The first step was
creating quality content related to grammar and
sentence diagramming using the unique tools
for online business owners developed by Solo Build It!. Following that process has brought her between 15 and 30 thousand visitors a day. That’s free, organic traffic supplied by the search engines such as Google. And it’s not just in one day
or one month or some fluke, it’s year after year. – First of all I should
say in Solo Build It! they bring you through
a process to have you look at whatever your idea is
kind of from different angles, as well as other ideas. And so I found that
what I was interested in had enough supply and
demand for me to pursue. But I did come to Solo
Build It! with an idea to build a website educating people about grammar with sentence diagrams. Just because in my past,
I had such a negative experience with sentence
diagrams and with grammar. And I knew that I could be better, I knew that people could learn this stuff pretty quickly and pretty easily if they just learned about it. And so I wanted to provide that. And it was something that
I didn’t see anywhere else. So I was motivated and it seemed like there was a market there. – So how were you able to
confirm that there was a market? – Yeah, that’s definitely something that I was able to find
out through the tools in Solo Build It!. So when I was going through the
education, the action guide, when I got to a certain point, I had to research all of these terms to see if there would be enough for me to provide information. Now, it’s funny because
people aren’t looking for sentence diagramming. That’s one of the things
and it’s a lost art. So, when I– – [Paul] Amazing. – Yeah, so but when I was
looking at the numbers, there were people searching
for what is an adjective, what is a noun? Things that I knew I could write a compelling article to help
people learn this stuff. And then I could also show them hey, if you learn it this way
with these sentence diagrams, it’s going to make it easier. – So part one of Elizabeth’s success story was knowing that she had a subject area that was in high demand with
very little real competition, a key element in a successful business. So what was part two? Well here we come to monetization. In Solo Build It!, we talk a lot about the need for passion to drive a successful online business. Not only was Elizabeth’s content really demonstrating her passion,
but the same approach also applied to her monetization strategy. It’s quite interesting,
even in an online business, and a bricks and mortar business, there can be surprises. She wasn’t finding that affiliate products and pay-per-click traditional sources of revenue were working, so what to do? Well, she’d built up such a relationship with her customers, they told her. – I thought I would have, I
thought I was gonna monetize with Google Ads and
Amazon affiliate links. But it turns out that
Google Ads for grammar are very, very cheap. You get part of a cent for each click. So that wasn’t making very much money. And the same thing was
true for affiliate products I was recommending on Amazon. I had a hard time finding really applicable I guess affiliate products for my audience. There were books that they
weren’t written by me, so the person didn’t feel like
they had that much connection to the book first of all. And then also, I think it
like was 4% or something that you got from any
purchase through Amazon. So I ended up just doing my own products. And because people were
emailing me actually, they were saying, hey I went
through your whole website, this was maybe seven years
ago or eight years ago, I went through your whole website and I copied and pasted everything, and I printed it out, but it
took me a really long time. Could you please put it in an
eBook and then I would buy it. And then I thought oh, that’s
how I can monetize this. – [Paul] So your customers
told you what they wanted. – Yeah, which is helpful. You have to do what they’re asking for. And it’s something that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily predict. – So the key to Elizabeth’s
financial success has been her own products. These are made up of eBooks,
DVDs, and online courses. So how does it work? – I have one main lead magnet. It’s called The Beginner’s
Guide to Grammar. At least on the bottom of every page, and then also on my home page. And I do have a couple
of other free offers that are a little more focused, but the main one that
I have on all the pages is that Beginner’s Guide to Grammar. And that appeals to most
people who are on the website. So they sign up to get that, that’s just a PDF file. And actually right after
they sign up for that, they also see a free offer, a free plus shipping offer for a documentary that
my husband and I made about grammar education a few years ago. So, basically we have all of these DVDs and we wanna get them out there. And so after people sign up, then they see this free
plus shipping offer, and then if they go for that, then I send them a DVD,
and then a lot of people after watching the DVD
are motivated to learn and then maybe they would come back to the site and purchase
one of my books or courses. But also, right after someone signs up, they are sent through a welcome sequence of two or three emails. And in those emails I walk through, I give our most popular
content in one of the emails, so I have, there’s maybe nine links for people to go to the website. And then I have another
email that tells people a little bit more about our biggest course and basically says if you wanna learn this in a more structured way, if you wanna learn it in
a more streamlined way, then you should check out this course. And I have some samples, and
then they can click on that, and they can purchase it that way. Or people can just come to the website and purchase it right
from being on the website. So there are many
different funnels I guess. Some of those are for
really low-level products, like a $2.99 download of the word lists of the parts of speech. And then some of those
sales are $139 sales, so there’s kind of something
for everyone there. – So for somebody that
really wants to monetize, is creating products a path
that you definitely recommend? – I would definitely recommend writing your own books, or whatever niche you’re in,
having your own products. I think it’s great, I have a
lot of ownership over them. I love having my own product
because part of it too, like I was saying before,
is you build that rapport with the person, and
they already kind of know a little bit what your
book, or what your course, or whatever the thing
is is going to be like because they have met you on
the pages of your website. – It sounds like a great relationship to have with your future customers. What kind of relationship would you like with your customers? Only after you’ve really
developed quality relationships can you expect an online visitor to buy. They trust you, they
feel like they know you, and they’re willing to
take that next step. Solo Build It! calls
this process PREselling. Too many people make the mistake and try to start with the monetizing, and wonder why they don’t earn any income. If you follow Solo Build
It!’s proven success formula, you’ll be amazed how well you can monetize in a variety of ways. Come visit us at Solo Build It!. Discover what it’s like to build a website that becomes a successful online business that means something to you, that attracts traffic from people that are looking for exactly the quality and the information that you have. And perhaps most importantly, transforms your financial security now and well into the future. Thank you for watching.

10 thoughts on “How to Monetize Your Website Profitably in 2020💡 (Hint: Not With AdSense)

  1. This is a really helpful video, well told. The point about having a rapport with customers is a critical one, as is the important message about not putting all your monetising eggs in one basket. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Wow, those traffic levels are through the roof! I like how Elizabeth didn't settle for the first or second monetization model, but figured out something way more lucrative. If you're going to spend the time to create value for your customers on each and every page of content, you deserve to be rewarded. Clearly her customers feel the same way, since they're asking for an ebook to buy! Thanks!

  3. This is so interesting. Too many of us solopreneurs rely on AdSense and Affiliate marketing as our sole income stream. Not only is the payout often very low, but you also have no control over it. If Amazon or AdSense decides to kick you out, you are left with nothing. All the more reason to get going and create those products!

  4. OMG I learned sentence diagrams in 8th grade English class. Super easy once you understand it and a great way to teach. Best wishes with your site. Anytime you can make your own product you are MILES ahead. Anymore adsense is a last choice unless you are able to rank for something like mesothelioma.

  5. Really enjoyed watching the video. Elizabeth has a wonderful site; It is easy to navigate and she is very clear about what she has to offer. Great information. I like the way she is promoting the courses and ebooks;

  6. Elizabeth, this is so inspiring. Thank you for your story and for laying out your strategy. I particularly like how you offer different information products at different price points … this gives you a bigger customer base!

  7. Great vid. Thanks guys, and Elizabeth; what a great site you have. Congrats. I'm curious which SBI theme that is? It's so simple but in a great wide format. I may transition my own site to that theme : )

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