How to Install WordPress on HostGator in December 2019 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

How to Install WordPress on HostGator in December 2019 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

All right, so here we are at Hostgator guys we’re gonna get you a domain name and web hosting Let’s get it out of the way and then we’re gonna setup WordPress which is gonna be super fun I love Hostgator because they have all these different sorts of web hosting types. They make it really easy There’s only a few buttons You need to press to get to WordPress and set up WordPress and I hope once you get on the inside with me You’ll see that – I know you will and of course the prices ain’t bad either So to get your own domain and hosting all you need to do is just click web hosting Alright now in this page you have the three buckets we have a hatchling plan a baby plan and a business plan These are the cheapest ways to set up WordPress And now we’re gonna make sure that we get Dee cheapest one out of these three So hatchling plan as you can see is the cheapest based on the price here difference between the hatchling and the baby is only really the hatchling plan lets you run one website or one domain and Baby plan lets you run unlimited domains My first plan was a hatchling then I upgraded it later on business is too much for now Unless you’re on a corporate budget. Some people used to like it because you got the free SSL certificate That’s this little padlock icon in the upper left stay in connection is secure Really good for processing credit card payments to you over the website But now Hostgator made sure that all their plans come with that So we really don’t need to go too far here and hatchling plan is going to be enough today. Cool So if you want to learn more just click technical specs, but right now we want to move forward and install WordPress But before you click buy now, I know you’re really excited to you because it looks really good that big yellow button I want to get you an even better price because although these prices are low. We can do it one better So all you ever do to get the better discount is come up to the top and where it says web hosting You’re gonna delete that part. Keep that slash though And then just write in my name after the slash which is just great and then hit enter and right away You’ll be taken to this secret little landing page here and you can see the prices went from 275 down to 264 for the cheapest option so pretty cool exact same hosting plan This is just my discount page that I’m offering for you guys. So now we can do it together Let’s click buy now and then on the next screen, we’ll just fill out a few order details and get you going Okay now I’ll walk you through the Hostgator order form step 1 2 3 4 5 & 6 And then we can check out and move on and install it your own copy of WordPress So in step 1 we’re gonna have register a new domain name selected But if you already have a domain name that you want to use that’s fine Just click here write in your domain name proceeding get the hosting and after is I’ll show you how to connect your domain To your hosting and make it all work So if you already own one pop it in here go ahead and get the hosting and then we’ll connect everything But in our case we want to get that free domain and I’m just gonna register what we’re gonna become today Which is a self hosted WordPress Blogger and as you hit period it’ll take you over here to the little drop down or you can just leave the words as is and get the dot-com and Then it’ll bring up your price. All right, so we only want to get one domain name today Definitely want to stay on our budget, but you can see the different prices for the different options Of course the dot-com here is the cheapest because it’s free things Hostgator for that awesome deal But of course they also offer those other really cool new and popular extensions Some tips to pick the best up my name or keep it simple and short so I guess I violated that rule if you can Go with 2 words. They can be related like TripAdvisor Home Depot Etc, or they can be unrelated like YouTube Netflix So on and so forth and you might think of something clever if you can’t get your perfect domain then go ahead and get your first name last name that’s good for almost any type of branding and If you ever become a famous person or an influencer, you really have to control where your name com goes So someone doesn’t mess with you Alright so scrolling down we’re gonna uncheck add domain privacy too because I generally trust people but if you want to do that Go ahead. It’s just a little extra cost And now you’re in step two so step two is really easy choose a hosting plan So we know we want hatchling boom billing cycle We got to do at least 12 months to get that free domain name But we can see we get a discount through my Hostgator Greg link for all of them. So it’s really up to you whatever you think is the right term period for your new blog but as you can see you get a little bit better value if You register more months of hosting upfront meaning the price goes down from 548 to 448 358 to 264 in my case. I’ve had my wordpress blog for almost 10 years now So this stuff would have been a good idea to get 36 months but to stay on our budget We’re gonna grab 12 today again up to you. Let me know any questions if you’re on the fence at all about that So now we need a username and we can just pop in whatever you normally use online and a 42 security pin That’s super easy and we can move down to billing info So for billing info just enter in your usual billing info like you would wherever you shop online Amazon eBay Apple Wherever you do your shopping And I’m just gonna cover this up and pop in my info so that no one can steal my credit card You can pay with credit card or if it’s easier you can go with PayPal All right And if you have a tax exemption ID go ahead and pop that in but most of us don’t so that’s fine And now we’re on step four. All right, so we’re gonna uncheck additional services and we are done here You can always add these later on through the nice live chat feature. Really nice people at Hostgator any time All right, and now here we are in step 5 This part is really tough for most people because they have to think up a coupon code that works But in our case, we don’t we already have the best coupon code entered which is big bonus It’s not case-sensitive and that will get you up to 62 percent off or in our case for one year It’s gonna be 50 percent off that is the best discount available at Hostgator right now and we can offer it to you guys for such a huge discount because so many people Sign up to WordPress through our tutorials. So they continue to keep offering us that awesome discount. So all I can really say is Thanks to you thanks to everyone who’s come before you and it is a limited time discount So if it works go for it. All right, so we have step six now