How to Make a Minecraft Server! [Animated Tutorial]

How to Make a Minecraft Server! [Animated Tutorial]

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  1. If you CANT open the .jar file… You need to open EULA and change "eula=false" to "eula=true" to show that you read it.

  2. okay so when I go to run the file, it presents me with more files, not what his does and just gives something to run.. can anyone help me? or possibly the guy himself?

  3. Could you make another video of these but with the new web page? They changed many things and they are kinda confusing. Of all minecraft tutorials this one helped me the most so I would really appreciate if you made a video explaining the new web page.

  4. can't figure out the password for the default gateway, I think my parents might have changed it or something to make the router turn off at 9…

  5. Could you help me? i had typed in "(Default Gateway)/Advanced_VirtualServer_Content.asp, into the search bar and it does not show up. Its saying that it cannot open the URL. Have any suggestions on how to fix it?

  6. Didnt work! It just said

    "This site can’t be reached
    [READ MORE] / / / refused to connect.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

  7. when I download the server setup thing from, it downloads as a java file, and when i try to open it, it says it is an invalid command plz help

  8. the portforwarding test says my port is closed but i still can open up a server, is there anything that im missing out?

  9. whenever i type in admin for userna,e and password it dosnet work also admin and clear doesnt work PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. FYI!! BE SURE TO: Make sure java is up to date, Make sure you dont need a static IP or set one up, Reset router after setting your ports to make sure they are active.

  11. The most useful video on youtube thanks bro i use it on my old pc it works and its too funny and amazing play with friends around the world

  12. Visit my website if you need help with your server! Message me on Skype @ thevektronic for more help and updates!

    I did as you said and it worked!!
    Im so happy I can`t describe it. Just thankyou for making this video.

  14. Can it works at 1.8 ? and when i type ipconfig , it dosent show and it says is not reconiged………………hatch file

  15. After entering the default gateway into the URL space the username and password screen came up. I found the correct model and router on the portforward website but the default username and password don't work and neither do multiple of the common usernames and passwords. Help.

  16. Ok i have external start port and end port, Internal ip adress and internal start port and end port. Please help what do i put in those?

  17. for those who gets the port closed, you have to run the Minecraft server after you port forward, then you can check the port forward tester

  18. I have my main router plugged via ethernet cable to a secondary router in my room that is plugged vie ethernet cable to my desktop computer… do i need to do the portfoward thing on both routers or just in one of them?

  19. doesnt work pls dont waste your time on this stuff go to aternos it worked for me but you need to wait from 1-25 minutes for it to start and there has to be , for example 1/2 2/3 players otherwise server will shut down and you wil have to start it again

  20. For everyone not familiar, The process is basically the same for every version of Minecraft. You can download the server from your launcher. Also, the process will be much the same for every router except some that don't support it.

    – Some routers don't support port forwarding or make it really hard.
    – If you are using an Apple AirPort this may not work.
    – If you feel unsafe using your own external IP, do it like me and use just click subdomains and create a free
    account. Then put your external IP( and vóila!

  21. thank you this helped a lot! btw guys, if you're using belkin and you're trying to find the forward porting, go to firewall and then to virtual server

  22. For everyone who has a hard time portforwarding / getting the EULA file
    watch my latest video, I developed a tool to automate the process for

  23. Every time i check the port it says closed. I did everything good,even tryed to variate things but this sucks,or its out dated shit,and you need to remove… 🙁

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