How To Install WordPress Theme And Child Theme

How To Install WordPress Theme And Child Theme

Now I show you how to install a WordPress
theme and working to use a specific theme for this website were building and essentially
what a theme is is this what controls the overall structure of your website the header
and that’s good to be your area with the logo in a menu and then your footer and that’s
where you typically have some links and maybe a copyright and things of that nature is also
where you can set some global fonts in some global colors and is also what facilitates
fancy mobile menus when you’re looking at your website on a mobile device it’s essentially
the overall style of your website so if I go to appearance and then click on themes
working to see the themes that are by default installed by WordPress and these are actually
made by WordPress and so what’s interesting is there so different so this was the style
in 2016 this was the style that they thought was really good for 2015 and here’s 2017 C
can see kind of the evolution of how these look and it’s the same pages and posts and
content it’s just the theme can make it look like this like this or even like this network
can use any of these themes in fact working use of theme called generate press and it
is the most amazing steam it is lightweight and works with any page builder it is very
powerful and it has an amazing developer that’s backing it so what to do is click on this
add new button right here and it’s going to take us to this index of themes that are available
for free for WordPress and you can actually search things right here and you can scroll
up and down however for this project that were working on we have to use generate progress
so I’m in a go-ahead right here in search for it were actually here let’s do something
fun I’m going to click on popular and just to show you it’s one of the most popular themes
that there are some and is just scroll down and I know working to spot it here any seconds
and I’m scrolling and there are thousands of themes here in the WordPress repository
and here it is so I really know I wanted him to go ahead and click on install and it looks
like it’s installed now some go ahead and click on activate and here it is announced
the active theme so if I went to the front end of my website and then I clicked on this
little refresh button here in my web browser you can see the style and look is totally
changed to this and this is all controlled by generate press so know what we can do is
let’s delete these themes that were not using and what we do to delete a Themis click on
theme details and then on the bottom right there is this a delete button and then we
get this confirmation box right here and then it deletes it for a summit to go ahead and
delete all three of these and you can see how fast they end up getting deleted just
like that and now we just have this one theme right here that were using which is generate
press now what working to get to do is install this custom child theme that I had specially
made for you to bring special learning management layouts that I think are fantastic to your
website and this is something I worked with the developer of generate press to have made
and he was kind enough to help me with that so what I need to do is click on appearance
and then click on themes and really click on this add new right here and then were instead
of finding it here you’re not going to find it I need to click on upload theme now I want
to bring over those files that I had you download and unzip earlier they’re all listed right
here in the first one is right there and it says child themes when I need to have you
do is double-click and here it is it’s a zip file that we need to upload some in a move
this down a little bit like that I’m in a drag and drop it right there or if you wanted
you could just click on choose file and and find this particular file on your computer
so now that it’s there him to go ahead and click on in stall now and it essentially just
uploads it and then I’m going to click on activate and here it is now actually might
change this thumbnail image maybe I’ll have a designer put a really cool looking one that
might have some WP branding but that’s all right for now we can just use this so essentially
what we do is we are having this is our parent theme in this is our child theme and you can’t
delete this now because this is dependent upon this just like a child is dependent upon
their parent they work together so essentially this is the core theme and we can put all
of our customizations right here in the reason we do that is because this right here’s going
to get an update at some point there’s going to be all kinds of maybe new features are
optimizations that get released for this and so and it’s gonna be automatically done through
WordPress if we have our customizations and hear what you think would happen when we did
an update it would wipe them all out so we put our customizations in here so that we
can update here and this is just a good best practice to make sure everything is update
save so now we have a custom child theme that you can only get from me and it has a lot
of things in it that I want to show you that really are going to power this amazing website
that you are building for yourself so networking to go ahead and install some plug-ins that
were getting used to power this website and bring unique features to it so plug-ins essentially