is our final step We’re gonna review our order details and then proceed and install your copy of WordPress you can see we get 24/7 365 full and laptop email support for free instead account activation for free money back guarantee for 45 days If you’re not happy for whatever reason domain registration of our shiny new domain For one year is free that is just for one year so you will have to pay for that in the second third fourth year Is pretty standard all of us pretty much pay for a domain name? You just get that nice bonus of getting it for free in the first year hatchling plan for 12 months Discounted at 50 percent off to 53 70 s so that’s all we pay You don’t even really need to worry about these numbers right here because this total in green is the amount due at the bottom Super cool. I think it’s really awesome that for under $5 a month about the cost of a trip to Starbucks You can get your own amazing WordPress website and be on the same level playing field as the huge brands that we saw in the introduction to the video I think that is just so cool And I can’t wait to show you how to use WordPress and enter into the world of WordPress blogging So that’s all I’ll say for now I’m super excited to get there to help you are to Go ahead and just check this box at the bottom and now we can proceed and install it your copy of WordPress So let’s do it together and click checkout now Great job welcome officially to your Hostgator control panel. And as you can see Hostgator is already ready to build your website You’ll also get these emails from Hostgator and if you get logged out of Hostgator You can open your account info and click on this link at the top to log back in You can also use the first name server and second name server To connect your domain name to your hosting and I’ll leave you a video on how to do that in the notes Alright now we can move on on this very important screen here to get WordPress installed. We want to just click on the hosting tab Now from the hosting tab we want to bring our mouse down to see panel and click on cPanel Alright and here you are in the official Hostgator control panel now You’ll see a few buttons which are the same thing like building a WordPress site is a popular link and it’s a special offer So those are the same button and also a quick install does the same thing. All right, so just to do it the way that Developers do it. We’re just going to click quick install to get to the WordPress area From the screen we’re gonna click on the WordPress icon in the middle Great job. Alright, so it will show you the latest version of WordPress right here usual Probably be more updated than mine And you could also call a wordpress expert if you want, but we have each other and we know how to do it So we’re just gonna select our domain for installation right here Click on the drop-down and choose your domain name So I have a few here, but you might just have one just go ahead and select it Leave the directory box right here completely blank don’t write anything in here And then we’re gonna click Next and we’re not gonna fall for this down here Alright now we just need some install settings. So that’s just gonna be your blog title. So this can be really whatever you want Fine super generic and you can change blog title later on You cannot change admin user later on very easily though unless you like delete yourself So in my case, I’m just gonna make it something I always use and it’s pretty professional when you write a wordpress blog post in the future. It’ll say by this person So just make it something you like or you know, first name is also really good. Let’s do first name today so then we have our First name again and last name and then admin email where you’re gonna get your blog Details like your WordPress login emailed to all right, that’s it for install settings Let’s just check this box below and now it’s time to do all the hard cody stuff You’re gonna have to know each acts JavaScript PHP Python syntax CSS and all that in the next step just Kidding Hostgator is gonna do all that for us when we click Install and that means we don’t need to be a tech guru to install WordPress So now I’ll show you how Hostgator has made it super easy to get the job done. Let’s just click install together All right, pretty good only took a few seconds to install WordPress If you get the green checkmark, it means you did everything perfectly here If you got like a red X or something, then it might mean there’s something in your WordPress installation like that You don’t want in there maybe from a previous project That you or like your evil twin did if that’s the case and you don’t get the green checkmark I have a video on how to fix that. I’ll leave it for you in the notes below Hopefully everyone’s on the same page here though. And now what we can do is just leave this screen open here You actually don’t want to click login because it’ll take you away from the screen So what we want to do next is open up a new tab And then we’re gonna learn how to log in to your new WordPress site. So just type out your site ComNet, whatever and then hit enter and what you should see is the Website coming soon page. This is just a default coming soon page that Hostgator made for us but if you don’t see this screen and instead you see an air page like can’t find your webpage as Long as you follow the steps in the tutorial you’ll be just fine What you might need to do is connect your domain name to your hosting if you got your domain name Somewhere other than Hostgator like a GoDaddy. So again, I do have a video on how to do that in the notes below but if you got your domain name at Hostgator and your hosting at Hostgator And you still don’t see this page. You probably didn’t do anything wrong it just means it’s time to take like a 15 to 30 minute break go get a snack go for a run because your WordPress files are settling into place In our case, this site is working right now. So we’re gonna proceed and log into WordPress So to log into WordPress just come up to the after or whatever yours is Where it is slash and then write WP – a dmin and hit enter. That’s how everyone does it All right, and now we’re gonna pop in our wordpress login credentials Which are on this screen if you did close the screen for some reason that happens they’ll also be emailed to you. So We need a password Use your name we can remember and let’s login I’m also gonna hit remember me and I’m gonna bookmark this link to save time in the future and login

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    Do you want to install WordPress on HostGator web hosting? We've used HostGator for nearly 10 years and would rate them an 11/10, easy to install wp and extra +1 because they are real, awesome people! This video features all the NEW update screens, 62% off max discount, and free domain name (new offer)! Let me know how it goes for you!

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