17 thoughts on “How to List Events From The Events Calendar for WordPress Anywhere

  1. I installed and activated by there is only tags, help, settings etc when I hover over it. Nowhere does it say Add New. Any ideas why I can't add event? Thanks!

  2. Splendid… However my maps aint showing in the events yet the Google Maps and Link to Google maps is checked in the settings.What could be the problem?

  3. I need to add a little calendar in home page with the date ad link to the day.
    Is there a shortcorde to do this?

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  5. How do I get the events calendar to override the website sidebar so that the events calendar is full page width but my other pages still keep the sidebar?

  6. Hi, isn't there any simple plugin to simply show an upcoming event table? Just date, title and location as shortcode? I searched the WordPress directory and it seems to me: nope, all WP calendar plugins are complex/complicated. I just want to enter the beginning date, title and location … is there anyone who knows sth like that?
    Edit: I finally found what I searched. All in One Calendar from Timely plus some CSS modifications works well.

  7. Hi new to wordpress but having a problem with short coding on my home page of current and upcoming events. Code as is [ecs-list-events limit='80' past='no' month='next'] [ecs-list-events limit='80' past='yes']

    What I actually want is current month and all future months that have events.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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