just add to features and functionality to your website and this is really the main selling
point of WordPress is that there is over 50,000 plug-ins available that can essentially make
your WordPress website do anything and there’s good ones and there’s bad ones and I only
will use the best plug-ins in the most important plug-ins so I have a list of them right here
and let’s just install them now and as I install each one I’ll try to give you a brief overview
of why were installing it and what that particular plug-ins going to do and what is gonna bring
to the table for you someone go to plug-ins and then go to add new member earlier we cleared
out all of our plug-ins so all we have to do is search for a plug in right here in the
top right and that will click on install and activate the plug-ins so the first plug-in
is called Elementor she can see I entered in Elementor here on the top right in here
it is and this is our page builder this summer to make these beautiful page layouts now Elementor
is free in this section a shows all three plug-ins however there is also a add on a
pro version of Elementor were it will add some features and I’ll show you in the website
where I use the Pro version essentially I just used the Pro version for the pricing
table on the homepage and I use the Pro version for the countdown timer but will walk you
through all of that it’s deftly not necessary someone going to click on install now and
then it’s going to download it and then I want to go ahead and click on activate okay
there is activates and we now have Elementor installed so now I have to click on add new
again and this time were going to choose a plug-in that actually I’m a contributor on
its called full with page templates this is a plug and then I came up with in my head
and it allows any page builder to work with any WordPress theme it is so easy to use so
I love it and it’s the definitely the one plug in I use on all of my websites and I
highly recommended and of course I am the contributor and in that because it was my
idea and I put the people together to make this a free plug-in happen for you so the
next plug in that were going to use is a SCO plug-in and it’s can allow us to put SCO information
that Google wants to see when it comes to your website and so has a funny name it’s
Yoast sauna click on add new and is actually one of the most popular plug-ins I’m presence
not show out there go out click on popular and I’m sure it’s going to be listed here
as I scroll down and wait I am not actually seeing Yoast where is it there it is Yoast
SCO over a million websites it’s active on some to go ahead and click on install now
and in this is going to create a site map for Google it’s can allow you to put those
page titles and and information on each page and lesson that Google wants to see, go ahead
and click on activate and that is a very important plug-in to have on your websites to make sure
it is definitely search friendly so let’s click on add new and get to our next one and
this is gonna be called naff menu and it’s right here now have menu roles now this is
optional you don’t have to have it essentially what this plug-in allows you to do is when
we have our menu for our websites you can have certain menu items visible depending
on if someone’s logged in or logged out so what this is and allow us to do is if someone
comes to your website and is not logged in you can have a button that says login and
then if there logged in you probably don’t want them to see a button that says login
you now want them to see a button that says log out or no button it all and so that’s
what this is going allow us to do this nab menu roles so let’s go ahead and install that
one I just can give us those options when we are building our menu system the next one
is going to be called LifterLMS LMS and this is the learning management platform right
here and that’s what’s can allow us to create courses and have them all linked together
with the lessons and automate sending email notices to our students in all kinds of cool
stuff so many go ahead and click on activate now this plug is different when you click
on activated it takes you to this installer right here so let’s just go through it really
quick let’s click on get started now and essentially things you want us to set up these pages yes
this is actually fine click on save and continue okay now we want to choose for our payments
where we are so choose the country you are in so for me would be United States and that
of course choose your currency whatever your local currency is and then check this box
it says enable off-line payments but working to change that later click on save and continue
now right here it’s basically saying we want you to send us anonymous information on how
you use LifterLMS I don’t like sharing my information with anyone I’m sorry Solomon
always go and click on no thanks and I suggest you click no thanks as well and then here’s
an option to install a sample course now you can do this or you don’t have to do this it’s
up to you in this video series were going to manually create a course so it’s entirely
up to you but for learning you might as well want to click on here and install the sample
course but just keep in mind that you’re gonna need to delete it anyway because you don’t
want it listed when someone’s on your website but for initial learning to see how it set
up you can click on install sample Corso to do that right now so got heading clicked on
it it might take a second because it’s doing a lot in the background it’s creating a lot
of information in the background so now it takes me to all these new options that are
here that LifterLMS added and created in one of them is this course section right here
and it’s showing me the course right there so anyways now we have LifterLMS working to
go through this in detail so let’s leave that now and finish installing our plug in so many
go to plug-ins add new again working to install one of the plug-ins that was in the resource
file so go ahead and click on upload plug-in and here is all those folders that was in
the download go ahead and click on plug-ins and then go right here and drag and drop that
there and then click on install now what this is is the payment gateway for PayPal and your
LifterLMS installation it’s going to allow you to take PayPal payments now LifterLMS
is a commercial solution they have all these commercial extensions that add features to
it and they have other payment gateway options and things like that this extension right
here is normally $99 if you went to their website you pay $99 and you would get updates
for it and support for it for a year but I’m including it in this resource package and
the reason I’m doing it is this notice right here you can double-click on that and read
it it’s essentially saying that LifterLMS is GPL license and I don’t want to get into
like a lot of legal terms but you can read it essentially the way it’s license in the
way most WordPress plug-ins and themes are licensed you have every right to give it to
someone you can resell it to someone you can redistribute it now when you are usually when
you’re buying a plug-in or theme for WordPress with your money if it’s GPL licensed you are
paying for updates and support and so when you do by any of these paid extensions you’re
paying for updates and support for it so you’re not getting any updates or support for it
but if you wanted that you can head on over to their website and purchase this and they’ll
give you a license code that will get you automatic updates for PayPal if you’re just
starting out with your course and you’re obviously not making any money from it yet I suggest
that you use this start building your course try to get some sales and as soon as you start
making some money from your courses you might want to invest in a license that you can get
updates and support to this payment gateway for LifterLMS and that money also goes to
support the developer of LifterLMS okay so next him to go ahead and click on add new
and were going to install a plug-in that makes it easy to send you to install a plug-in for
emailing by default WordPress will email out but because it’s not through a proper method
of emailing out they tend to end up in the spam box and there’s a real simple solution
for it so just go ahead and search for SMTP and there’s a bunch of SMTP plug-ins but we
want this one down here that’s widely used is called easy SMTP and it’s right here you
can see it’s already on 100,000 websites and we see a lot of SMTP plug-ins here one of
the things I like to do when I’m deciding to try a plug-in is one that is being used
because of its being used and is active on a lot of sites and has good reviews then there’s
a good chance that it’s going to be supported and it’s going to work well for you so there’s
two options here and I’ve used both I’ve used easy WP SMTP and have also used WP mail SMTP
self-discipline is obviously the one that has a larger user base of 600,000 active install
some to go with that one and I’m going to click on install now network into working
to configure this this is when we set up that email account working at plug in those email
address information’s into that plug-in so that when WordPress sends an email out it’s
going to go the proper way now lastly is a backup plug-in and much is going to click
on add new and working to search for updrafts okay this is an optional plug and you do need
a backup solution you don’t want to rely on your web host ever you always want your own
backup solution and this is a backup solution where will back it up to dropbox for you and
there’s some other backup locations it can send your backup to I use this on all of my
sites and it’s a real good best practice to always install it when you’re first setting
up your website because if you say probably do it later it’s easy to forget later and
you never end up having that backup it’s just a great insurance policy and it’s completely
free and it’s super reliable they do have some paid extensions that you can purchase
if you wanted I actually have the paid version it add some additional features that I like
to have but the free version is perfect okay I want to go ahead and activate that but were
not you can figure that one till later so now you can see we have a few plug-ins installed
now if you see any of my videos a lot of times I’m doing a video on a particular topic and
were just essentially adding a plug into the website to bring some functionality so there’s
so many different plug-ins you may or may not want to have on your site just keep in
mind you don’t want to just be adding plug-ins you deaf we want to have plug-ins that you
know organ to be reliable and they’re well coded it or not to slow down your site and
you know that they bring a feature that you really need so that’s it for the plug-ins
that we need to continue moving forward with this amazing course website that your building

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